steps NTs think there are to getting chips and salsa from the kitchen

1. get chips and salsa

2. eat it

steps there actually are

1. get up from where you’re sitting

2. put on a robe or something

3. go downstairs to the kitchen

4. get the salsa from the fridge

5. get a clean bowl (hopefully there is one)

6. get a clean spoon (hopefully there is one)

7. have some vague idea about how hungry you are

8. know how much salsa is required for that level of hunger

9. spoon salsa into the bowl

10. do something with the spoon (???)

11. put the salsa in the fridge

12. grab the bag of chips

13. carry the chips and salsa upstairs

14. set them down somewhere

15. sit down

16. eat chips and salsa

Great Scott, Barry! (Chapter 3/9)

“What’s got you so down in the dumps?”

It didn’t matter that you received a free coffee from Jitters this morning. Nor did you care that one of your co-workers brought in donuts for everyone. Or that Scott praised the Galaxy Plunders review you emailed him last night, calling it ingenious, funny, and clever. You were most certainly off your game today and Iris could sense something was up.

“It’s… nothing.”

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