Sam Smith - Make It to Me


Sam Smith - Make It To Me - Stripped (Live) ft. Howard Lawrence

I absolutely love him.

Happy 1 Year Anniversary of the BMA's !

On this day 1 year ago MTV hosted a special edition of the VMA’s called the BMA’s to celebrate Beyoncé’s iconic Visual Album.

Beyoncé led the pack of nominees with an astounding 8 nominations.

She had 14 acts open for her including Taylor Swift, Arianna Grande, and Sam Smith.

Beyoncé took home 4 Moonmen (the most of any artist that night) and gave a 16 minute long performance medley of BEYONCÉ. Her performance almost doubled the viewership for the show and was one of the most memorable moments in VMA history.

The show closed with Jay-Z and Blue Ivy presenting Beyoncé with the Michael Jackson Video Vangaurd award, which is only given to very few select artists. This night was one of the most iconic moments in Beyoncé’s very iconic career.

Oh and don’t forget this iconic moment…

Book Ships and Songs

The Infernal Devices
Herongraystairs - Fight Song by Rachel Platten
Heronstairs - See You Again by Wiz Khalifa Ft. Charlie Puth
Wessa - Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus
Jessa - A Thousand Years by Christina Perri
Sopheon - What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction
Gabrily - Alone Together by Fall Out Boy

The Mortal Instruments
Clace - Happily by One Direction
Sizzy - I Knew You Were Trouble by Taylor Swift
Malec - Immortals by Fall Out Boy

PJO / Heroes Of Olympus
Percabeth - You & I by One Direction
Jasper - Cheerleader by OMI
Caleo - Stay With Me by Sam Smith
Frazel - Classic by MKTO

{Credit to Taratjah for the inspiration for the Herongraystairs song. Check out her TID / Fight Song edit, it’s amazing!}


| falling // haim | worship // years & years | make it to me // sam smith | is there someone // halsey | without // years & years | lifetime // emeli sandé | life support // sam smith | drops // jungle |

Songs to listen to if you’re in love:

Just thought I’d share :P

Afterglow by Wilkinson

Gust of wind by Pharrell Williams and Daft Punk

Oh it is love by Hellogoodbye

Can’t take my eyes off of you by Boys Town Gang

Music sounds better with you by Stardust

Kickstarts by Example

Black and gold by Sam Sparro

Lay me down by Sam Smith

My love by Route 94 and Jess Glynne

Make me feel better by Alex Adair

Easy by Mat Zo and Porter Robinson

Deckchairs on the moon by Bipolar Sunshine

Latch by Disclosure and Sam Smith

You came to mine by Blizzard

Wish you were mine by Philip George

Each time I see you by Marvel Riot

Nothin’ on you by B.O.B and Bruno Mars

you’re my therapy. 

for that one who makes it feel okay despite the world crumbling apart..

angels - the xx // the lonely - christina perri // milk and cookies - melanie martinez // not in that way - sam smith // candles - daughter // give me love - ed sheeran // crazy - daniela andrade // can’t help falling in love - ingrid michaelson // say something - travis flynn & jessica agee

9 tracks [ 37 minutes ]

[ L I S T E N ]

next james bond song:

i dont want it to be sam smith bc he is kind of like adele so thats just repetitive. idk about ellie goulding i think love me like you do was a catchy song but idk if she has like, a vast sounding enough voice to do something more ~dramatic like what would the visuals to go along with her voice even be? but i could be wrong and she could do a good job, i think shes the frontrunner right now. lorde could do a good one but i feel like shes too young so they would make her do the song with another artist. lorde/kanye bond song. florence + the machine would do a good job no matter what cuz she has the voice for it! and her own dramatic signature style!

that in between stage of not being anything to someone and being everything to that same someone {dedicated to connorbites}

