Supernatural - This is War (Song/Video Request)
Yay, finally unmuted :D Spoiler Warning: Season 11 last two episode scenes have been used as well many other earlier season 11 episode scenes. :) Video/Song ...

One of my favorite videos! I have watched this many more times than I can count and it is honestly amazing! It gives me chills not only because it’s got one of the gratest songs but also scenes to go with! And it does have my favorite episode (11x22) in it!

So yes, season 11 spoilers but for those of you take a moment to watch it! Especially you 30 Seconds To Mars fans out there!

P.S. If you are on mobile this won’t work but when you get the chance to get near a computer make sure to sneak a peek! It is a great video folks!

Lego House, Part Three

Characters – AU: Babysitter!Sam x reader

Summary – Sam and the reader get to know each other a little better.

Word Count – 3,640

Warnings – Fluff

A/N – There will be at least two more parts to this series, because I just can’t help myself!  LOL!  Enjoy! And as always, feedback is loved and appreciated!

Catch up: Part One, Part Two

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“Sam!” you heard from the other room.  “I’m ready! Come tuck me in!”

You giggled.  “You’d better go, or she’ll come back out here and march you back to her room.”

He gave you a wink and then walked down the hall to your little girls’ room and disappeared inside.  Almost immediately, you heard her giggling, and you smiled to yourself, wondering how you got so lucky as to have Sam in your lives.

While Sam tucked Maile in for her nap, you wandered into the kitchen to figure out what to make for dinner. You decided to start with dessert. You figured Maile would be upset if you served your cookies as dessert, so you pulled out the ingredients needed to make piecrust.  You were kneading the dough together and shaping it into a disk when Sam came returned. When he saw what you were making, he grinned.

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Regrets (Part 7)

Summary: It has been a couple of months since the reader buried Dean for good, but what happens when she receives an unexpected guest.

Word Count: 2011

Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam, Bobby

Warnings: Slight angst, then fluff

A/N: Alright guys, this is it! This is the last installment in the Regrets series. I just want to thank all of you guys for your support, and a special thanks to @anastasianoelle18 for beta’ing this whole series. I never thought that my first fic series would have such an awesome turnout, so again, thank you!

Previous Parts: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6


Rain drops fell steadily around you, creating a smooth beat of pitter patter in otherwise eerie silence. You stood motionless in the sopping mud, your arms wrapped tightly across your body to help shield you against the night chill.

“I’m going to get him back,” Sam growled, “You’ll see.”

You grimly continued to stare at the hastily made grave marker, sticking out half hazard in the ground. The smell of liquor wafted from him, mixing with the damp smell of rain and foliage. There was no point in arguing with Sam now. He was grieving and needed to cope, even if it was with the help of liquid courage.

“We should get going,” Bobby’s gruff voice called out from behind. With another swig of his bottle, Sam took one last glance before turning on his feet to the Impala. “(Y/N)?” again Bobby called out as you remained at the foot of the freshly packed dirt.

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A Danny Phantom reboot would be amazing, but what if some things were changed/emphasized on?
Like, I love the whole trans!Danny. There doesn’t even need to be an episode dedicated to this. It could just be like “Time to take your T-Shots, Danny-boy!” And “I hate gyym because I gotta take off my binder to do strenous physical work!”
And I headcanon Tucker as pansexual because why not? I used to imagine Tucker meeting Danny early on in Danny’s transition and going, “Hey, what’s up, good looking? Wanna shot with the Tucker ‘Too Fine’ Foley?” And Danny going “I’m a BOY.” And Tucker just raising an eyebrow and saying “So?” And then BAM the start of a beautiful friendship.
Someone headcanoned Tucker as someone who liked crossdressing and that might be a cool concept.
Also! Sam! A lot of people like chubby!Sam but I personally favor muscley!Sam because most people see muscle on a girl as something gross and “manly”.
I read a beautiful fic where Sam was genderfluid and you could typically tell when they were a guy or a girl by how they walked and asdhfkds.
The episode where Quan and Sam go to a Poetry Slam could have been SO much more character revealing. Like, instead of the guy going “Darkness. Shadows. Pain *hairflip*” or whatever he said, he could have said something really poignant and important to either real life or the show (as in, foreshadowing or clarifying a past event). And Quan could have been furiously scribbling down something and then talked about being an immigrant or in a family where his mother or grandmother or even great-grandfather immigrated to America and his struggle with culture or whatever. In the show, I’m 99% positive that Quan was Asian, and being of or from two cultures can be so difficult. That scene could have meant so much more than it ended up being. The next day, Quan goes back to being a jock, but in the version I have explained, he and Sam could continue helping each other out in small ways. (The cafeteria is only serving meat and Sam didn’t bring lunch, Quan buys Sam some).
All of the characters and secenes could mean so much MORE if the show got rebooted.