"Of course, that little smile she has while Glen is whaling away is a little unnerving. It’s also 100 percent Betty Draper. Everybody has a favorite parent when they’re young. For most, it’s the one that’s the most lenient, that lets you have ice cream for dinner and then says, "Don’t tell Mom." But that usually changes as one grows old enough to see past the Good Cop/Bad Cop routine and starts to realize that the parent you argue with the most is often the one you’re most similar to. Betty’s not exactly a model mother, but it seems that she’s been trying harder than usual lately. Sally has long given her the brunt of her teenage outrage, but seeing her father as he really is has given her new insight into the woman who raised her. It’s nice to see Betty being depicted as something other than a villain or a joke in a fat suit. "My father’s never given me anything," Sally bitterly confesses, as both she and her mother puff on a cigarette, two women disappointed by the same man."

-Entertainment Weekly


Mad Men characters through seasons » Sally Draper

season 1: “Daddy, use the fork!”

season 2: “He left because you’re stupid and mean!”

season 3: “You say things and you don’t mean them. And you can’t just do that! Why are you laughing? I heard you, I heard you laughing. How could you be sitting there like nothing’s happening? Like he’s not gone?“

season 4: “She doesn’t care what the truth is, as long as I do what she says.

season 5: “Dirty.” (after Glen asks how’s the city)

season 6: “My father has never given me anything.