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You sighed deeply and switched off he motel TV. A quick glance to your right saw that Sam had fallen asleep on the couch next to you.

Steadily, a smile spread across your lips at the peaceful hunter and you stroked your fingers lightly through his hair.

With a yawn, you got up, about to go to bed, when something stopped you. Looking down, you watched as Sam fidgeted in his sleep and he mumbled something inaudibly.

Frowning, you stood up the rest of the way but stayed standing in front of the sofa.

His lips moved again and this time you heard him as he mumbled, “Y/N…Y/N…” Sam sighed and a small smile twitched his lips. “Stay with me, baby, I love you.”

An abrupt cough exploded out of you before you could stop it and your eyes widened incredulously at the words that came out of his luscious pale pink lips.

At the sudden noise, Sam’s eyes flew open and he righted himself to a sitting position quickly, clearing his throat self-consciously. “Y-Y/N?” he frowned, rubbing his eyes. “Sorry, I-I guess I fell asleep.”

Almost uncontrollably, a grin twitched your mouth and you couldn’t help but stand there grinning like an idiot at the rousing hunter.

While all he could do was raise an eyebrow, something inside him still remembered whatever he’d just dreamt of.

And, boy, did you want to know what it was.


Title: Crazy

Pairing: Reader x Sam

Word count: 3,488

Theme song: Crazier by Taylor Swift

Request: Hi! First off, you’re an absolutely amazing writer! Can I request a one-shot where Sam left hunting for good and your’e his girlfriend when some sort of supernatural being (you choose) comes to town and Dean comes to hunt it and asks Sam to com along and it attacks you and Sam has to tell you about hunting and his life and yeah thanks :3

Hi! Can you do a one shot whre Sam stopped hunting and the reader is Sam’s girflriend and doesn’t know about his life and one of her like biggest secrets is that she’s absolutely obsessed with the supernatural books and then one day Sam tells her about hunting and she thinks he’s messing with her and that he found out about her supernatural obsession and yeah thanks 

I can’t find the request, but someone had asked for one where the reader finds out about Sam’s hunting life when she finds him salting her windows and stuff when a supernatural being is in town and he has to explain.


Your name: submit What is this?


The light from the television in your living room was glowing soft over your sleeping face and though the movie had ended and his arm was falling asleep under your head, Sam watched you a minute more.

“Y/N?” he asked softly. You stirred, but only moved closer to him and he bit down on his bottom lip, smiling and trying not to laugh. “Hey. Movie’s over.”

He spoke a bit louder this time and you blinked your tired eyes up at him before sitting straight stretching your arms out in front of you.

“How’d it end?”

“Killer got caught,” Sam confirmed. “But one of the main characters took his place to carry on.”

“So…a sequel.”

“Definitely a sequel.”

“We’ll have to watch that next week,” you said with a smile.

“If by watch, you mean fall asleep on my arm, then yeah, we’ll have to do that,” he teased. He stood and carried the mostly empty bowl of popcorn into your kitchen. You heard the water in the sink running and smiled after him; how fastidious and caring he was without a second thought about it—just second nature. You’d stood from the couch by the time he came back and watched as he sat in the recliner to pull his shoes back on.

“Sure you can’t stay the night?” you asked.

“Stay-the-night, stay the night?” he replied with a playful grin, and you blushed in the dim lighting.

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Luminous: Part VIII

Prompt:  So you know how in the beginning ofseason 4 Cas tries to talk to Dean and just ends up breaking a lot of things and then makes a comment like “certain special people can see and hear my true form and I thought you were one of them”. Could you write a fic where the reader (maybe the brothers sister or something) is one of those “special people”?

&& Wee!chesters brotherly fluff?

Word count: 2,633

Warnings: None.

Author’s Note: I can’t believe it’s part 8 already! Let me know what you think?

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6 , Part 7

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Samcedes Para || Truth is...

Mercedes was hurt, more hurt than she had ever been in her life. Everyone said Sam was a bad guy but she just knew better. Or she thought she did. He called her a nobody, said all he wanted was to be her first. So fine, if that was all he wanted he could take it. If that meant he would leave her alone it was a small price to pay. She didn’t want him to show up. She didn’t want him to prove everyone right. If he stood her up then she meant more to hm then sex. But if he showed up, she didn’t mean anything to him. SO she sat on her bed and waited.

