I love this scene for a lot of reasons:

1) Chibiusa is bored and already knows this story likely because her mother read it to her a million times. Even when she’s queen of the world Usagi STILL loves the story of Sleeping Beauty.

2) Usagi is reading Chibiusa a bedtime story and letting her sleep in her bed and that is just the most endearing thing. 

3) There’s a reason why Usagi loves this story. It’s kind of her story, only in reverse. Mamoru was Sleeping Beauty and she was the Prince. Back when she first awakened as Princess she woke him up miraculously. And then there was also the almost kiss in episode 46. Which just recently made me wonder– if she had kissed him, would he have woken up? Would the power of the Silver Crystal then have been used up reviving him again, rather than sealing the evil of Queen Metalia? And the reason why she decides she can’t kiss him and find happiness by herself is because of that? 

4) It’s foreshadowing not just to what happens later in the episode but to the fate of Neo Queen Serenity, who is once again basically in the position of Sleeping Beauty. (actually, the crystal encasing her is more reminiscent of Snow White but that’s pretty much just a variation of Sleeping Beauty so)


Have We Been Spoiled by QUALITY ANIME?!

New video for those who happen to give a f*ck 

NOSTALGIA We’re back in the 90s and early 2000s it seems with the return of Dragon Ball Super, Sailor Moon Crystal, Yugioh and Digimon Tri. But with new Amazing shows like One punch man, the Ippo continuation and Hunter X Hunter are these old dogs coming with some new tricks or being left behind. I discuss that today! 


times square 時代廣場 + sasa shopping haul 🍫💄

Mythology in Sailor Moon: Endymion and Adonis

I thought it might be fun to start off learning about some of the mythological references we can see from the male characters in Sailor Moon. Endymion is a pretty good place to start. 

In Greek mythology, Endymion was the lover of Selene, the goddess of the moon. I think you can already see where his character comes from in Sailor Moon. 

There are many different versions of the story but essentially what happens is that Selene falls in love with the human Endymion. She wishes for him to have eternal youth so that he will never leave her. Zeus grants this wish by placing him in an eternal slumber.

I think it’s interesting to recall that Mamoru falls into several different  seemingly “eternal slumbers” throughout the series. First being his apparent death which led to Usagi’s awakening as the Princess. There she uses the power of the Silver Crystal to revive him– essentially making use of the moon goddess’ abilities to keep him alive so that he would remain with her.

Then we see after this that Mamoru is put into a deep sleep by Queen Beryl as he is fed the dark energy from Queen Metalia. Queen Beryl even comes to him while he is resting, caressing his face and speaking about how she seeks to make him hers. 

I think it’s also worth pointing out that eventually the power of the Silver Crystal does grant Mamoru eternal youth– we see that in the 30th Century where the Crystal’s powers have halted everyone’s aging. So in the Sailor Moon-verse, the moon goddess seems to have found a way to remain forever with the man she has fallen in love with, without him falling into an eternal slumber!

Moving on to Adonis. Adonis is the past identity of Kaitou Ace, a love interest of Minako in Codename: Sailor V. His entire backstory is heavily based upon mythology. 

In Greek mythology, Adonis was sheltered by Aphrodite (Venus’ Greek counterpart) when he was a baby, and then given to Persephone to take care of him. Eventually, Aphrodite fell in love with Adonis, but Persephone refused to return him to her, having fallen in love with him herself. Zeus resolved the dispute by deciding that he would remain with each goddess for one third of the year, and for the last third he could choose for himself. Adonis chose to stay with Aphrodite for that third of the year.

The fact that he describes himself as the love she could never find seems to recall this story, as if somehow he was being kept from Venus just like in the myth. 

Eventually in the myth, Adonis is killed by a wild boar sent by Artemis, the goddess of the moon. This also seems to reflect Sailor Moon in some ways. Although Kaitou Ace’s death is not a direct result of Sailor Moon’s actions, it is because Minako comes to realize that her loyalties are to her Princess and not to Ace that he meets his end. 

Honestly I don’t undestand some people in this fandom sometimes.

They don’t like (hate) that Seiya flirts a bit with Usagi

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making jokes like:

Seiya: “Do you want to break-up with me?”
Usagi: “I’m not dating you!”

and teasing her like

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and being “pushy”.

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But how could he/she? Usagi said several times that she has a boyfriend!!! A boyfriend who is on the other end of the world and doesn’t answer her letters since the day he departed. Yeah, shame on you Seiya how could you care so much! Your impression is that Mamoru just left and forget Usagi (which is totally comprehensible when you look at the situation from the outside).

“Don’t make her so sad.” He/she doesn’t force Usagi to anything and was there for her even as he/she know Usagi doesn’t love her back, Seiya would die for Usagi.

The same goes for Haruka.

