He sido para muchos una cobarde.
Para otros tantos
una valiente.
Para unos cuantos
una roca.
Para unos pocos
una loca.
Para ti, he sido una puta.
Un mírame y hártame de tocarme,
un ven
y un “te quiero”
pero fuera de mi vida.
He sido insaciable,
y un paso de peatones 
en el que no dejas de pisarme.
He sido una persona
y ahora soy sólo gente.
Hablar contigo es esperar en la cola del rencor,
te has envenenando de dolor, corazón.
Siento sentir tanto amor y que no sea hacia tu tristeza
pero a veces
la vida ha sido una puta,
y no tuve más remedio
que aprender de ella.  

It’s been forever since my last monumental post and I apology for that. You know, my recently purchased digital camera’s flash started acting up 2 weeks ago. It would function normally sometimes but when you really needed it, it wouldn’t. I don’t usually use flash because I want to get the natural light. But of course, when going out partying, it’s usually dark. So how can I not use a flash, right?

One time when my family attended a family gathering, which was held in a dimly lit room, I tried to put my flash on. It went well on first few pictures but started acting up in the middle. I was so pissed ‘cos I remember when I bought it, it wasn’t sealed. I asked why and the lady said “Of course, so we can check if the gadget’s inside.” So fine. I let it go. Then after a month, I’d experience this? Arghh. So I planned to go to a service center.

Googled and learned it was just along Pasong Tamo. But when I drove in, the service center already transferred to Paseo de Magallanes along SLEX. After few minutes of checking up my unit, they said that there’s a little crack on my flash. And I needed to leave it for repair that would probably take for at least 2 weeks. I asked if it wasn’t a factory defect. They said it was not (I seriously still think that it was, though) but they were willing to charge it off for free. Buti na lang noh! 'Cos I would have gone hysterical there. LOL.

Consequently, I only have my BlackBerry for on the spot captures. My DSLR is still resting at home. Note to self: Use tonight. Baka magtampo. Hehe. Now, please take a moment of silence to pray for my digital camera that’s still in Intensive Care Unit as of the moment. Thank you. :)


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