Terrible Things Part 3

Imagine saving Sam and Dean on a hunt.

Author: hogwartsismyhometoo 

Word Count: 3,540

Read Part (1) (2)


“Hi,” Sam said, taking the initiative. Dean was a little surprised—he usually started conversations with the locals—but then again, he wasn’t. Sam had always gotten excited when he entered a library. The mere site of books was enough to brighten his day. Where Dean was more comfortable in a bar or a diner—his thoughts wandered to Y/N for the third time that morning—this was Sam’s element.

The librarian—a red-haired girl with horn-rimmed glasses and a nametag that read “Brittany”—smiled at Sam. “Hey. Can I help you?”

“If you can show us where the newspapers are,” Sam said.

Brittany laughed a little before realizing that Sam wasn’t joking. “Really?” She said. “You wouldn’t rather use the computers? They’re free to the public, you know.”

“The newspapers are fine,” Sam insisted. “But thanks.”

Brittany shook her head, but said, “All right, if you’re sure. You can follow me.”

She led them through a twisting maze of bookshelves and reading nooks, Sam’s eyes widening with each step they took. Dean smirked at his little brother, suddenly stricken by how young he looked in that moment. It was a nice change from the usual determined, serious scowl he wore during hunts.

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One Fight and One Broken Nose (Sam x Reader)

Title: One Spat and One Broken Nose

Pairing: Sam x reader

Warning: Small injury, argument, cussing

Summary: Reader and Sam get into an argument and reader gets injured thanks to Sam (on accident)

Words: About 644 words

A/N: This was just something that popped into my head and I wrote it! I know its short but I do hope you like it! If you want you can request here~

"You were all over him, Y/N!" You scoff, Sam was being so dramatic.  

"I was flirting to get information! If I hadn’t we would be right where we started. Why are you getting so mad!?” He rolled his eyes and headed towards the room you and he shared.  

"Maybe if you didn’t flaunt your shit at every guy we meet I wouldn’t be so mad!" You followed him closely, fuming with anger.  

" I do not do that! Don’t walk away from me, Sam!!” He turned towards you and glared. He entered the room and before you could enter he slammed the door in your face. The sound echoing the bunker.  

"OW! Asshole!!" Tears prick your eyes as you rub your now bleeding nose. Dean groans as he enters the hallway where you were standing.  

"would you gu- holy shit Y/N, what happened?" Shaking your head, you run past him into the bathroom and take care of your bleeding nose. Dean sighs deeply and heads to the kitchen. As soon as you hear Dean’s footsteps head down the hall you burst into small sobs. Did you care if Sam heard you? Kind of I mean he hurt you badly, physically and mentally, he basically called you a whore! You did no such thing as flaunt your clevage at every guy you met yes you didn’t flirt with people lightly but only as a last resort.. You slammed your head against the wall and slid down.  

After what felt like hours but was really thirty minutes. You head out of the bathroom and walk to your room ,hesitating to knock. You raise your fist to knock but a voice stops you.  

" Sam, you were a big jackass back there.." You hear a groan and lean in closer to hear better.  

"Don’t start with me Dean I don’t want to hear it." Someone gets up and starts to pace. 

"I know you don’t Sammy but you hurt her! You called her a whore!"  

"I-I didn’t say that.." Dean sighs.  

"You kinda did dude. and you broke her nose with door." The pacing stops and your throat tightens.  

"What..?" It was silent for a little bit and you had a feeling that he nodded.  

"Where is she" 

"Last time I checked she was in the bathroom.. but she could have left when I wasn’t looking." You straighten and head back into the bathroom. Looking in the mirror you saw that your nose and under your eyes was already turning a purplish- red color and you winced. Make up should cover It but you aren’t hoping on it. A soft knock sounded from the door of the bathroom and your stomach turned slightly. Hesitating you open the door to see Sam with his head down. Your heart constricted and tears returned to your eyes at seeing Sam so dejected.  

"S-Sam?" He lifts his head and his eyes widen at the sight of your nose. Gently, he takes your face in his hands and tears cloud his beautiful almond eyes.  

