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Scenario: afterglow with the brothers Sakamaki and mukami

Shu: You cuddled up next to him, his one arm laying upon you, pulling you closer, your head resting on his chest. Still exhausted, the both of you calmed down, your breathing slowly getting steady again. You placed butterfly kisses on his bare chest, in return he ran his finger through your hair. Before he falls asleep though, he kisses you goodnight, drifting off to sleep right after it. 

Reiji: You were laying on your belly, he right next to you. You cloed you eyes, your racing heart slowly calming down as he placed soft kisses on your neck. As the both of you got sleepy, you turned on your sides, he hugging you from behind, pulling your back close to his body. “Sleep well”, he chuckles. 

Laito: Still panting he kissed you deeply, pulling you close. The both of you lay in bed, holding each other. You looked up from time to time, the two of you giving each other some kisses from time to time. “Bitch-chan…”, he whispered. “I really do love you..~” Blushing you hugged him even tighter. 

Kanato: Exhausted he snuggles up to you hugging you tightly. “___-chan..I’m tired”, he says. Smiling you put your arms around him, giving him a peck on his lips. He blushes, but doesn’t mind. Instead, he wants you to give him more kisses, until he wants to sleep. 

Ayato: His breathing still a bit heavy he gives you a kiss before resting his head on your chest. “Chichinashi’s boobs are so soft”, he yawns. He closes his eyes, his thumb running over the back of your hand. The sound of your beating heart and your steady breathing makes him sleepy. As you hear him, his even breath telling that he’s asleep you follow soon after him.  

Subaru: He pulled you close to his chest, kissing the top of your head gently. You yawn as he strokes your back lightly, your hands trapped between both of your bodies. Not able to keep your eyes open anymore you give him a soft kiss on his jawline, falling asleep after it. “I love you..”, you mumble. He is quiet, but soon gets back to his senses, a fade smile appearing on his lips. I love you too, he answers inside his head. 

Ruki: He held you close, kissing your head and neck from time to time, whispering ‘i love you’s into your ear. Relaxed by the sweet sensation he gives you, you finally turn around to face him, falling asleep right after it. He put his arms around you, feeling the heat of your body. He will stay awake a bit, watching you sleep with a soft smile on his lips, but soon fall asleep afterwards.

Kou: “Neko-chan~”, he whispers, covering your face with kisses. He snuggles up from behind, his one arm around you, ensuring that you will stay close to him. “Neko-chan, I’m tired, let’s go to sleep, kay?~”, he asks yawning, grabs your hand, your fingers interwining. The both of you close your eyes, falling asleep instantly.

Yuma: He was laying on his back, you on top of him. Your head rested on his chest, there was no heartbeat, but still you felt the life within him. He played with your hair as you were to fall asleep. You suddenly felt one arm laying around your warm body. “Goodnight”, he chuckled lightly. 

Azusa: Still panting he pulled you closer, giving you a peck on your lips. “___…”, he mumbled your name, moving forward, his forhead touching yours. He was tired but couldn’t stop looking into your eyes. After a while he watched you drifting off to sleep. He smiles and follows you soon. 

Reiji - Ecstasy 01

Reiji: ……kh…… What on earth are you thinking this place is?

Yui: Oh, isn’t that Reiji. You finally came, huh.

Reiji: Do not say “You finally came.” I would like you to answer my question.

Yui: Nfu. If you ask me what this place is, I’ll have trouble answering. I don’t know the places in this school well, you know.

Yui: (Didn’t I tell you to not come here?! This is Reiji-san’s science room……)

Yui: – Ahh, annoying. The girl inside of me yelling is awful. Please do something about that.

Reiji: That is to be expected, since she knows the importance of this room.

Reiji: Also, do not take out teacups as you please to enjoy the tea.

Reiji: If I had to say what I would like you to do, it would be stopping these actions.

Yui: Nfu. It’s because you have a very nice teaset. The tea leaves aren’t bad, either. That way, there’s only one thing to do, right?

Yui: Ahh, I wonder how many years it’s been since I had tea passing through my throat and enjoyed that feeling.

Reiji: Are you listening to what I’m saying?

Yui: I am listening. You don’t want me to drink tea here, right?

Reiji: Exactly, I do not want you to. My research findings and important collection are lined up here.

