Salt & Burn is finally available online! It’s been a long and winding road, but now you and your friends can hunt the things that go bump in the night! Play as a Hunter of the supernatural that travels the board, killing monster and saving lives. The first Hunter to save 10 lives wins the game! You can read more about the game in the Etsy listing or visit to see other people playing the game and read the rules.

We also have the Bitten Booster Pack and the Brothers Booster Pack available, each one adding extra gameplay and alternate methods of play.

Due to problems with our laser cutter, we only have enough of the original laser-cut acrylic player tokens and hearts for 25-30 games. After those are sold, we’re going to be revisiting the game and replacing the tokens with cardboard chits, so if you want to get the full original game, here’s your chance. Thanks guys, happy hunting!


This is the Salt & Burn Digital Sketchbook - It goes over the process work and has all the sketches that I still have. Today we shipped out the last of the cards-only tiers and after we ship out the prints we’ll be totally finished with the Kickstarter! Thank you to everyone for your support, I hope that it’s been as fun for you to watch as it was for us to do it!

IT’S HERE! The third issue release of Salt & Burn is today! This is a special summer edition with two covers, holy hell!

»» [LINK TO ISSUE 3] ««

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See you in season 10!