"Im am so so so sorry Y/N!! I didn’t mean anything I said, your nothing even close to a whore or slut.. You’re beautiful Also I didn’t mean to hit you with the door so hard or even at all… I am just so sorry…I love you so so much. " You smile even though it was painful and kiss his nose.  

"I forgive you and I love you too. I shouldn’t have flirted back.. but I just want to be useful…” You look down, ashamed.  

"Hey, hey your useful. More than you can ever imagine. You’re an amazing researcher and one badass hunter in my eyes." You smile widely, wincing and kiss his cheek. He kissed your forehead.  

"We should get some ice on that huh?" You nod and intertwine your fingers together, following him to the kitchen.

“Are you serious?” he asked, completely dumbfounded.

“Mhmm.” Y/N said nodding her head. 

“We did it?”

“Yea, we did.” Y/N giggled. 

“We’re gonna have a baby!” he shouted. 

Sam swept Y/N off her feet, spinning her around in excitement. He kissed Y/N’s forehead before pulling her into perhaps the most genuine hug in the history of the world.

Unkiss Me

Title: Unkiss Me

Pairing: Dean x Reader AU Sam (Jared) x Reader

Word Count: 5,176

Song Inspiration: Unkiss Me-Maroon Five

A/N: I normally don’t like love triangles. Bleck. But this one intrigued me.

autumnangel12 Requested: “An imagine where y/n are with dean and Sam has secret feelings for you, but then Gabriel sends them to the real world and y/n is dating Sam (jared).”

Anon Request: “Hello! I have a request for a deanxreader fic where Dean & the reader are dating and the boys go out on a hunt for a few days & the reader stays back at the bunker & one night they decide to Skype each other. When they’re on Skype they both end up falling asleep during the call & one of them wakes up (you can pick who) to see that the other is still sleeping but they never hung up the call? and fluff and stuff. Sorry if it’s too specific of a request lol

x x

Your name: submit What is this?


There was absolutely nothing on television, and you grumbled to yourself as you flipped through the channels absentmindedly. Your computer was open on the coffee table in front of you, the screen black and waiting for Dean to call you on Skype. You hated that he and Sam had gone on this hunt without you, leaving you to stir in worry. They were ganking the vamps this evening, why they chose to do it at night was beyond you, and Dean had promised to check in as soon as they made it back to the motel.

Relief flooded through you when finally, the familiar bubbling tune filled the room. You clicked the tv off before answering it, and smiled as Deans face filled the screen.

“Hi!” You said, smiling into the small camera at the top of the computer screen.

“Hey babe.” Dean chimed. He sounded tired and there was a small cut just above his eye, arching along side with his eyebrow. “How’s it going? How’s that ankle of yours?” He asked.

“Fine, and it’s fine.” You looked down to your left foot, the purple cast that encased your ankle was due to come off next week, and you could hardly wait. “I’ve just been bored out of my mind these past three days. Not to mention worried! What about you? Are you okay? Is Sam okay?” You snapped your mouth shut. You always babbled when you were anxious, and you are starting to sound like a crazy clingy girlfriend.

“We’re fine Y/N.” Dean chuckled. “See?” He turned the computer towards the other bed where Sam sat picking pretzels out of a bag. He glanced up at you and gave you a slight wave along with his classic Sam smile, the one where he raised his eyebrows and his eyes grew brighter. Dean turned the computer back to himself and gave you his own crooked smile. “Told you. It was a couple vamps. No biggie.”

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Imagine Sam Being Your Yoga Teacher and Falling For You


San watched as you went into the next pose, whispering to your friends. You were in all of his classes and sometimes he wondered if you liked him the way he liked you. You were so graceful with your movements. 

‘If only I could find the courage to ask her out’ he thought to himself as you sat up and grinned that beautiful smile that kept him awake at night sometimes. 

You grinned at your friend, “Stop it, hes not looking at me like that! He’s so handsome theres no way he’d go out with me. Im taking his yoga class for gods sake!” 

Wishes Suck Ass

Title: Wishes Suck Ass

Word Count: 4,241

Warnings: Probably swearing. I think that’s it.

Summary: The Reader is captured by a Djinn and is sent to a world where she never became a hunter.

