salvia plath
teen suicide
salvia plath

you said you hate yourself
so let me feed you strawberries off a plate i bought from a widow who was selling her husbands things
and we’ll see if you still hate yourself
if you still hate yourself
i’ll eat you out for an hour in your room cause i love giving head
if you still hate yourself
we’ll cut ourselves and swallow chunks of broken glass i don’t care about finishing college
i’ll buy the biggest tv that my credit card allows me we’ll watch the food network for the rest of our lives

Salvia Plath
Teen Suicide
Salvia Plath

you said you hate yourself

so let me feed you strawberries off a plate i bought from a widow who was selling her husbands things

and we’ll see if you still hate yourself

if you still hate yourself

i’ll eat you out for an hour in your room cause i love giving head

if you still hate yourself

we’ll cut ourselves and swallow chunks of broken glass i don’t care about finishing college

i’ll buy the biggest tv that my credit card allows me we’ll watch the food network for the rest of our lives

If you still hate yourself 
i’ll eat you out for an hour in your room 
cause i love giving head 
if you still hate yourself 
we’ll cut ourselves and swallow 
chunks of broken glass 
i don’t care about finishing college 
i’ll buy the biggest tv that my credit card allows me we’ll 
watch the food network for the rest of our lives

House of Mirrors 💎 7th House Cusp.

Aries(mars/lust)on the 7th house cusp: “heat” “passion” and impulsivity color these folks. The more charming and passive mask you were introduced to can seem almost flipped upside down once you get romantically involved with these natives or rather shall I say once you get past the weighing scales. They can be combative-and easily aroused by the idea of asserting themselves in a one on one setting. They’re not as agreeable as they present themselves to be and actually have quite strongly held positions on matters. They tend to be attracted to love with a argumentative and or a erotically passionate suave to it. Love for them is less about the Amor than it is about the lust. This is not to say they aren’t the types to “fall in love” more so that they are the types to treasure a spark above all else-for what is love without a little fire? They have a butch shadow and can unknowingly be aggressive and have short attention spans with people and situations.

In love: they can be demanding and honest. They approach it authentically and bare and want it to feel like a cyclone. They are usually romantic in a tough and abrasive is done in an aggressive yet protective way. Physical expression via sex and constant touch is a form of this. Once they start wanting to argue with you and bicker with you for the sake of it? Similarly to when someone with mars in the 5th house is in love? It’s the same thing here! Picking on you is a deep sign of love here.

-Leonardo DiCaprio, Beyoncé knowles, Adolf hitler, Jennifer Aniston, Britney Spears,Harry styles.

👤sky Ferreira you’re not the one.

Taurus(venus/Juno/Eros)on the 7th house cusp: “sensuality” and “longevity” these natives usually are quite the opposite of their mysterious and chaotic persona. In reality these natives are quite internally stable and what’s more a lot of the time they are easily able to keep their emotions in check and look at the bigger picture. It’s super easy for them to kick their legs up and relax. They aren’t ones to go out of their way to prove a point but they are extremely fixed and bullheaded deep down of course their mask is aswell but I’m a different light. Scorpio is fixed water like an icy glacier unmoving and unwavering while Taurus is more of a slow and steady rock formation “attached” and stubborn at its core-completely immobile. Love for them is an aphrodisiac and they often attract curvy and or plump lovers and or the Roman Beauty lovers(natural looks-not over the top) they have a naturally possessive nature and tend to be in relationships where the theme of “i own you” is present. They have a very refined and youthful sense of community and tend to have very happy marriages despite their lovers being occasionally sloth like and lazy; but the other could be said that they attract providers and nurtures. They may stay with a lover disputed hardships and find it hard to let go no matter what and those they attract are often the same. Love runs strong here.

In love:very stable lovers-many hold on too their lover tightly and can be extremely loyal and wrapped up in him or her. They don’t share and aren’t the types to easily be able to let a lover go for any reason. They are also extremely touchy feely and love to nurture those whom they love! Love is done in a caring yet sensual way. They crave you and want to be around you all the time. You basically turn into a pillow pet.

-Nicole Kidman, Katy perry, Hillary Clinton, Justin Bieber, Tom Cruise, Jim Carey, Prince.

👤Leisure Nobody

Gemini(mercury) on the 7th house cusp: “talkative” and cerebral. These natives are a lot more chit chatty then they seem at first glance and behind their aloof and free spirited nature lies a multifaceted individual-with more twist and turns than a maze it’s self. Romantically they’re an enigma and in their one on ones it can be hard to really gauge whose the shadow and who’s the main body. They often are very intellectually minded and have a insatiable craving for intellect from those they’re interested in-they love that detached aspect to relating but they love the concept of love through the mouth so to speak. The idea of verbal love and communication run deep for them and they love a lover who knows what to say and how to deliver it. It’s not about looks or sex as much as it is first and for most about ones personality and the vivaciousness of it. They attract people on the slimmer and daintier side and may date younger lovers and attract that audience. They usually aren’t eager to settle down unless Saturn is touching mercury and even then to really get them to take you seriously it’s about how they fall in love with you mentally before anything else.

