Sho’s not so Secret Getaway w/ Nagase Tomoya
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Preview of Arashi’s new PV for Fuukatsu Love guest starring Ikuta Toma…includes some of the members’ solo part. 

Credit:  storia 315 for posting on YT.

Sakurai Sho

Within the Arashi members, who do you wanna be spoilt by?

Somehow this question makes me embarrassed (laughs). Hmm, I guess Ohno san? Ohno san is loved by everyone isnt it. See, Nino is on quite good terms with Ohno san. I would think of wanting him to be just mine, even just for once (laughs). He would only think of me right? If Ohno san can think this way, I think I can be spoilt to my heart’s content. It’s not bad right (laughs)?

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From Oristar’s Oriura:

At the beginning, Matsumoto-kun sat in the middle. Then they went to take the shot where they head towards the stairs. As Matsumoto-kun stood up, while silently monitoring the balance between the five guys, he met Sakurai-kun’s eyes and pulled (Sakurai-kun) to (Matsumoto-kun’s) position so (Sakurai-kun) became the center.

From a fan blog