Pairing: [Dean/Sam x Reader Friendship]

Author’s Note: I wasn’t really into the way I ended it, but oh well. Please request things! I’m running out of ideas on what to write!


N/S – Neighboring State

T/S – Town In State

Y/E/C – Your Eye Color

              You felt a plush softness beneath you. Your hands were rested at your sides, gently gripping onto the satin sheets you laid upon. You felt at ease. Calm. Like there was nothing wrong in this damned world.

              But then you realized. The last you remembered you weren’t in a comfortable bed with satin sheets draped across your body. No. You were in a dingy motel room with scratchy, cotton blankets that you dared not sleep in. Your eyes bolted open, your attention darting around the unfamiliar surroundings. Very, very unfamiliar. You shot straight up into an upright position, your hand clutching your chest as heavy breaths heaved through your lungs. And that’s when you noticed you were no longer clothed in an undershirt and skinny jeans, but in fact in a sheer lingerie dress, the silk feeling cool against your skin. Beads of sweat began to coax your forehead, your heart ramming within your chest.

              You tore yourself from the bed, brushing your hands against your clothing as if you were removing all evidence you were ever in that bed. You blindly fumbled about the room in search of a light switch, finding it against a wall near the closed door. You flipped it up, the artificial lighting filling the room. You squinted a little, allowing your pupils to adjust to the sudden outburst of light.

              You were in a white bedroom with a large queen bed sitting against the back wall with satin blue sheets and plush pillows. Both sides of the bed were messy, crinkles enfolding in the fabric. Both? Your glances danced all around the room, soaking in the environment. You had no idea where you were and you were beginning to panic even more. Where were you? Whose house were you invading?

              Just as your eyes peered all around the room in a frantic state, your gaze fell onto a familiar object. Your phone. You dashed towards it, reaching for it in a hurry and unlocked it with your passcode. You opened your contacts app, scrolling through in search of either Dean or Sam. But nothing. You came across unfamiliar names: Mitchell with a large heart by the name, Hannah, Joseph, Rick, Neil. The list went on and on. You didn’t know any of these people. But what really gripped your attention was a name you haven’t spoken in quite a long time. Mom. You furrowed your eyebrows, shaking your head slightly before exiting the contacts tab and going to the keypad for dialing numbers. There was no way this was your phone. It was just a coincidence that it was the same phone… and it was the same passcode as yours was. The ending numbers in both your parents’ birth years collided together to make a code.

              You shook past the thought, trying to recall one of Dean or Sam’s numbers. The boys had so many numbers it began to all jumble up in your head. You then finally remembered Dean’s number to his immediate cellphone, only to be used by you and Sam. You typed the number into the keypad, pressing the phone to your ear and waiting impatiently. The call rang a few times before going straight to voicemail as if he declined the call. You huffed out a sigh, raising your eyebrows in suspicion before redialing the number. The same thing happened. “Dammit, Dean,” you mumbled under your breath, dialing it once more, holding the phone up to your ear.

              “Okay, who is this?” Dean’s gruff voice sounded in your ears, a sigh of relief relishing the air. You thought that the number was unrecognizable to the man because perhaps this wasn’t your phone at all.

              “Dean. Dean, its Y/N,” you answered hurriedly, glancing around the room. “I don’t know where I am. I woke up in someone’s house wearing fucking lingerie an-”

              “Who is this?” Dean inquired once more, his tone of voice seeming impatient to you.

              You blinked your eyes a little in disbelief. “Dean, c’mon, it’s Y/N.”

              “I don’t know anyone by the name of Y/N. Do-”        

              “Is this some kind of sick joke, Dean? Did you and Sam plan this? Take me to someone’s house and change all my contacts in my phone and dress me like a damn Barbie doll? This is low for you guys,” you puffed, your paranoia subsiding and phasing into anger.

              “Listen here, sister, I don’t know who you are or what you’re talking about. Don’t call this number again.”

              And with that, the line went dead.

              You stared down at the screen as you pulled the phone away from your ear, the words ‘CALL ENDED’ flashing in your irises before it disappeared. Your eyes widened at the background the phone possessed. It was of you, an unfamiliar man, and your parents. Your parents. Your parents. The photo looked fairly recent as well. “I don’t understand,” you mumbled to yourself, shaking your head. Your parents were dead. They died long, long ago. Their death was the reason why you entered the hunting world.

