Cheer Up Post #4918 - Hanami Edition

the-evil-twin would like a post featuring the Japanese custom of enjoying cherry blossom (sakura) trees, usually with friends/family. Here you go!

Nature/Animals Masterpost

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Sakura Matsuri Cosplay

So it’s May now and I have been seriously slacking when it comes to uploading photos. I go somewhere, I take a whole bunch of really good photos, and then nothing. They sit there collecting virtual dust on my hard drive until they become irrelevant. Well better late than never.

Towards the end of last month I went to the Sakura Matsuri festival at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. A two day celebration of cherry blossoms and Japanese culture, the Sakura Matsuri is best described as an outdoor anime con. And that means Cosplayers.

I have no idea who any of these people are except for the last one. That’s @tenshimaidfuyutoki​. She’s a friend of a friend of a friend.