In love: ah you know when they fall in love with you-it’s all in their voice and their actions. They let you speak, they love hearing what you have to say and are extremely sensitive to your moods and feelings. They become passive and hate to correct you-they are very protective of you physically and your ideas mentally. Not to mention they leave open door ways for you to communicate-always.(they are sooooo sensitive to their lovers I actually think this is something people don’t notice)

-Brad Pitt, Scarlett Johansson, Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lawrence, Oprah Winfrey, Bruce lee, Marlon Brando

👤The Neighborhood 24/7

Cancer(moon/Ceres)on the 7th house cusp: “turbulent” and “mothering” these natives are a lot more emotionally unpredictable than they let on. Their emotional world is full of authentic ups full of bubbly joy and optimism to lows full of insecurity and doubt. They crave on a deeper level to be understood-to be held and free in a sense to let down their heavy bags and weep. They’re strong persona comes at the cost of others only viewing them as the apex-the headstrong juggernaut completely dissociated with the realm of feeling. In reality they tend to be very huge softies even if it is an introverted expression and they for better or worse interact with others on this same receptive wavelength. Many attracted to them are compassionate and or emotionally defensive types and their lovers are usually on the gentle and more parental type usually the archetype of the “mother” be it a male or female partner. They tend to get involved in relationships early and have a tendency to unconsciously seek a lover that resembles a parent or the loss of one.( caution is advised when having sex in the early years as their is a tendency for over sterility here. One might be more able of conceiving without noticing on certain moon cycles/male of female/ and also a danger of partners using children as a means to trap you similarly to cancer in the 8th house cups-this is just a way it may manifest though so it’s not set in stone but keep a look out)

In love: intense. They tend to demand a lot of their mates both physically and emotionally unkowningly draining themselves as well as their mates. They are extremely protective and tend to open up to their mates completely although it takes time the moon being here/cancer shows that they usually trust their partners with their deepest side. The mama bear in them comes out and they instinctively do anything for their lovers. You’ll get so attached you’ll know exactly when and where there gonna start crying.

-Jesus Christ, Taylor Swift, Cristiano Ronaldo, Megan Fox, Ariana Grande, Gwen stefani

👤salvia Plath I was all over her

Leo(sun/Amor) on the 7th house cusp: “engulfing” “ego” these natives are far more dominate and self influenced then they outwardly portray. They tend to really shine in a one on one setting-while they do still have an incredible sway with the crowd on a superficial level-they deep down know good and well how fascinating and entrancing they are. Despite this being the house of mirrors those with The Sun or Leo in this house have an incredible amount of self awareness but often don’t like to present their more confident and independent side out of a fear of coming across as conceded or an “army of i” so to speak. They love interacting with others as they unlock a new part of themselves through such connections. Much of their ego is heavily projected in their relationships and in most cases their either with someone who plays the part of their ego or they themselves are with someone who allows them to play this role. Those attracted to them are often prideful, dominate, exciting and daring. Their relationships are usually quite passionate and romantic. But I’ve noticed their a battleground for ego clashes.

In love: ah they are quite powerful once in love. Everything makes them beam and they are extremely proud of their lovers! Many tend to treat their lovers like kings/queens. They are extremely demanding and require a lot of attention but only because they give a wild amount in return. That being said they’re still quite independent when in love. Availability but not to available.

-Barack Obama, David Bowie, Nicki Minaj, Russell Crowe, Orlando Bloom, Matt Damon.

👤 Jessie ware egoista/selfish love

Virgo(mercury Rx/Chiron)7th house cusp:

“Sturdy” “reserved” these natives are quite grounded and realistic despite their cloudy and often times blurry outward energy. They tend to set practical and structured goals towards their interactions with others and usually try not to overstep their level of expectation from those around them out of a need to have some sort of read on their situation. One on ones can be either uncomfortable or tiring for them. To much has to go into it in their eyes and often times they’d rather sit back and observe then interact. They are not dramatic lovers by any means and usually like quite love affairs-the type of love that is over time and something that two people grow and evolve in. This attracted to them are usually the submissive and shy types. Intellectuals and those with gentle and somewhat arrogant temperaments are drawn to them and this is actually their shadow as well.