              Before you were able to process anything else, you heard a clatter from down the hall. Your eyes widened, your phone slipping from your grip and onto the carpeted flooring. Your eyes danced across the scene in hopes of finding a weapon in sight. But of course, there wasn’t. Your gaze fell onto the lamp on the bedside table. You shrugged your shoulders slightly, racing over to it and unplugging the chord, wrapping it around the base. You held the lamp tightly into your grip, licking your lips.

              You slowly crept out of the bedroom, entering into a hallway. You tried to stay focus on the task at hand, but your eyes wandered around the unfamiliar place. Pictures were scattered along the wall, each filled with a memory of some kind. Your memory. Each photo was contained a still of you. Some you were with the man in the background, some you were with people you only assumed were friends, and some you were with your parents. What is happening? you inquired in your mind, shaking your head and pushing forward.

              You proceeded down the hallway, entering into a large, open area. A living room sat to the right of you, its furniture polished and clean. Pictures littered tall cabinets and hung from the wall in places. You overhead the sounds of a fork clattering and scrapping against a glass plate, your attention slowly falling onto its owner. You raised the lamp over your head, ready to strike when the man twirled around in his bar stool, his eyes widening and hands flying to his chest. “Whoa, whoa, whoa!” he cried out. “Y/N, what are you doing?”

              He knew you. He knew you. Well of course he knew you! He was in almost every picture in this damned house. You hesitantly lowered the lamp with a shaky grip, letting it fall to your side. “I uh… I…” You tried your best to smile innocently, but your attempt to do so only resulted in a grimace.

              “Did you have a nightmare again?” he inquired, his brows furrowing and eyes softening.

              “Uh, yeah. Yeah I did. And I heard a noise out here… and I just kind of well…” You shrugged lightly, raising the lamp up a little before letting it fall back down to your mid-thigh.

              The man stood from his seat, taking the plate into his grasp and waltzing over to the sink, setting it down and turning the faucet on to rinse the dish off. “You wanna talk about it?”

              You slowly shook your head, setting the lamp down onto the table and sitting down where he once sat. You rested your elbows on the counter, leaning your weight forward and letting out a long, string of air you hadn’t realized you were holding in. “No. No, I’m fine.”

              “Okay,” the man answered slowly, turning on his heel to face the sink once more, beginning to scrub the dirty plate. “Um… shouldn’t you be getting ready?”

              “For?” you questioned, raising an eyebrow up at the stranger.

              “Work,” he answered, turning his head to face you. “Are you sure you’re alright?”

              “Work, right, yeah… um, I have today off,” you replied, deliberately nodding your head. “But yes, yes I’m fine. Just a little shaken up about the dream, that’s all.”

              “You have off today? Babe, it’s a Wednesday… a school day.”

              “Yeah, and?” you asked, shooting him a confused look, for him only to give you one back.

              “Babe, are you sure you’re okay?” He turned the faucet off, approaching you and placing a hand on your forehead. “You’re clammy… maybe I should call the school and say you’re not coming in today.” He dropped his hand from your skin, walking into the living room and retrieving what you believed was the household phone.

              “Yeah, you do that…” You swallowed hard, scanning your whereabouts. Was this your kitchen? Your family room? Your house? Your… boyfriend?

              You listened into the conversation that the stranger had on the phone, him explaining that you weren’t feeling well and won’t be coming in to teach. Teach? So you were a teacher…

              The man hung the phone up, striding back over to you, placing a soft touch on the small of your back. “Maybe we shouldn’t go to your parents tonight…”

              Your ears perked up, your eyes widening. “My parents?”

              “Yeah… we were going there for dinner tonight, remember?” His tone leaked with slight disbelief. “I should just call your mother and tell her…”

              “No, no. It’s fine. No, we’ll go. I’m sure I’ll be fine by then.” You mustered up the best small smile you possibly could, him returning the favor before leaning down and gently kissing your forehead.

              “We gonna tell them tonight?” he asked, walking over to the fridge, opening it and grabbing a water bottle for himself.

              “Tell them what?”

              He stopped in his tracks as he was opening the water bottle. “Y/N, are you okay?”

