It’s been SO long since I’ve touched my tablet for more than an hour. maybe over a year. Full time jobs just drain the energy right out of you, especially when you’re sitting at the computer all day and don’t feel like doing it again when you get home.

Anyways, drew Sakura for practice because she’s been my favorite anime/manga character since junior high. Naruto was the first anime I have ever seen (12 years ago now? crazy!), and I guess some characters just stick with you even when you’ve read hundreds of other stories. 

Now all that’s left to do is wait for Gaiden and hope hope hope that maybe they can finally show her as the strong, intelligent, loving character that she is. 

Sasuke Away

Yes I understand that Sasuke has been away from Sakura and Sarada but he was protecting the village that his daughter and wife live in.

A soldier leaves for a long time…for what?

To protect where they come from and the people who live in it.

Sasuke went for a long time to protect his home village and the two precious people in his life who are named Sakura and Sarada.