Sakuraba Haruto

carson-thatcher  asked:

You are definitely a new favorite blog omg. I love Eyeshield 21 and I'm so happy to see there's a blog that has some cute HCs and stuff for the characters ;v; bless!!! **))

THANK YOU! Sorry for not answering asks until the next 5 years BUT hey I warned you in my description.

This wasn’t a request but is says HCs and eyeshield 21 so here we gO.

• Sakuraba loves princess carrying his girlfriend, but he is W H I P P E D if she can carry him. 

• Shin is always assigned a partner when he goes on trips because he can’t carry his own phone. His family breaths a sigh of relief when he gets an s/o because they shove that duty on them. 

• Kurita cries tears of joy every time his partner brings over sweets. Even more tears if they bring him homemade meals. He’s weak for their cooking. 

• Kakei is my husband is one of the best landmarks in crowded areas and he hates it so much because he’s too nice to just move. But if he spots his girlfriend in the crowd he is O U T. He runs to her side, leaving the lost people to their own devices.

• Unsui, my unproblematic fav, blushes whenever he holds his s/o’s hand. Even when they’re married.

• Mamori will never admit, but she’s had a small crush on Suzuna before. Loved her cheerleading outfit.

• Suzuna will admit to liking Mamori, but only if you ask about Mamori specifically. If you’re like “Who do you like?” She’s gonna shrug and be all “Who knows?” But if you ask “Do you have a crush on Mamori?” Then she’s just gonna sip her juice and say “How could anyone not?”

• Taka Honjo? Boy loves the idea of sharing a scarf with his s/o, but he knows he’s too tall, so when his s/o wraps their scarf around the both of them while they sit on the couch all he can do is hide his blushing smile behind the scarf.