She flirts/teases

and she is confusing her (the kiss in the Manga).

Usagi chased Haruka. Haruka didn’t expect Usagi to catch up. She told Usagi that fighting each other would be dangerous and kissed her. In Usagi’s confusion she finally could escaped. Haruka simply didn’t want to fight.

But again HOW COULD SHE? She is in a relationship with Michiru!!! They trust each other so much that whenever Michiru or Haruka flirts with someone they don’t mind.  

What most people seem to ignore is that:

Usagi running after Motoki,

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Tuxedo Mask

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and Haruka literally (along with Minako).

and that is okay, huh? She has two crushes at the same time (Motoki and Tuxedo Mask) and stalking Haruka together with Minako altough she has a boyfriend. Usagi never thought this whole time about Mamoru until Minako reminded her that she has a boyfriend and can go.

But Usagi is “curous about the handsome guy” and stays. Minako asks Michiru if she’s Haruka’s lover which she denied. Both Minako and Usagi are very happy. And Usagi has to be reminded of Mamoru AGAIN.

No, nobody is perfect. And that’s okay. But what’s most important:

Sailor Moon is only fictive. The characters are not real neither is the story. So please, calm down and don’t take everything as if it would happen to you personal. Thank you in advance!

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Which Sailor Moon Drops Characters Should You Use?

With 30+ characters available in Sailor Moon Drops (so far!), one of the trickier things about the game is figuring out which characters to level up & use in the various levels. People tend to focus on their faves for lack of a better option, which sometimes doesn’t work too well (looking at you, Chibiusa, Chef Mako and Venus).

The main objective of this post will be to list the characters that I have found (through LOTS AND LOTS of gameplay) to be the most effective. It will be continuously updated to include new characters as they become available.

Your Mileage May Vary, of course…


  • ✝ = This character is unlocked on the main storyline map. You should prioritize maxing out these characters to Level 5 first, as you will have to use them in side levels.
  • ♦ = This character is unlocked in a limited-time event.
  • ♪ = When this character’s level is maxed out, the Heart Gem Gauge just charges more quickly rather than their Special Move being improved.
  • ¤ = The animation for their Special Move is the same at Level 2 & Level 5.
  • ♥ = This character’s Special Move also clears/destroys cages, barriers, plates, etc.

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Sailor Moon Trivia: The Sailor Moon Sex Myth (Debunked)

Perhaps among the most pervasive rumours of Sailor Moon discussion is this scene that takes place in the Black Moon arc in which Mamoru and Usagi kiss (image one) followed by a cut to a scene where Minako is with the cats.

Some have taken this to mean that Mamoru and Usagi have had sex and Usagi is no longer a virgin from this point on. 

This scene is actually rather ambiguous, but this later scene (image two) is evidence against that anything more than kissing occurred.

In the Dream arc of the manga on what is supposed to be Chibiusa’s last night in 20th Century Tokyo, Usagi and Chibiusa spend the night at Mamoru’s. Usagi, quite giddy says this in passing:

“It’s okay! We have a pure relationship! I’m really sorry, Mama! It is Chibiusa’s last night after all.”

だいじょーぶ っ   あたしたち きよいこーさいよっ (Daijoubu atashitachi kiyoi kousai yo)
ホントよ ごめんね ママっ ♥  (Honto yo gomen ne mama)
♥  ホラ ちびうさのさいごのよるだし (Hora chibiusa no saigo no yoru da shi)

This well and truly debunks that Usagi has not only not had sex, but seems to be in a place where she is not ready for it. This is completely in line with Usagi’s age, social position and personality. The off-handedness of the line as well as the fact that spending the night and her boyfriend’s with a small child is something to apologise to her Mother to further confirms that Usagi’s feels she’s doing something slightly unseemly. 

This may not seem so obvious from an English language perspective since the phrase “pure relationship” sounds vague, but this is not the case in Japanese where it is quite clear what is being referred to. A non-sexual relationship. Unless Usagi and Mamoru have had other sexual partners before this, which is rather unlikely, they are virgins until at least the Dream arc and considering Mamoru spends much of the remainder of the story either ill or dead, there are few if any opportunities where sexual activity would have been possible. Therefore, we can say with fair certainty that in the main storyline of Sailor Moon, (that is to say, up until Sailor Galaxia’s defeat), Usagi is a virgin.

Often in Japanese, seemingly vague expressions will be used in places where the content may seem “vulgar” or “rude” such as in this case. Despite how it seems vague, it is perfectly clear what the intended meaning is to other speakers of Japanese. We just do not say it to be polite. This is one of the reasons we call Japanese a “vague” language.

A “kiyoi kousai” actually even would imply there is no sexual conduct whatsoever so it is likely that kissing is as far as Mamoru and Usagi have ever gone. This would suggest that the Black Moon scene and others regarded as “sexual” in Sailor Moon are far more likely intended to be “romantic”.