              “Yes, yes. I’m fine,” you answered impatiently. “What are we telling them?”

              “About the baby, Y/N,” he responded, slowly unscrewing the cap and pressing the rim to his lips, tipping it back.

              “The baby?” you questioned, the question more towards yourself than to him. “I’m pregnant? Huh…”

              “I think you should get back to bed…” he suggested, setting the bottle down on the counter and striding to your aid. He pressed his hand to your back, helping you get up. “I’m gonna head to work… I’ll call you around noon, alright?”

              “Yeah, yeah, okay.” You looked up at him, smiling slightly and nodding your head. He returned the gesture, though it seemed to weaken as he saw you gaze around your surroundings as if you hadn’t seen it before. That’s because you hadn’t…

              “Okay.” He leaned down, pressing a firm kiss to your lips. Your eyes widened for a spilt second, hesitantly kissing him back. He broke away, furrowing his eyebrows at you before stalking out the kitchen and into an unfamiliar part of the house. You waited until you heard the clatter of his slipping his shoes on and grabbing his keys, opening the door and stepping out. The soft clink of the door shutting caused you to shoot down the hallway, racing to what you presumed was your bedroom. You reached your destination, grabbing the phone that laid on the carpeting. You typed in your password, waiting for the image to phase into your home screen. You tapped your screen to open up your phone app, typing in Dean’s number once more despite his pleadings—well, more like threats—to not call him.

              You waited as the buzzing noise sounded in your eardrums, Dean’s gruff, angry voice answering. “I thought I told you not t-”

              “Yeah, yeah, yeah. Listen to me, my name is Y/N Y/L/N. We’ve been hunting partners for as long as I can remember. I don’t know where I am but I’m somewhere where my parents are alive, I’m pregnant, and I’m a dumbass teacher. I don’t know what’s going on right now, but I am begging you to listen to me.”

              “Look… Y/N… you sound like you have a pretty decent life. So do yourself a favor and stay out of mine.”

              Before you could retort, the line went dead once more. You groaned in frustration, biting your bottom lip hard. But before you were able to throw your phone in irritation, it began to vibrate in your palms. You peered down, MOM flashing on the screen. Mom? Your mom was calling you?

              You hesitantly pressed the TALK button, placing the phone up to your ear. “Hello?” you whispered shakily, inhaling a sharp breath.

              “Y/N… Y/N, Mitch called me saying that you weren’t feeling too well and were staying home from work. Are you alright?”

              That voice. You would have sworn you would never here it again. The way she said your name made your heart flutter, tears springing to your eyes. You swallowed the small lump forming within your throat. “Yeah, yeah I’m fine. Don’t worry about me…”

              “Well of course I’m gonna worry about you, sweetheart. I’m your mother.”

              A sob passed through your lips. She was your mother and she was talking to you. Right now. “Sweetie? Sweetie are you crying?”

              “Um, yeah. I’m watching a really sad movie,” you lied, trying your hardest to blink away the tears. “The dog just died.”

              “Oh… I’m sorry, dear. Now, are you and Mitch still coming over for dinner tonight?”

              “Um, yeah, I think so… but I mean, why wait? Can I come over now?”

              A soft laugh sounded from your mother, causing more tears to erupt in your eyes. You believed you would never hear that laugh ever again. “Of course!” your mother answered. You could hear the smile growing on her lips and you couldn’t help but let one phase onto yours. “I’ll leave the front door unlocked. See you soon!”

              “Bye, Mom… I love you!”

              “I love you, too, dear.” And with her words, the line clicked.

              You drooped your arm down, resting your phone against your chest. You sniffled loudly, blinking a few times. You were going to see your mother again… but first, you had to figure out where the hell you were.


              You had changed into more suitable clothing for your reunion with your mother and perhaps your father. Oh, you were shaking with excitement and nerves.

              Once you stepped out of the house, you immediately recognized the neighborhood. This was the place where you grew up. And just down the street was your childhood home. You shoved your hands within your jean pockets, prancing down the sidewalk towards your old home just up the street. There was a slight spring to your step, your body radiating with happiness.