1. drunk texting by chris brown & jhene aiko 2. diggin’ on you by tlc 3. worth it by fifth harmony ft. kid ink 4. lucky by jason mraz & colbie caillat 5. bubbly by colbie caillat 6. thinking out loud by ed sheeran 7. make you feel my love by adele 8. do not disturb teyana taylor ft. chris brown 9. devils touch by tiaan 10. it won’t stop by sevyn streeter ft. chris brown 11. suffocate by j holiday 12. speechless by beyonce 13. latch (acoustic) by sam smith 14. say something by a great big world ft. christina aguilera 15. young and beautiful by lana del rey 16. diamonds by rihanna 17. i can’t make you love me - tank 18. i never told you by colbie caillat 19. your body is a wonderland by john mayer 20. sparks by coldplay 21. kiss me by sixpence none the richer


ok These musicians Under The Cut kind of make me wanna throw up a lil bit no offense i am just throwing this out there idk Why but i just felt like saying this bc its annoying me…no offense if you like them its Ok

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Music Tag Game!

You can tell a lot about a person by the music they listen to. Hit shuffle on your music player and write down the first 20 songs and then tag 20 people! I was tagged by the lovely harrysgummybear xx 

1-  She Only Loves Me When I’m There- Ball Park Music 
2- Everything About You- One Direction
3- North Shore- Jamie Lawson 
4- Better Than That- Marina and the Diamonds
5- Instant Crush- Daft Punk 
6- 18- One Direction
7- Shock- Bluejuice
8- Make It To Me- Sam Smith
9- Fence Sitter- Ball Park Music
10- Shampain- Marina And The Diamonds
11- Long Way Home- Five Seconds Of Summer
12- Fluorescent Adolescent- The Arctic Monkeys 
13- Lose Your Mind- Kodaline 
14- She- Ed Sheeran
15- Fireproof- One Direction
16- Sinking Ship- Seafret
17- Taken- One Direction
18- Panic Chord- Gabrielle Aplin
19- Nobody Compares- One Direction 
20-Borderlines And Aliens- Grouplove

I’m going to tag- 
Have fun! xxx

Music tag

I was tagged by the amazing and incomparable bastichild (thank you <3) and i need to this this lovely music challenge so here we go…

Put your music on shuffle (no skipping) And with every song you have to write your favorite lyrics from each one then tag 10 people to do the same!

1.- Lay me down- Sam Smith

Can I lay by your side, next to you, you
And make sure you’re alright?
I’ll take care of you,
And I don’t want to be here if I can’t be with you tonight

2.-  She’s mine -  Barrington Levy 

Everyday I love her just a little bit more
Little bit more, just a little bit more
Everyday I love her just a little bit more
And she loves me the same

Every guy finds her on the street they say she’s sweet
O, my baby, can I throw some flowers at your feet?
She’s young, fresh and green
And I like how she round at the seam

3.-  Take me to the church- Hozier

My church offers no absolution
She tells me “worship in the bedroom”
The only heaven I’ll be sent to
Is when I’m alone with you
I was born sick, but I love it
Command me to be well

4.- Love is a laserquest -  Arctic Monkeys

And do you still think love is a laserquest
Or do you take it all more seriously?
I’ve tried to ask you this
In some daydreams that I’ve had
But you’re always busy
Being make believe 


Now I can’t think of there
Without thinking of you
I doubt that comes as a surprise
And I can’t think of anything to dream about
I can’t find anywhere to hide

5.-   Dude, Are You Kidding Me? -Man Overboard

Tracing my thoughts and you’re making me whole,
(Let’s just pretend you know who I am)
But the never ending solo nights fade into let down days
And I’m back home without you

6.- Goldwaite- Title Fight

I can’t stand you anymore.
Can’t you get that through your head?
I think it’s funny that you talk like we are still best friends.
I think I’d rather be dead.