In love: these natives truly are quite a sight to behold in love. They love quite deeply and usually for years in end. Like most earth dc-they’re not usually casual daters and usually have few relationships but they were big and usually have quite a deep emotional bond that never fades away. They tend to sacrifice quite a bit in love and are extremely dedicated and loyal. They in a way become a servant to their lovers-with dignity mind you but they serve their lover non the less. “You want it? I’ll get it”

-Michael Jackson, George Clooney, Ryan Gosling, Whitney Houston, Zayn Malik

👤Justin Timberlake strawberry bubblegum

Libra(venus rx/Aphrodite) in the 7th house cusp: “charming” “withholding” these natives are far more affectionate in nature then their more colder and abrasive outward energy may immediately express. To be frank these natives are huge cuddle bears and tend to be very adaptable when it comes to people. They have a very soft and warm inner aura and naturally attract others to them like flies. They are both easily graceful and teases. Due to this being the shadow house and due to the nature of a natal retrograde they often don’t resonate with this more gentle yet loving energy within them and more so see it in others. Those drawn to them are usually superficial types-both airy and easy on the eyes but may lack the necessary tools to relate to others on a more emotive way. And vice versa to those sharing libra or venus rx on the 7th house cusp.

In love: they are quite the perplexing ones when in love. They can grow obsessed with the idea-the mere concept but often may withhold so much of themselves once they actually begin to feel love for someone in the physical realm. This is mainly done out of a fear of truly connecting and losing that connection they’d sought after. They’re very giving and doting when in love and tend to be extremely supportive of their lovers wishes. Romantic to the core. Candles and intimate night outs. They get pretty angry when their lovers are disrespected.

-Rihanna, Shakira, Amber Rose, Kendall Jenner, Chris rock, Big Sean.

👤toro y moi by the neck

Scorpio(Hades/mars rx/Pluto/Lilith) on the 7th house cusp: “intimidating” “overwhelming” despite their more relaxed and unbothered persona these natives are quite the volcano beneath the surface. Often times there one on ones with others can be tricky and a bit more complex then what is being shown first glance. Often there are many power plays and subtle undercurrents that go on in their interactions that incite mysterious and sometimes manipulative scenarios. Due to the shadowy nature of this house these natives often view others as the ones whom are to serious or to intense for their liking. In many cases there is and can often be outright denial of self inflicted sabotage in their relationships. The thing here is this is a karmic planet/asteroid/sign so often times this comes back to bite them by the energies coiling back and either returning the favor or bringing their baggage out in the open. Romance can be heavily karmic and intensely involved. Those whom they attract are extremely powerful and willful individuals-their love nature is both intense and tempting. A Heavy possessive and sexual component is present in partnerships and especially marriage.

In love: usually the head dog in charge! Doesn’t like to play the submissive role in love and even if they are submissive they’re still controlling the play one way or another. Extremely loyal and very deeply intertwined with their lovers. Very physical and touchy similarly to Taurus dc but more in private setting. Highly demanding and can be quite harsh and mean to their lovers but once more this is only because they love their partner so deeply and Pluto feels the need to constantly reject this love(since it’s a sign of vulnerability). PROTECTIVE AF.

-Martin Luther king, Mikey Cyrus, Lana del Rey, Mariah Carey, Halle berry

👤Jhene Aiko Overstimulated

Sagittarius(Jupiter/Vesta)in the 7th house: “nomadic” “insatiable” these natives are far more intune with the world than there more scattered and first layer persona seems to suggest. There is a pronounced free spirit inside these natives, one that lives to experience it all. Most of these experiences come from there interactions from others. It can at times seem as though they live for others and to an extent don’t know how to do things solo so to speak. This is not to say that they are social piranha; they simply just crave that inner growth and stimulation that they get from connecting with others. They often attract good fortune and those who serve for better or worse as a guide and or friendly spirit in some way! The latter can be lazy and sluggish types who are overly optimistic yet un enterprising. Love is seen as a journey and often times their lovers are larger than life and fairly youthful! For men gay and otherwise the lover might be on the more curvy and thicker side while for women the lover could be curvy but also may have a more muscular and or earthy rugged look to them. This could indicate multiple partners and sometime marriages but this is just one manifestation! It also points to a happy and beneficial marriage! So look forward to being that one wild rocker old couple who drives the doom buggy.

In love: super playful and optimistic in love! They tend to be erratic and fly between wanting intimacy and feeing trapped by it. They often make up and brake up with their s/o a lot until they learn that the grass isn’t greener on the other side. The more mature ones simply brake up to clear their head and make sure they’re ready for commitment. They love very passionately and for a very long time-but can lose interest once the relationship losses it’s direction.

-Lady Gaga, Kristen Stewart,Pamela Anderson, Lindsey Lohan, Ashton Kutcher.