Reiji: I also do not want you to accidentally take something in.

Reiji: Furthermore, the cup you have in your hands is something especially rare, even for my collection.

Reiji: I would like you to stop touching it without permission.

Yui: – Hmm. In other words, you are worried that this body might accidentally drink a bad poison from your hobby, aren’t you?

Yui: Actually, you don’t care if this tea set breaks.
Am I wrong?

Reiji: kh……

Yui: Nfu. You’re lovely. For Beatrix’s son, you are a really promising child.

Yui: (Reiji-san……!)

1. Thank you!
2. Hurry up and help me!

[If “Thank you”]

Yui: (……Thank you!)

Yui: I don’t like that. This girl is telling you “thank you”.

Reiji: kh……I…… Not really. I simply did not want her to waste my medicines.

Reiji: I did not worry about you.

Yui: Hmph. Be more honest.

Yui: (I wanted to say it with my own mouth……)

[If “Hurry up and help me!”]

Yui: (Rather than being worried, hurry up and help me! Reiji-san)

Yui: Oh no. This girl is telling you to hurry up and help her.

Reiji: ……Why is it that I have to help you?

Reiji: Please tell her that my interests do not correspond with that.

Yui: – That’s what he said.

Yui: (……kh…… I guess I was a bit too self-centered……)


Reiji: Anyway, I would like you to leave this place at once. I am busy.

Yui: But I’m not busy. I’ve got time. Keep me company with some tea, too.

Reiji: I refuse.

Yui: Hmmm. You’ve only been saying annoying things since before.
All right.

Yui: In this case, I will make sure you don’t forget the positions of you and me.

Yui: (Eh……!?)

*cup shattering*

Reiji: kh……!!

Yui: (That’s Reiji-san’s cherished cup!! You broke it! Th-That’s awful……)

Yui: Nfu. How is that?

Reiji: How?   Is that your way of teaching the difference between our positions?

Yui: Exactly. I’m doing what I wanted to do. That’s how it is, how it always is.

Yui: As I said, you don’t know what I’ll do on a whim. For example this……

*she takes a shard*

Yui: I might hurt this girl’s body with the shards.

Yui: (Wh-What are you doing!! Stop……!)

Reiji: kh……!!

Yui: Look, I made a small wound on her wrist…… If I put in a little more strength, there’ll be blood coming out, huh?

Reiji: – Stop!

Yui: Nfu. Is that how you behave when making a request to your superior?

Reiji: kh…… Please stop this. Cordelia-sama……

Yui: That’s right. Kneel. Lower your head before me.

Reiji: kh……

Yui: (Reiji-san…… Why are you going that far for my body……?)

Yui: –Nfu. That’s a good question. The girl inside of me asks “Why are you that worried about my body?”.

Reiji: ……That’s…… That is because that body belongs to me.

Reiji: I may do with that body as I please, but…… I will not allow you to do what you want.

Reiji: That is all there is to it.

Yui: I see. Nfu, I understood it well. Is that enough, little lady inside of me?

Yui: (Reiji-san……)

Reiji: Well, let us continue drinking tea. I will pour in, Cordelia.

Yui: Oh, what a twist of fate is this? Although before, you were telling me to leave immediately.

Reiji: Hehe, I have changed my mind.

Reiji: As I am doing this…… I thought to invite you to my special blend of tea.

Yui: ……Nfu, I see.

Reiji: What do you see?

Yui: Your idea is to experiment on me. I guess that is alright, I’ll accept.

Reiji: – Well, there you are.

Yui: Thank you…… Mhh…… Haa, what a nice taste.

Yui: This might be some magic tea really inviting my death, huh?

Reiji: Well……

Yui: – When talking about us vampires, it’s said that death is the start of festivities, isn’t it?

Yui: Even while we are scared of it, we are always longing for that moment.

Yui: Eternally wandering the darkness of the night, is a luxury for strong people.

Yui: Karl-Heinz, too…… He always wanted to die.

Yui: Even giving you this girl…… Karl did it with that purpose.

Reiji: The change of generation surely is achieved by more than killing the current head of the family–.

Reiji: I see. That was father’s true intention, wasn’t it?

Yui: – Karl has always wanted to die. But, if the partner killing you is not the one you chose yourself……

Yui: Because… That person is… stronger…… than anyone…… Right…… My…… Karl……

Reiji: Good night, Cordelia. Have nice dreams.

