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those hcs were so cute ; v ; do you have any for Akaba, Kotarou, Sakuraba and Riku?

Indeed, I do lol :)


Akaba - A relationship with Akaba would require a lot of patients. He  often gets distracted by his music and football, which annoys his partner greatly, but that never stops them from dragging him out on dates or hold his hand when they walk side by side.

A bad habit Akaba has, is writing sappy love songs for his partner and performing them in public, embarrassing them greatly. Though it is cute and really appreciated that he would take the time to do something like that, they just wished he could wait till they were alone, in private, where no one else could hear.

Akaba tends to be a little forgetful about things, but he never forgets what’s important to his partner.

The two of them have a happy relationship and never really argue with one another and when they do its usually about his inability to spend more time with his partner due to being on the football team.

Kotaro - Just like with Akaba patients is the key. Kotaro gets enthusiastic about little things when it involves his partner, but its cute. His partner would have to enjoy his energy and spontaneous behaviour for their relationship to work.

Kotaro isn’t the brightest when it comes to being in a relationship and will often say things that would upset his partner and half the time he wouldn’t even know what it was he said to get them upset. Of course, he always apologizes in the end.

He loves to hold his partner from behind and pull them in close to feel their warmth against him and buries his face in either their neck or hair. He loves showing affection in public. To him it’s like telling everyone that his partner belongs to him and he belongs to them.

Sakuraba - His relationship with his partner is pretty much a secret. No one would know about them and although they may not like it, it’s better that way so his partner doesn’t have to face the jealous attacks of his fan base.

Sakuraba likes to buy gifts for his partner any chance he can, even though they insist he doesn’t have to, he replies that he wants to.

The only time they have together is when they spend time at each others house away from everyone. Added with the endless hours they spend talking about nothing on the phone until the late hours of the night. It’s all they have for the time being.

His partner is present at all the Oujou games to support him, but when the match is over they leave. They both know that keeping their relationship secret is idiotic but necessary. The only person who knows about it is Takami, who happened to stumble upon the two of them, but he promised to keep it to himself.

Eventually Sakuraba would get tired of hiding wishing to hold his partner’s hand or kiss them when they are out together.

Riku - He’s a bit possessive with his partner and gets jealous easily. He hides it from them, but his partner would figure it out and use that to their advantage.

Riku doesn’t like when they openly flirt with others just to cause his possessive nature to come forth. He’d pull his partner away from everyone and  pull them into a heated kiss trying to prove a point.

His partner would never want anyone else but him, they just like when he’s a little bit forceful with them.

When out together, Riku rarely lets them out of his sight and holds them close to him for as long as possible. He knows what they do is all innocent fun, but he can’t help but get jealous when their attention is everywhere but at him.

Their relationship is a constant back and forth to see who can break who first. Usually, Riku is always the who loses. Other than their playful bickering they are actually a happy couple.

Occasionally Riku would give his partner flowers which they like to tease him for but accept gratefully. He would blush and tells them that if they are going to act like a child about it, then this would be the last time he does this. It never is.

He likes when his partner rests their head on his shoulder as he puts an arm around their waist pulling them closer. Their relationship seems more like a game than anything but they really wouldn’t have it any other way.

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