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I have an urgent question. On the subject of Ruth and Naomi, were they truly lovers or just friends? Was it ethical, seeing as they were mother-in-law and daughter-in-law? I ask the same thing of Johnathan and David. Was Jesus truly accepting of people of other sexual orientations. Sorry, it's been bothering me as I tend to over-analyze things to a harmful degree. I'm currently undergoing severe anxiety trying to figure all of this out.

Hi there, dear. In these matters, it is impossible to know anything for sure – they didn’t have words like ‘gay’ or ‘bi’ back then, after all, and not much cultural context for understanding the concept of a romantic relationship. But for Jonathan and David especially I am convinced that the two of them were not platonic alone – they loved each other romantically and/or sexually. I have a feeling the same goes for Ruth and Naomi. 

(I actually have an icon of David and Jonathan on my fridge, by the way, along with lots of other LGBT+ Saints. I wish I had one of Ruth and Naomi!!)

See this post for a bit on both David and Jonathon and Ruth and Naomi. 

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See this article on Ruth and Naomi; and definitely see our Ruth tag!  

As to Jesus accepting people of various sexual orientations – I believe with all my heart that Jesus does. In fact, I definitely don’t think Jesus was/is “straight” – I could see him being asexual, possibly. Others see Jesus’s “Beloved disciple” as being his lover – see this article and this article. Oh, and we also have a tag for the beloved disciple

The issue with looking to the Bible to see if Jesus accepted people of various sexualities is that the concept of sexual orientation is very new and did not exist in his day. But he does express his love for people – all people – in no uncertain terms.

You might also be interested in some people’s interpretation of the story of Jesus healing the centurion’s boy – see a post on that here, or an article here

I wish I had time to say more, hopefully the links help! If anyone wants to add, please do.


The Saint Seiya Illustration project is finished \(;u;)/

It was a lot of screaming and crying and too many roses/backgrounds in general. Everyone who follows me on Twitter has seen my suffering during that time xD I’m happy and sad that this project is now finished. There were a lot of unfinished doodles of other characters as well but for some reasons I couldn’t finish them. Forgive me haha 

Anyway, the suffering is over. I’m never going to draw roses again and I still hate backgrounds more than anything else.

#DMPetersburg (25.04.2017) Room 483

- One question was about musical production, and Tom said that he’s still learning about it and that the most important things are bass line and drums! Vocals are the last thing to edit usually…
- one question was about how Something New got to be a song after being in the bike episode of THTV and Bill said that Tom wrote it like a movie score and kept it just like a soundtrack for a very long time..then many people kept telling them it was great and they should work on it and so they did! That’s how Something New was born, also Bill wanted to create a song with a very high pitched vocal and that’s what he did for Something New
- a question was about how similar or different are the twins and in what they look like each other. They said that they have the same German traits when it comes to organisations, punctuality and work-stuff. Bill also added that they are very similar in almost everything except in how they behave in a relationship. 
- Bill said he was in bed drinking tea and playing with snapchat until the last minute
- Bill said that once he jumped out of plane with parachute and that it was the best thing ever, he would love to do it again. Then he jokingly said that he should do it with Georg next time (because Georg is afraid)
- Bill said they’ll release new tour dates in a while+they did many Russian shows so maybe they won’t come soon
- Bill also said they have two music videos to shoot
- Bill said that they’ll soon add more tour dates and they’ll go to a lot of places. it will last until january or february