Dean x Deaf!Reader: A tea party with the King of Hell

Author: EdgarAllenPoes-Raven

Character: Dean x reader 

Word Count: 1,691

Warnings: None

Brief Summary/Request Prompt/Original Imagine:  Dean is away on a hunt leaving you alone in the Bunker; well that is till the King of Hell turns up asking for the boys. Instead of leaving you end up spending the evening drinking tea, eating pancakes and talking about the boys.

A/N: Bold = writing to communicate.

Italics - sign language.

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witch tip:

if you are holding on to anger towards someone (especially a person who is no longer in your life), sit in a quiet place, burn your favorite incense, and write that person a letter.  write down every single thought and emotion you feel towards that person. when you are done, burn the letter in a cauldron or fireproof bowl.  as you burn it, repeat out loud “you no longer have power in my life” until the letter has turned to ash.  collect the ash and use it to make black salt.

show me your love spell 💙

a simple spell to help subtle or nuanced feelings be communicated 

💙  dry some rose petals and crush them, add dill. 

💙   sprinkle a pinch of the two herbs over an effect of the person, or something that represents the relationship. 

💙   make a little circle out of the rest of the herbs, put the candle in the center.

💙   Burn the candle and chant,

By rose petals and dill this spell starts
Draw me closer and show your cares
As I’ve held you in my arms
And you hold me in your heart

💙   SAVE THE HERBS IN A BAG or something. 

💙   If the spell becomes too much, so you can salt and burn them to end it.


Well a few days later it’s complete. A three page au comic in which Reaver is an immortal shit lord and he and Page are equally tired of one another but neither has succeeded in destroying the other yet.

In all honesty this was just to try out medibang and see what I could do with it.

Superwholock explaining unnatural things
  • Doctor Who: It's the aliens!
  • Sherlock: There has to be a logical explanation.
  • Supernatural: dAMN IT SAMMY GET THE SALT!

Purifying the air with my pink salt candle holder & cleansing with smoldering sage🕯🌱🌬 Reblog to cleanse your blog✨

  • Tsubaki: Make Servamps great again~
  • Kuro: ...Servamps were great until you were born.