              It had only taken you two minutes to skip down the sidewalk, your gait long and bouncy. You reached your parents’ home, staring up at the exterior for a brief moment. You thought you would never see this house again after what had happened within it. You were eighteen at the time, it being the end of your senior year of high school. You had returned home late from a party, finding your parents dead on the floor, the thing that killed them still lingering, waiting to finish you off. If it hadn’t been for a man by the name of Rufus Turner, you would surely have died that night.

              You shook the horrible thoughts out of your brain, proceeding forward up the walkway and to the front door. You gripped onto the brass handle, turning it and slowly opening it. The interior looked exactly as you last remembered it. The old school pictures that hung in the foyer were still there. The same fake, potted plants sat next to the piano in the music room. The same rug greeted you as you walked through the doorway. And then you saw her. She was gliding gracefully down the stairs, dressed in plain jeans and a white t-shirt. But you swore she looked more beautiful than ever.

              “Hi, Y/N,” she mused, wrapping her arms around you in a loose hug. But you couldn’t hold it in much longer. You tightened the embrace, burying your face in the crook of her neck. She laughed lightly, reeling you out of her grasp, placing her hands on your shoulders and looking into your eyes. “Are you alright?”

              “I’m more than alright,” you answered immediately, admiring her features in great depth. You focused all your attention on memorizing each individual line and mark on her face from the crinkles around her eyes and the small blemishes that coaxed her skin. “Where’s Dad?” You looked past her into the entrance to the kitchen.

              “He just left for work, dear. But he’ll be back for dinner tonight! Now, tell me, what are you hiding from me?” A smirk surfaced on her lips, her arms crossing against her chest and her hip jutting out as she leaned her weight onto her left side.

              “Hmm?” you hummed, furrowing your eyebrows at her request.

              She uncrossed her arms in slight defeat, retreating to the kitchen, you hot on her heals. “I’m your mother, Y/N! I can tell when you’re not telling me something.” Your mom walked over to the counter, grabbing an apple from the bowl that sat on its surface, sinking her teeth into the fruit. “Besides, Mitch was dropping hints that you guys had something to tell us.”

              Realization appeared on your expression, your head bobbing into a curt nod. “Right, um, well, you’ll just have to see at dinner,” you replied with a small wink following your words.

              Your mother released an exaggerated sigh, a playful pout on her lips. “Fine,” she huffed. You could tell she was stifling a grin.

              “Mom, quick question… do we know anyone by the last name of… Winchester?” you hesitantly asked, raising an eyebrow in the process.

              “Hmm, I don’t think so,” she answered, taking another bite of her apple. “Name doesn’t ring a bell.”

              “That’s what I was afraid of,” you grumbled under your breath. “What about Rufus Turner?”

              She shook her head. “Why’re you asking?”

              “I…” You frowned at your lack of response, leaning your weight forward and pressing it against the counter. “N/S isn’t too far, right?”

              “A few hour drive to make it to the border. Why?”

              “Can I borrow your car?”


              You didn’t exactly want to leave. You didn’t at all, actually. You wanted to stay there with your mother all day until your father got home and you would have your reunion with him. But with the Winchesters not having a recollection of whom you were struck you as odd. Really odd. So, as much to your mother’s dismay as well as your own, you got into your mother’s vehicle and was currently speeding down the highway to N/S, T/S to be exact where you there were working the Djinn case. Though it was a long shot, you had a feeling that they would be in the motel you thought you would wake up in.

              Even with your illegal speeds, it had taken you a total of eight hours to your destination. The town you desperately needed to be in was towards the middle of the state. Just your luck. Your mother had called your cellphone a million times, but seemed to have given up on reaching you after the fourth hour.

You arrived in the motel parking lot, quickly parking the car and getting out. You ran to their motel room, knocking harshly on the door. A few moments later, the door cautiously propped open, a sliver of Sam showcasing itself.

You frowned at him, pushing passed him into the room. You held your arms up lazily when you saw Dean and Sam both point their guns towards you. “Put ‘em down, boys. I wanna talk.”

Dean’s hand tightened on the gun, his eyes shifting over to Sam before returning to you. “You’re Y/N, aren’t you? I recognize your voice from the lovely chats we had on the phone. How the hell did you find us?” he hissed, flipping the safety off his gun.

