Steam Sale Recommendations

Here are some of my personal favs from the steam sale! I’ll put them in categories of Up to ~5$, up to 10$, and above 10$

Up to ~5$

Single player Don’t Starve (no add-ons) is currently 3.74! I’d buy at least Reign of Giants expansion, but if you’re on the cheap and want a great survival game, you can’t go wrong here. The rest of the prices are here too, if you so like.

Next, we’ve got Transistor! I threw Abzu in there too because it technically goes over 5 dollars, but it’s a steal at 70% off. I haven’t played transistor, but I’m buying it due to copious amounts of good reviews I’ve heard about it from friends and critics alike. Plus, at that price?! 

Psychonauts, an all time classic, coming in at 99 cents. I played this back on the Xbox, but it’s not just my nostalgia telling you it’s a masterpiece. It’s a no brainer. ehehehehehehe

Portal 1 AND 2 over here for hardly over 2 bucks. Can’t go wrong. Instant classics. Fun times to be had. Do it. Do it for me.

This could probably actually go on forever so let’s get going to the higher numbers

Up to ~10$

Starbound is a classic survival/crafting game, and it’s pretty poor-system friendly from what I’ve heard. It’s only 10 dollars now! i’ve sunk 80 hours into this game, and I don’t even *love* it, I just really like it. So I think you’re getting your money’s worth here.

Hollow Knight, my favorite Indie game of this year, so far, over here at hardly 10 bucks. Get it, you won’t regret it. Best metroidvania in years.

Furi is an incredibly difficult but rewarding Hack-n-slash mixed with a Bullet Hell boss rush type game with incredible aesthetics and utterly amazing soundtrack that is slightly diminished by the crippling difficulty that I really didn’t stress enough. Well, it’s not the hardest game ever, but it’s challenging by modern standards. I’ve died on every boss since the second one. I consider myself decent at video games. take that as you will.

My GOTY last year over here for 10 dollars, get that thing in your library right this moment or so help me

Again, could go on for forever, moving to the last tier 

Above 10$

I’m only about 5 hours into Dead Cells and it’s pretty awesome. It’s under serious construction, but it’s pretty creative and has nice graphics (aside from the cringe-inducing 3d modeling on the zombies that makes me think of all those skeleton memes)

All 3 Bioshock games for 15$. That’s a pretty garsh darn great deal, I’d say. I’ve played all 3 over the years and they’re solid for their genre, I can highly recommend this deal! To find it, just go to any of the pages for the Bioshock games (1, 2, or infinite) and you will find this bundle option below the regular one. 

Two of the better recent RPGs over here! Well, once again, this list could go on for way too long, so I implore you to have a fun time searching the store! Happy sales kids

Steam Summer Sale (6/22/2017 - 7/5/2017)

Ready to enjoy your summer with some nice deals? Steam’s annual summer sale is now ongoing until July 5th!

A good chunk of their games in their store can be purchased for a discount, which includes the many visual novels in Steam’s catalog.

Mod Picks:


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PRINT SALE! (update)

For those who don’t know, and my buddy Sincerely Sam are doing an Online Print Sale to help raise money for our so Jasper because he needs surgery. 

 The Print Sale is going wonderfully, thank you all who have ordered some prints. Also thank you all who have donated to our go Fund Me page as well. 

We are pleased to say that thankfully we aren’t going to be closing early like we feared, because going through Etsy is making it so much easier to handle a print Sale. We are also happy to say that there shouldn’t be any delays on shipment! So everything will be sent out by the 21st at the latest! Yay! :D Just as planned!

But for those who don’t know, here’s the Link to the shop!

I only am selling 7 of my prints, but Sam is selling a ton of hers. Be sure to check out her stuff too! Everything is 15, and everything will be shipped out on the 21st at the latest! :D


Sam’s stuff will continue to stay up once the Print Sale ends. However MY stuff is limited time only, and will be taken down as soon as the Print sale is over, which is one the 18th. So if anyone is interested! Get them before they are gone! :D

I’m moving out in 3 days and I have wayy too much stuff to take with me. I have a ton of candles that I made awhile ago and haven’t sold on Etsy yet, and unfortunately I can’t take them with me. I cannot bring myself to throw them away, so I’ve marked them down to $1 for 4 oz candles and $2 for 8 oz candles. If you have the time please check them out or reblog this! Shipping is only $5.50! They are all handmade with 100% soy wax!