The Evil Dead commentary is great.
  • Sam Raimi: I was guarding the cabin one night and I woke up and there was a guy sitting next to me... drinking moonshine... and then I never slept in the cabin again. I always slept on that hill, as cold as it was--
  • Bruce Campbell: The graveyard hill.
  • Sam: The graveyard hill. It was less scary for me.
  • Robert Tapert: I came to the cabin and it was dark and I looked up on the hilltop and there was Sam in the graveyard, sleeping. And I went up to him and said: "Sam! Sam!" he said: "I just wanna die, I'm so cold." With that he kind of went back to sleep so I went down to the cabin and I rustled up all the blankets I could find and I came back out to the graveyard and I covered Sam up and he looked up and said "Thank you." I went back down and started a fire, got the coffee going.
  • Bruce: You basically saved the Spider-Man franchise at that moment.
  • Robert: At that moment I saved his life.
  • Sam: I went up there to die.