7.-  King for a day- Pierce The Veil

You told me think about it, well I did
Now I don’t wanna feel a thing anymore
I’m tired of begging for the things that I want
I’m over sleeping like a dog on the floor

8.- Hype-Tegan and Sara

 Your life is hype, your love is hype
And I will clench my own fist
And I will always wait
There’s more there’s more than blood
That beats through my heart
My hands my feet
Stuck between my tongue and my teeth

9.-  Down - Blink 182

The look in your eyes makes me crazy
I feel the darkness break upon her

10.-   Perfect two -  Auburn

You can be the vodka and I can be the chaser
You can be the pencil and I can be the paper
You can be as cold as the winter weather
But I don’t care as long as we’re together .

aaand i choose this amazing persons to do it too: ilivingonaprayer, sleepyzombieofthesky, kaki-quin, la-lagunera, nofeellings-noproblems, daniimelgar, mundo-de-puntos-suspensivos, isabellovatica , que-locura-tan-cuerda , copocomcafe:3

I'm Not The Only One
  • I'm Not The Only One
  • Original Artist - Sam Smith
  • Andrea Covers Things Sometimes

Wanted to experiment with the top and bottom of my range. I really like how this one turned out! 

Listen with headphones for best effect, and be sure to turn up volume, they can be on the quiet side!

All instrument and vocals parts by: me!

NB: I don’t do pronoun switches in my covers. I just do them!

Go listen to the original song here.

No copyright infringement intended. I do not own the original song, nor do I make money off of these covers. Only this cover could be stated as mine.

anonymous asked:

McMasar ask meme for you since you do them so well: What is their song? What are their nicknames for each other? Who pulls practical jokes/pranks and who just watches? Who's the early riser and who pulls the other back in bed? Who is scared of flying? Who steals food from the other? Who makes the other breakfast in bed? What do they do if the other is sad?

I love doing these :) 

What is their song? 
    They have 2, Stay with Me, by Sam Smith because “Ella you do know that song is about a one night stand right?” “I just like the stay with me cuz you’re all I need part though!!” and Erin rolls her eyes because she can’t believe Ella said that on a live google hang out. And then Stay by Rhianna because that is the song Erin sang on the webshow the night she asked Ella out on their first date so it holds a special place

What are their nicknames for each other? 
    Much to Ella’s dismay Thunderfoot has seem to gotten stuck with her. everyone knew about the Peasant nickname, but what they didn’t know was that once the camera’s were off Erin let her know she was in fact a Princess. Erin’s nicknames are usually really cheesey like ‘hunny bunch’ ‘sugar pie’ those sorts of things because Ella just gets a kick out of it. Their favorite for each other though is ‘wifey’ 

Who pulls practical jokes/pranks and who just watches?
    Erin is more of the prankster, by a long shot, but every year on her birthday Ella somehow manages to get a pie in her face even though she knows it’s coming all day 

Who’s the early riser and who pulls the other back in bed?
    On game days Erin is up earlier to do her heart math and meditation stuff, but she usually stays in bed to do it because having Ella close brings her peace. On Days off Ella is usually up first staring at Erin until she wakes up so that they can go on a morning walk.  

Who is scared of flying?
    Neither of them like flying, but Erin is just used to it a little more, so she makes sure that Ella is okay, but Ella knows that Erin doesn’t like it either, so they comfort each other.  

Who steals food from the other? 
    More often than not it’s Ella stealing from Erin, but after a couple months into their relationship Erin figured it out, so she always gave herself a little more food than normal when Ella was near. 

Who makes the other breakfast in bed?
    They both do. Mostly just special occasions, birthday, anniversaries, things like that. But they do both get the impulse to do it ‘just because’ every now and again.  

What do they do if the other is sad?
     Put on a comedy and cuddle with Max, or go on a walk. Both those activities help the both of them 

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1. Write your name in song titles.
 [M] Make It For Me - Sam Smith 
 [A] Afire Love - Ed Sheeran 
 [R] Robbers - The 1975
 [I] In The Woods Somewhere - Hozier
 [E] Enamorate - Dvicio
[L] Love Is Easy - McFly
[L] Lost Stars - Adam Levine
[A] A Drop In The Ocean - Ron Pope

2. Why did I choose my URL?
I made this blog after I came out to my parents, so yeah.

3. What is your middle name?

4. If you were a fictional character, who would you be? 
Holly Golightly

5. Favorite color?

6. Favorite song?
I have way too many

7. Top 4 fandoms?
Galaxy Defenders, Supernatural, PLL, TVD

8. Why do I enjoy Tumblr?
This is my place to clear my head

9. Tag
I tag who ever wants to do it. x