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Blinda Nálin by TheBlindNeedle
Dragon Gauntlets, Lizard Wing Shawls, and other goodies.

Please, pass this on. 

I’m offering a 20% discount off for the month of February. 
The Discount code is  20FOLLOWER

Who am I?
I am the guy who makes the pretty crochet things. 
I’m trans, I’m queer… and I’m disabled. 

Being disabled is expensive. 
I’ve got fibro and hypermobility, which means my whole body plays host to horrible physical pain and fatigue literally All The Time, and so I haven’t been able to work a regular job in a very long time. 
I also have chronic depression and anxiety and ADD and shit for an icing on the cake. 

I live in Iceland and I’ve got wonderful friends, family, hubby, etc, and so I have had the luxury of being able to make ends sort of meet. 
Sort of. 

I have gone long periods of not really eating enough to save money. 
All of my conditions are currently going untreated. 
And I need money for new glasses, the dentist, some more socks, you know… other necessities. 

And that’s where this comes in. 

You could get something beautiful, and really help me out in the meanwhile. 
If not for yourself then for a gift. 

And I know, many of you are no better off than I am, but you too can help. 
With reblogs, likes, and even sneaking the link over to your other social media, if you can be arsed, and spreading the word. 

20%, All of February. 
And if you don’t see something you like right now, know that I’ll be crocheting all month. There will be more. 


Happy month of ~LOVE~ darlings!

Normally I’d have a NSFW character-insert sale, but I wanted to tone it down a little this year to have some variety ;D (it’s a teeny bit lewd if you want it to be tho coughcough)

My general commission rules and info apply!  < 
*No real people! 
*humanoids and most furries welcome~!
*Huge size difference might need consultation :c ♥

♥ $30 ♥  Examples of quality are shown above!  
Paypal only~! (And payment asked for up front)

Email me at momodeary@gmail.com! (title it ‘smooch’) ♥

These will be open til the 11th or til I get too many ;u;