“You wouldn’t shoot a pregnant woman, would ya?” you replied with equal venom to your voice. You noticed the falter in their grips, Sam’s the first to drop. Dean followed his brother’s pursuit, flipping the safety switch back on.

“How did you find us?”

“I knew exactly where you two would be because I’m working the case with you two… or was. C’mon, Dean. Sam. How do you two not remember me?”

“Stop digging,” Sam spoke behind you, causing you to whirl around to face him with a confused expression. “Stop digging or you’re going to lose everything.”

You cocked your head to the side. “Excuse me?”

“Go back to Mitch and your family. Live a normal life. Stop. Digging,” Dean said, your head snapping to face him.

“How do you know-?”

“Leave. Leave now. Never turn back.” Sam took a step closer to you, placing a gentle hand on your shoulder.

Your heart began to pick up its pace, the organ beginning to ram against your chest. “I don’t understand…”

“Leave and never turn back,” Sam repeated, his grip tightening on your shoulder for a quick moment, ushering you out the door. You watched with a pained expression as they slammed the door in your face, leaving you alone on the doorstep.

You retrieved your phone from your pocket, quickly dialing your mother’s phone number and pressing the cell to your ear. The ringing echoed through your eardrums before she answered with a polite hello.

“Mom? Hey, I’m in T/S, N/T. I just wanted to tell you in case… in case I’m late for dinner. I’ll be leaving here in about an hour… I have some things to do still.” you spoke slowly, walking out to the car, but not before you turned your head to look at the motel door once more.

“Stop digging and come home.”

Your hand slipped from the grip it had on the door handle, your breath being caught in your throat. “What?”

“Why did you have to dig into this? Why couldn’t you just have been content with everything?” You heard your mother sigh.

The dots began to connect themselves in your head, your eyes widening slightly. It wasn’t real. None of it was. You just couldn’t believe you hadn’t realized it sooner.

“I’m sorry,” you whispered, tears brewing within your eyes, hazing your vision. You knew you had to leave this parallel universe or else you would die. You knew that you had all that you’ve ever wanted beforehand, but it had taken you the loss of your best friends to realize you could never have it again and you had to come to terms with it. You were in the business for the long haul and you couldn’t just check out to have a normal life with Mitch and your family. Have a couple of kids. You couldn’t when you knew you had lives to save, monsters to fight, and beers to drink with the Winchesters after a long hunt.

“Come home, Y/N,” your mother demanded, the tone of her voice hardening. “Come right now.”

“I love you,” you spoke, completely ignoring her demanding requests. “Tell dad the same.”

              And with that, you withdrew the phone from your ear, tapping down on the screen and ending the call.

              You glanced around at the parking lot in search of a weapon, but none coming in sight. You cursed under your breath, your Y/E/C eyes flicking onto the street ahead of you. An idea popped in your mind. You sighed quietly to yourself, noting in your head that this was the only way.

              You jogged out of the parking lot and into the busy street. A pair of headlights shined in your eyes, blurring your vision for the time being. A car horn blared. But no impact came.


              You shot straight up, your breathing rapid and heavy. Your right hand clutched down onto your chest whereas your left fisted the bedsheets. Cotton. Scratchy. Your vision slowly became clearer. You heard muffled voices sound, but was unable to decipher what exactly what they were saying at the current moment. It wasn’t until you felt a familiar hand press onto your shoulder when your vision began less murky and your hearing was restored.

              “Oh, thank God you’re awake,” Sam whispered, a small smile on his lips. “You’ve been out for at least five hours since we got you.”

              “What?” you murmured, your brows knitting together, your eyes darting between the two brothers. Your gaze fell onto the bed. The horrible floral pattern that was the comforter seemed to give you ease. You weren’t lying in plush softness. And you were grateful for that.

              “Y/N,” Dean’s voice spoke, your attention fully on him now. “You were taken by a Djinn… you were missing for two days… we thought…”

              “You thought wrong, clearly,” you said, trying your hardest to lighten up the mood. The boys merely nodded, satisfied grins on their lips.

              “We’re just happy you’re safe,” Sam concluded Dean’s statement. His expression was soft. Sincere.

              You smiled at the brothers, tears starting to form within your eye but you immediately blinked them away without either of them noticing. “I’m just happy to be with you two again.”