Let’s talk about Tony Wonder and Sally Sitwell

Here are some observations I’ve made about their scene in 4x11.  Who knows if any of them will turn out to be significant.

  1. Sally and Tony have apparently been plotting something that involves Gob. However, Tony’s plan to steal the fakeblock software is new to Sally. This suggests that Sally also has a different scheme involving Gob which we haven’t been told about yet.
  2. At the time of this scene, Tony has already been marketing himself as the “gay magician” for at least five years, and we learn here that Sally stole $100k from Lucille 2 to help Tony re-brand himself. However, Sally has only been Lucille 2’s campaign manager for a few weeks or months; in fact, it’s not clear that Lucille 2 was even running for office five years earlier. Therefore, there’s a good chance that the stolen money wasn’t taken from the campaign fund, but from some other source. 
  3. Additionally, Tony apparently doesn’t know Sally well enough to know that she has alopecia, so I’m skeptical that they’ve been in a relationship for all those years. 

Here’s a transcript of the beginning of that scene for reference:

Narrator: But Tony Wonder had a secret, too.


Tony: We’re on.


Sally: And he definitely thinks you’re gay, right?


Tony: Don’t worry, the only thing I’m better at than (bleep)-ing women is pretending I’m gay. Trust me, I am all man. Give me a little leg shave?


Sally: All right, well, you have to be careful. If Gob finds out you’re straight, he’ll use it to ruin you, and I’ll lose the hundred grand I stole from Lucille Austero to re-brand you as the gay magician.


Narrator: It seemed Sally Sitwell had a secret also.


Tony: I know that. Why are you telling me all this?


Sally: ‘Cause if she finds out, we both go down. And I don’t want to have to sell that closet as a sweat sauna on Craigslist.


Tony: Ow!


Sally: Ooh. Sorry.


Tony: It’s fine. And as long as we’re recapping things that we already know, an inside source tells me he’s my ticket to Internet billions.


Sally: Inside source?


Tony: Oh, I didn’t tell you that?


Sally: No.


Tony: That’s new? It’s “in the bag.”


Food for thought that I hadn’t seen anyone point out before – Sally Sitwell, despite clearly leaving Lindsay only a few minutes earlier with Lucille 2, is part of the crowd of people at the rally sans L2, and can be seen slipping into the crowd as soon as the blowback starts. There’s no real explanation for why she’s there or where she’s going afterwards (though she probably goes there after being chased off by Michael from the stair car?), but it gives her a pretty clear time and place between leaving the stair car and her interview next morning.

I’m sorry, I may or may not be totally engrossed in Lucille 2 theories and never saw anybody point this out before.