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Like I don’t wanna diss the clone theory because I do recognize that there’s a chance it becomes real (some of the arguments are good and make sense) but at the same time, I can’t help but feel like it’s just an excuse to diss Shiro “because it’s not the real one anyway”. Like, half the posts who say “there’s something wrong about this Shiro”, specifically the ones that point out the admitedly weird scene where he commands Keith to go to the rescue mission, conveniently forget to talk about Shiro’s “OOC” outburst at Slav in 2x10.

I mean, Shiro? Displaying real emotions anyone in the same situation would display? Witchcraft! Clearly a clone #notmyshiro

operationkuro replied to your post “Okay fuck it Officially unfollowing anyone who reblogs stuff about how…”

Honestly that’s a mood like he’s not perfect chill out

For real?  Like, yeah, he’s a clone, but the show basically literally shows us why he’s reacting like that.  It’s not that he’s unreasonable, it’s that he’s dying to be part of the team again, and Keith is putting the team in danger when he’s split like this.  The second he’s not useless anymore, he stops being mad.  Literally every member of the freakin’ team snapped at Keith for it, because it hurt them as a team, so it’s not like Shiro’s being singled out, here.  I get why Keith did it, and I like it as a character choice, but they’re absolutely justified in being mad at him for it, no matter his reasons.

Besides that, every single member of the team has done the ‘let’s stay here in this obvious trap’ line, because it’s a goddamn kids show.  

But no, Shiro has to be nothing perfectly supportive and never have emotions of his own that disagree with a member of the team.  He’s not a character in his own right with his own sets of issues, he’s just a cheerleader, am I right?

I’m trying not to be bothered by this but

I know some certain underground Reylos who will like stuff but avoid talking about it because they’re afraid of losing mutuals, and who still think R*ysky might be canon and don’t want to start shipping a thing for fear it might be ~INCEST~ and yet I know the second they get positive confirmation in TLJ they’ll hop on the bandwagon and act like they’ve been there all along

and like…I did not sit on the front lines for two years, losing longtime mutuals, having Woke™ seventeen-year-olds hijack my posts with abuse and dogpile me on twitter, so you could rock up when you were certain the coast was clear and be like “oh yeah I ALWAYS KNEW THIS WOULD HAPPEN.”

I had a syndra today who went “good” when I went “fuck” when eve, who i was hovering, was banned. I said “Good, what, syndra?” and they didn’t reply
I’m really bad at p much everyone else in the jg rn so I went WW
She continued to give me grief all game. When I went to do dragon level 4 alone, after scanning it to make sure no one would know, she TPd in and attracted a bunch of enemies and literally said “Are you stupid? I just saved your life you should be grateful and thank me!” As if i would have died to dragon. As Warwick….
Moving on, since she was being so mean and wasn’t near blue, I took it for myself. She pinged missing on me. I went to gank bot and she followed, she or both of us died and she complained “I would have had that if I had blue buff”
At this point i’m super irritated. So I engage and fight an enemy 1v1 knowing shes nearby and would take it from me as she has most of the game, she Q’d for the kill and walked away
“Theres your buff syndra!”
“Um, this is red”
“Oh I’m sorry, I’m colorblind. Being a dog and all :)”

She continued just flaming the entire team and throwing a hissy fit all game and I wanna know what bug crawled up her ass and died so I can give it to my enemies

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I'm dying at that anon demanding to know why you don't think Shiro and Keith are related; fuck this fandom for expecting people to explain and defend why they don't think a *complete product of fanon* is real, instead of expecting people who inexplicably believe it despite no canon evidence to explain why they *do*- but gee, I guess having to spell out 'They're two Asian males who are very close, but no homo' would make it too obvious how much Blahganes is grounded in both racism AND homophobia

yeah. i really hate that we were literally given a friendship that is supportive and loving and healthy and people are so THREATENED by it they insist on turning it into racism or incest or pedophilia or any other vaguely-constructed buzzword argument they can throw around. 

nothing discredits br0ganes faster than those same people thinking Allura and Lance behave like siblings lmao, these people… I worry about whatever kind of relationship they have with their siblings if that’s what they think of as “brotherly behavior”.

So in light of all the crazy shit that happened to Akechi cosplayers at AWA this past weekend, I think it’s about time we all sit down as a fandom and have a serious talk. I’m not here to preach at you or tell you why bullying cosplayers is wrong. This is shit you should already know. What I would like to do is just sort of… raise awareness, I guess; remind everyone that if you see an Akechi cosplayer being harassed, you’re not powerless. You can help. All it takes is one person coming to somebody’s aid to change the outcome of these types of scenarios. Tell the asshole in question to fuck off or, if assault in involved, call the police. Because yes, we’ve gotten to that point in fandom now where legal action can (and should) be taken. Personal feelings about Akechi aside, we’re all human beings and we all love the same thing. This shouldn’t be guerilla-fucking-warfare. It’s a videogame. Goro Akechi’s a fictional character.

Spread this shit like wildfire, guys. Because this isn’t exclusive to this fandom, either. It’s becoming a serious problem.

witch culture is
  • buying too much crystals
  • emoji spells
  • wanting to do cool witchcraft on full moons but forgetting when they are or being too lazy to actually do something
  • same but with sabbaths
  • pringles
  • The Craft (1996)
  • ‘im a curse positive witch let me say fuck’
  • yelling
  • throwing some herbs at boiling water and calling it a potion
  • either you have 473092033 tarot decks or you do your readings in uno cards there is no in between

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So when exactly will bruhganes stans understand that even outside of the show Keith and shiro being related makes 0 sense like i DOUBT that the staff supports incest but yknow go off i guess

remember kl@ntis think the staff are “gross” and “nasty” and “disgusting” anyways. so that probably doesn’t make a difference to them. also this is operating the assumption that the majority of them know how to use basic logic and human decency which is frankly, not a safe assumption to make,