👤Dagny wearing nothing

Capricorn(Saturn/karma) in the 7th house cusp: “rigid” “structured” unlike there more nurturing and sensitive appearance as authentic as it is-make no mistake these natives are intensely self sufficient and stable deep down. They can filter through their emotions and often times screen much of what they feel before it disrupts the rest of their dealings. They approach others in a systematic and heavily detached way-more so than Aquarian dc’s. They tend to maintain a reasonable distance from those they interact and tend to not be fond of meaningless conversation and small talk. It’s the big picture for them and papa Saturn is irritated by wasted time. Romantically they tend to attract somber and cold partners-this doesn’t make them any less loving mind you it just means there not the most “lovey dobey” and loud about it types. They just are reliable and be it male or female they’re very fatherly and providers. These natives view the world as to intense and to work oriented without realizing they are this way as well. They are usually into older lovers. And older and or more mature people are drawn to them.

In love: DEEP DEEP DEEP. they love very hard-and it takes them years to fall in love, it doesn’t happen over night and they need time to process you always. They are so sacrificing and immensely giving in their partnerships. They don’t like public pda and prefer more subtle and quite bouts of love in the public eye. They are very intimate and often sensitive. Their lovers are extremely caring and usually are more sensitive in a private setting as well.

-Angelina Jolie, Bill Gates, Kanye West, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ben Affleck, Adele, Mel Gibson

👤Alexandra savior shades

Aquarius(Uranus/Saturn rx)in the 7th house cusp: “electric” “bold” there’s a more mysterious and closed off personality hidden behind the passionate and fiery confidence that is presented here. They can be quite fascinating but also quite out of reach. These natives can be extremely dynamic but can just as easily be hard to relate to. They are unique in every sense of the word-a genius when it comes to one on ones yet an outsider when it comes down to intimacy. They love to relate to others but hate the other aspects of it that call for a more human like response. They actually tend to find others as overly focused on themselves. The odd thing is that the axis of Leo and aqua on both decans don’t actually view others as themselves but rather the opposite. Aqua dc tend to find those the interact with as vain and missing the big picture while Leo dc tend to find others to be too focused on the world to out of orbit. Not to say these people don’t attract their fair share of odd individuals. Romantically they run very hot and cold and can be quite easily in a relationship physically but not emotionally.

In love: speedsters. They move fast in love-they skip stages even and can have a hard time with pacing. They are novice when it comes to love no matter how old they are and this is their most charming trait-their authenticity. They view love as an experiment and love to try it out-they love to practice the emotions, the routines, the moments. But keep in mind they do this all for you-for them love isn’t as easy as saying it’s from the “heart” for them it has to include the mind as well.

-Donald trump, Marylin Monroe, Selena Gomez, Johnny Depp, Justin Timberlake, Al Pacino

👤Metronomy I’m Aquarius

Pisces(Neptune/Jupiter rx/psyche) in the 7th house cusp: “dreamy” “elusive” unlike there more practical and earthy disposition there is a cloudy and thick mist surrounding them. These natives tend to be quite the magnetic variety-devouring those whom come around them in a flurry of misunderstandings and shadow boxing. It can seem like you’re talking to a shadow yourself and out of all the placements this one reflects the reflection to a point of which these natives can’t even tell themselves apart from what’s being projected and what they’re indeed projecting. They often attract destiny at their doorstep and can meet lovers that they’ve been involved with from multiple time lines and lives. Even those they meet in a one on one platonically can have some karmic merit in their lives that serves to clear some of the smog mist. Their one on ones can be odd and may seem like a mixture of being used v being beneficial. It’s hard to tell who’s being used and it’s also hard to tell when someone is on your side or against you because nothing is out in the open. Romantically they tend to attract confused lovers-lovers with a unique deficiency and or who may have metal problems and or sexually ambiguous ways. Lovers may be deeply in love with these individuals but in the case of the individuals with these planets and Pisces here it can be hard to gauge your level of interest apart from what is being projected onto you.

In love: extremely atmospheric. Can be so deep and otherworldly when in love. Their love often surpasses gender and sexuality for that matter and often they can be in unconventional relationships. Their lovers tend to be immensely attached and vice versa and there is a immense and almost crazy amount of fate involved in their love. ATTACHMENT RUNS HEAVY ON BOTH ENDS. A lot of forgiveness on both ends(sometimes cheating is forgiving here as well because of the huge amount of love, but this is one way it manifest)

-Madonna, Steve Jobs, Kurt Cobain, Keanu Reeves, Umma Thurman, Jay Z, Mark Zuckerberg, Tom Hanks, Ryan Reynolds

👤kindness feat Kelela With you.

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