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Omg this new human au is great, please keep up the good work! Speaking of the human au, can I get a thing (headcannon or scenario you choose) of where the s and m boys finally break and fall in love with reader vampire, please? Like as in how would they react to getting bit after they've fallen in love kind of thing, please and thank you very much.

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-He becomes much more responsive after he’s finally fallen for you, his facade of lethargy finally starting to fall apart. When you bite him, he very nearly whimpers, unable to hold together his attempts at being unaffected any longer when you’re doing something as close as biting him.


-His pride protests any kind of reaction to what you do, but by the time he has feelings for you, there’s little he can do about it. He winds up gasping and clawing at your shoulders, no longer able to keep his dignity in one piece so ong as you keep doing things like this to him. 


-He absolutely hates the idea of letting you see how weak you make him, but when your fangs sink in, it’s hard to do anything but whine and whimper and hope he doesn’t look too pathetic. The worst part of it all is how much he’s starting to enjoy being pushed around by a creatures like you. 


-He’s as pliant as a doll from the moment he realizes he can do nothing to fight back, and when he finally falls in love with you, it just gets worse. He won’t dare to resist you in any way, going totally limp any time you so much as hint that you want to bite him, practically crying when your fangs get too close. 


-He’s proclaimed his enjoyment of your bites from the very beginning, and once he’s in love with you for real, he gets loud, practically moaning every time you bite him, grasping at your clothes and turning into the picture of desperate. At least superficially, he’s very willing to admit his feelings. 


-He couldn’t be more embarrassed by how you affect him. Every little noise that slips out when you bite him makes him want to hide forever, and his enjoyment of the cruel treatment is even worse. He goes shockingly soft under your fangs, aggressive behavior falling away in an instant. 


-His pride can’t stand that he’s falling in love with something like you, especially when he starts to react. He can’t hide what your bites do to him for long, no matter how much he hates it, and winds up collapsing and clinging to your shoulders every time, even though he hates himself for it all. 


-It’s very difficult for him to come to terms with enjoying being pushed around, but when he finally does, it’s like a switch getting flipped. He goes from resisting to perfectly compliant in a day, suddenly aware that there’s nothing he can do but accept what you want to do to him. 


-He does his best to remain unaffected, but once he’s fallen for you, things get very difficult. It becomes impossible for him to hide how you affect him, how he falls apart under your fangs, and by the time he’s hiding whimpers when you bite him, it’s all too obvious that he’s lost the battle of pride. 


-He gets clingier than ever once he realizes that he loves you, practically begging for more bites and punishment. He’ll happily take every bite, making soft little noises and trying to cling to you every time you get too close. It’s the first of this sort of affection he’s ever received. 

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How would the T, S, and M brothers react to their S/O is addicted to Roblox. (Insert Rblx Death Noise)

Shu: *glad s/o isn’t bothering him*

Reiji: *hates the game, but as long as s/o doesn’t annoy him, he doesn’t care.

Laito: Love meeeee

Kanato: LOVE MEH.


Subaru: alright then….. *walks away*

Ruki: (same as Reiji)

Kou: *cuddles s/o while they play*

Yuma: *pays with them*

Azusa: (same as Kou)

Shin: (same as Kou)

Carla: *gives no fucks*


It’s still April 1st where I live, so I decided to translate some of my favorite series from the April Fools Day Rejet Friends~ Please excuse my poor editing skills lmfao

Edited/Translated: noirliesl

**Please do not repost my translations anywhere**

Diabolik Lovers: Cuddles

Words: 718

Anime: Diabolik Lovers

Character(s): Sakamaki Brothers

Disclaimer: Gifs are not mine!!

Shu- The King of Laziness would want as little movement as possible when he had you in his arms. The two of you would often face each other, your noses and lips nearly touching, his hand in your hair. He would leave you enough room to move your arms which you took great advantage of. Your hand would find its way upward to trace the outline of his face. He would watch you with a small smile as you did so, or if he was particularly tired, he would hum as he relaxed into your touch. Sometimes though, you would share hushed words whether they be loving or dirty is up to the both of you.

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all the boys reaction to seeing their s/o wearing nothing but one of their shirts

Another good one please enjoy, and thanks for the ask^^

Shu: Flipped his switch is what you did. You look adorable in his shirt that is oversized for you. He’ll laugh at your appearance before telling you to lay on top of him. Maybe some butt grabs here and there. Needless to say you both didn’t get much sleep.

Reiji: He definitely won’t say it out loud but you do look good in his shirt. Your bare legs especially. Will tell you that you’re trying to temp him with your attire. “It seems you’re trying to temp me.” Something like that. In the end you will leave his room with bite marks mostly on your legs…you brought this upon yourself

Ayato: Won’t even hesitate to say how hot you look. He’s very open with how he wants to touch you apparently. Will ask you to wear that all around the house. Ayato will definitely start buying you oversized shirts now. But first he needs to get you out of the one you’re wearing

Kanato: What are you doing with one of his shirts! Won’t admit it but you do look cute. His clothes do suite you well. Kanato will tell you to take it off trying his best not to lose it. Will probably make an excuse just to bite you, but still refuses to say how he feels.

Laito: If you managed to talk to him with that still on I applaud you. He adores the way his shirt fits you. Laito went as far as putting his fedora on your head. Prepare for wandering hands and lewd remarks. He just can’t stand how cute you look.

Subaru: Where are your clothes! Don’t wear his things like that. Embarrassed to say how he feels, or rather he’s not sure how to say it. Wants to hold you while your dressed like that. In the end he will end up telling you that you actually look okay in his cloths before throwing your own cloths at you.

Mukami Brothers

Ruki: Who told you you could wear my stuff anyway? Acts like he doesn’t appreciate it, but he loves your legs being put in the open. Will drop things on purpose and ask you to bend down and get it for him just so he can see your butt. You won’t leave the room unscathed. He feels you need to be punished for walking around like that, so be a good girl and bend over.

Yuma: Yes, you look amazing. You should wear his stuff all the time. Your skin exposed like that is very pleasing to the eye. Although he does like it when you wear tight clothing loose clothing looks just as good. You’ve awakened the beast so prepare yourself.

Kou: You look so adorable. Kou will take a bunch of pictures. Wants to see you wear thigh high stockings with his shirt. Likes the fact that you like the way his shirt smells. Lots of hugs and kisses and of course som-[censored]

Azusa: Azusa can’t contain how happy he is. Compliment after compliment. Wants to suck blood from your exposed lower body. He will ask if anyone around the house has seen you like that, and depending on your answer your night will end wonderfully.


The boys for @tenshixkyuketsuki