Eighteen and Life

Characters-Sam, Dean, Claire, Castiel

Word Count-2422


Warnings-Character death, a little angst and a bit of fluff.

Italics are memories 

A/N- Written for @chaos-and-the-calm67 Milestone Challenge.  I chose Skid Row’s Eighteen and Life because it’s one of my faves and they opened for Bon Jovi the first time I saw them.  I knew I wanted to write a ghost story, an easy salt and burn for the boys featuring Dean for a change.  I’m not going to apologize in the least for what happened and will be awaiting the mob with it’s pitchforks and torches. Many thanks to @getyourrocksalt for doing the beta on this.

Tags under the cut, as always if you want on or off my list just drop me a message.  Enjoy y’all.

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Theme: Hunting

Prompt: Vengeful spirit

Words: 883

Characters: Sam x Reader, Dean

Warnings: Mild angst, mentions of murder, mentions of divorce, mentions of cheating

Tags: @thing-you-do-with-that-thing, @deanwinchester-af, @growningupgeek, @kinkystevesgirl, @teamfreewill-imagine, @andtheraincamefalling

Sam fiddled with his phone as his hazel eyes were glued to the window. He was watching everything pass them by as they rode with the low sound of Metallica playing. 

“You should call her,” offered out Dean. 

Sam looked to his brother and sighed, “What if she doesn’t answer Dean?“ 

"She will, just call her." 

Sam glanced to his phone in his hand and flipped it with his fingers. He sucked in a breath and called your phone. It rang a few times before you finally picked up. Sam could hear your shaky breath as you quievered. 

"S- Sam?" 

"Y/N. What’s wrong baby?" 

"He’s here Sam…. M- my dad…. My mom said he was murdered but… He’s in the house…." 

Sam sat up more. He was worried, but now he was panicked. 

"Where are you?" 

"My mom’s house…. Sam I’m so scared…." 

Sam quickly looked to his brother again, "Dean, we need to hurry. Now. Y/N, stay on the phone with me okay? Don’t hang up until we get there. I want you make a ring of salt and stay in it okay?" 

"A- alright…" 

Dean sped his way over to your mom’s house. As soon as he pulled up Sam ran out of the car and into the house. 


"In here!" 

Sam hurried into the kitchen to find you in a ring of salt. He scooped your wet face in his large hands and wiped your tears away. 

"Baby, where is he now?" 

You shook as your eyes landed on your father. Sam turned to find him cut up with blood stains in at the zipper of his jeans. Dean swung iron at the spirit and he vanished. Sam could feel you flinch underneath his touch. 

His hazel eyes landed back on you, "Tell me everything please? We can help.”

“Hi- his ex murdered him because he was cheating…. I- I put off coming here…. When I came in he- he was here…." 

"Where is he buried,” asked Dean gently. 

“My mom had him cremated…." 

Your father appeared again and Dean was flung into the grandfather clock in the living room. He groaned and rose to his feet. 

"Do you know if anyone has something of his? Your mom? His partner? His ex? You,” Sam practically rushed out.

You shook your head, “I don’t…”

“It’s probably somewhere in the house,” Dean practically shouted out in a small panic. 

Dean was quick to grabbing the iron bar he used only moments before. 

“Are you sure there’s nothing of his here? Maybe his ex or partner had something? Anything?" 

You shook your head, "We can’t ask them…. They’re dead too…" 

"Baby please…. We need something. Anything." 

You shut your eyes and began to think. Your eyes snapped open wide and you pulled away from Sam. 

"Rocking horse." 

"Rocking horse,” questioned Dean as he took another swing.

“The one he made me when I was a kid… My mom wanted to keep it incase I had any children…." 

Sam gave your hand a squeeze, "Where is it?" 

"The garage." 

Sam nodded and headed for the garage. 

"Wait,” you called out. 

Sam waited for you and Dean to follow. The three of you were quick to the garage and began searching for the wooden treasure. 

“Stay close to me okay? I don’t want him attacking you…." 

"He wouldn’t do that Sam! He wouldn’t hurt me…." 

Sam sighed and started checking other spots. You moved away from Sam and pushed a box aside. 

"I found it,” you called out. 

However, as soon as Sam turned to look at you, your father was quick to pin you to your mother’s car. You gasped for air and Sam was quick to swing. Your hands clasped your throat as you began panting.

Sam helped you to your feet and grapped the old rocking horse. 

The three of you headed to the burn pile in the backyard. Sam watched you wrap yourself in your arms as you stared at the old wooden horse. Your father had made it for you when you were younger after your parents divorced. He knew what it meant to you, and it killed him just seeing how you were about the entire situation. 

Sam watched his brother pour the salt and gasoline onto it. He could feel you shaking in his arms as you both watched Dean. Dean flicked the lighter and you quickly stepped forward. 

“Wait,” your voice broke as you spoke. “Let me do it." 

Sam gave you a small smile, "Take your time." 

Dean gave Sam a look. 

Sam knew it was crazy for you to take her time, especially since your father could pop up at any time, but he was someone who was once important to you.

Letting him go and doing this was going to be hard on her, and he knew that.
Sam watched you light the horse on fire and opened up his arms for you. He was ready to comfort any emotion that was bound to happen. 

Dean gave you a small smile. It was the first thing you ever had managed to hunt or kill. 

Sam had tried his best to keep you from this part of their life, but it was clear now that you were in it no matter what.