Yui: “Reiji-san!?”

Reiji: I’m finally able to see you.

Yui: “What is this? I can’t move my body…… But my voice……”

Reiji: Yes. You can’t do more than simply utilize an opening in your now sleeping body.

Reiji: It is obvious that you can’t move your body.

Yui: “Reiji-san! I…… How can I be freed from this situation?”

Reiji: I can’t say anything but “there is no way”.

Yui: “That……!”

Reiji: Just wait a little while. I have an idea.

Yui: “kh…… If she treats my body as she likes in the meantime…… I feel like I would disappear……”

Reiji: Are you scared?

Yui: “Yes…… Right now, I’m really scared. Although we’re able to talk like this, I can’t even move a finger……”

Reiji: Please calm down. There definitely is a way, so……

Yui: (Reiji-san……?  Reiji-san is coming closer to me while I’m lying on the floor. What?)

Reiji: …… *kiss*……

Yui: (Our lips…… Are touching……? Is that… A kiss……?)

Reiji: – This is a promise, Yui. I will definitely free you.

Reiji: Because your body belongs to me…… Of course your life, too.

Reiji: Without a doubt, I will kill you with these hands. Yes, definitely.

Yui: (Can I believe that? I…… He says that he’ll free me from this reality that seems like a nightmare……)

Yui: (No, I believe it. Reiji-san…… You will definitely save me)

Sorry that it took a bit longer than before. School has started again, so I don’t have as much time for translating as before.

On another note… At the point where Cordelia tells Reiji to be more honest, it took me a while to realize that “onarinasai” was just being a more polite form of “naru”, so I was looking for the word “onaru”. Well, had I used the translation for that, the sentence would’ve been “Masturbate obediently.” … Honestly, I’d have loved to see Reiji’s reaction to THAT.

Also, I it’s still confusing me how quickly this scene went from rather sweet to scary at the end. Like, what? D:

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The Sakamaki´s and Mukami´s reacting to Kou´s Cucumber Confession B)

(gonna answer this as long as it’s still a recent topic in the fandom! also, to the person who wrote the confession: pls say hi to satan from me)

Shu: First annoyed, his expression slowly changes, his eyes widen in confusion. “What is wrong with people…” (he quickly goes back to sleep, trying to forget the sin he just read)

Reiji: “WHAT KIND OF INDECENT FANATSY IS THIS?”, he asks, his eyes widen in shock. (he immediately takes a bath to clean his body from the dirt that now lays upon him)

Laito: “Fufu, Bitch-chan, you like these kind of things?~”, he chuckles. You deny, but he just shakes his head, not believing you. “I know how perverted you really are. But I wouldn’t put a cucumber in there, nfu, too risky~” (right, just dONT DO IT)

Kanato: He’s speechless and looks at you full of anger. “WHY DID YOU MAKE ME READ THIS? PERVERTED GIRL, DO YOU LIKE THESE THINGS? DISGUSTING!” (hes heading to the bathroom to wash his eyeballs, he’ll never forget what he just read)

Ayato: “The fuck… Mukamis..too?…Why tho..???” (Yes, why wasn’t it Ayato recording it and getting the credit and fame on youtube afterwards, wHY)

Subaru: He stares at the screen of your Laptop, not knowing what to say. But instead of an outburst he is quiet, screaming innerly. “Turn it off”, he whispers. “Just..t-turn it off..”

Ruki: He tries really hard not to burst out swearing, instead, he just hides his face in his hands and sighs. “Where did you find that?” You answer as he suddenly looks up to you, dead serious. “Dirtydiabolikloversconfessions?” (he is actually more shocked about the blog itself than the confession)

Kou: He furrows his brows at first, but after a while giggles, stands up and leaves the room. “Those crazy fangirls..”, you hear him sigh as he walks through the hallway. (just the normal everyday life of an idol)

Yuma: “Wha-WHAT?” He is shocked, not knowing what is worse, Kou using the cucumber, or them recording it all. “I HOPE HE DIDN’T USE ONE OF THE CUCUMBERS FROM MY GARDEN, DAMMIT!!”

Azusa: “I…”, he starts, not sure what he could say. “I..for sure..wouldn’…”