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How Best to Support THE BOLD TYPE (or really any show you love)

Hey Interwebs,

Since I have a personal interest in the success of this show AND I truly believe that it’s doing something necessary AND beautiful AND entertaining, I wanted to break down how you can best support THE BOLD TYPE before/when/after it premieres on Freeform, July 11 at 9/8C. (It’s a two hour premiere.)

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Unless you belong to a Nielsen family and your TV habits are being recorded by the Nielsen company, watching live via your cable provider does not contribute to the total measured viewership. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t watch live on your big, beautiful television. It’s a visually stunning show. So go ahead and do that! 

HOWEVER. There are also several ways to make your eyes contribute to the ratings success of THE BOLD TYPE. Which improves the chance that more episodes get ordered and we can continue to feed you the good stuff.  If you want to help boost ratings, here are a few of the ways to do so:

(1) Set your DVR to record the series. Watch your recording.

(2) Watch the series on or on the Freeform app. Watch on Hulu. Not on some third party streaming site. Not by ripping the episode off the internet and watching it from your hard drive. Tempting though that may be, it doesn’t actually help a show get renewed. The more often you watch on a legitimate Freeform/Hulu platform, the better. The longer you watch, the better. Big brother can even tell when you start watching and don’t finish an episode. Creepy, right?

(3) Engage on social platforms. You can do this even if you live outside of the US and Canada. Consider tweeting (ideally live as the episode airs, or in the days surrounding an episode) using the Freeform-promoted hashtags, e.g. @theboldtypetv​, #TheBoldType, etc… For networks like Freeform that cater to socially savvy audiences, social engagement is part of the measure of a show’s success.

(4) Create positive buzz. Reach out to people you think should be watching! This is one big way new viewers will find the show. If you’re an artist, share your fanart. If you’re a writer, get to writing. If you vlog, vlog about the show! Etc….

Am I missing anything? Let me know! I will edit.

Dear Sutton:

As much as I enjoyed your relationship with Richard, his actions today showed you that he always intended to keep you his dirty little secret. You tried to get him more acquainted in your personal life, but he was more interested in the fantasy aspect of the relationship.
In that realization, I’m glad you decided to break things off with him. Continuing this deceptive route was just going to attract more stress to your life and who needs to live in that constant paranoia? NO ONE that is!

With that being said, I still hold faith that Richard will come to his senses & realizes what he’s lost. He’ll figure out his options with HR & have #SUTTARD live to see another day!
Untill then, move on and be free.
You deserve so much better sis!