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☀ his christopher necklace mY HEART-

 THE MOMENT SILVER CHAIN  is draped over his head  &  thin pendant falls over his chest,  georgie looks  surprised.  small digits hold it up to his eyes,  that he might look at the words, his fingers feeling the bumps and grooves on the well - loved piece of  jewelry.   SAINT CHRISTOPHER,  PROTECT US,  it read  - not that georgie could tell.  (  georgie could most certainly use the protection, the lucky charm. ) however,  brown eyes looked distant & expression grew contemplative for a moment as he realized   -  dally wore this all the time, didn’t he?  and he was giving it to him?

“dally, i can’t take this - this is your necklace.” georgie protests lightly,  looking up at the other with sad eyes.  “dally,  are you going away? is that why you want me to have it? - i don’t want you to go.” fingers are already wrapped ‘round the chain once more ; he’s ducking his head, in the process of removing it, that he might give it back.  “keep it, dally -  don’t go.” 

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