There are several reasons why this myth has been so widely. It is simply possible the idea of a “sexy manga story” makes the story more appealing to others or else bolsters the “original manga is the best, most adult version of Sailor Moon” argument. Another reason is perhaps a point of cultural difference where a scene that may seem “sexual” to a particular group is misconstrued to be “romantic” to the intended Japanese 90s young teen audience. Or perhaps an oversexualisation of the Sailor Moon series as a whole. I also believe that that Usagi’s words in the Dream arc have been mistranslated by at least one translator but I am unable to currently find which version.

College bound!

this will be college themed. Discuss! ramble. drabble!

  1. how does the first day go…? 
  2. Ami may have an IQ of 300 but lets say she stayed up all night fighting youma and it affected her the next day and she failed an exam…how does that play out?
  3. who lives in a dorm vs who lives at home vs who finds room mates vs who lives by their lonesome?
  4. what does usagi think of college cafeteria food?
  5. it’s time to write the first paper. how does that go?

Today is International Women’s Day, which coincidentally falls on the day after the anniversary of the start of the Sailor Moon anime! 

To be honest, I don’t really remember a time where I didn’t know about Sailor Moon. The dub first aired when I was in kindergarten, and I fell in love at first sight. I think that what makes Sailor Moon so special to so many of us is its relatability– with so many main characters, there is a wide variety of personality types portrayed. Not only that, but the characters are so interconnected that they become a part of each other, and so viewers like us can find a different part of ourselves in each one, and connect intimately to every character on a different level.

But what I really love about Sailor Moon is its celebration of femininity, and its acknowledgement that there is no single definition of femininity. The Sailor Senshi are not ashamed of the fact that they are women, nor do any of them feel that they need to conform to a particular image. They are strong in their femininity, they are weak in their femininity. They are human. They transform using icons of stereotypical femininity (lip rods, compacts), and they fight in miniskirts. But they also challenge traditional gender roles. They don’t wait for a prince charming to rescue them– instead, they rescue the prince, or choose to rely entirely on themselves. Or, they may choose to let others wonder about their gender, finding this identification irrelevant or unimportant to their objectives.

There is no one “woman”. And there is no one way to grow up, to enter into adulthood and become a woman. 

As a child, I strongly identified with Chibiusa’s growth throughout SuperS, finding myself going through the same sorts of experiences and feelings at the time. She came into her own, becoming her own sort of woman. Though she admires her mother, she ultimately realizes that she should not compare herself to her, and finds her own way. 

Now, I find myself relating more strongly with Usagi, who struggles to find a balance between being a “normal girl” and being a Sailor Senshi. I think we all have trouble with these sorts of ideas– we feel that we might need to conform, or we wish to cling on to our past… but like Usagi, we come to learn that being a woman– being anyone– is complicated, and full of contradictions. It’s hard to work through these, but we have to keep on going, keep moving forward. 

International Women’s Day is a very important celebration, so please enjoy it to the fullest! Please remember that there may be people struggling– because of their gender identity, because of the circumstances they find themselves in, because of mental health concerns, or for any other reason. And take this day to reflect on their lives and your own. We’re all in this together, no matter the gender or anything else. So let’s make the most of this life!


The burdens of being a Sailor Senshi

I always saw these scenes as representing the inner conflict that both have. They want to be normal girls, to grow up normally and live ordinary lives. But they know that they can’t have that. In the end, they wouldn’t want to give up on being a Sailor Senshi, and they wouldn’t want to change who they are– they do so much good, they protect what they love. But it’s hard.

Sometimes it feels like the Sailor Senshi is a different being all together, not really them. They have all this power, and they have to learn how to harness it, and use it for good. They have to struggle with the fact that just being Senshi (and Princesses( causes trouble to follow them and those they are close to.

Can we honestly stop with the arguments? “You like the old dub? That’s so inferior. The original Japanese version is better.” “Oh, but the Magna came out first so it’s superior.” “Crystal sucks because it’s not like the original.” Sailor Moon is Sailor Moon, End of discussion. Just because something is different doesn’t mean it’s bad. Be thankful you have all these different adaptions for you to enjoy.

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I remember when the Sailor moon crystal moon Pride music video came out I saw a few people in the sailor moon tag discussing the clip of Serenity and Usagi being each others reflection and kissing said reflection and the potential ‘deeper meaning’ behind it and all I could think was

“Nah.  They like MKR.”

Also do any other anime do this? I suddenly want to start collecting gifs of these particular scenes so tell me PLEASE. :)

Mamoru's Love for Usagi

Okay. So as I promised I would, here are my thoughts on Mamoru’s love for Usagi, inspired by a question someone asked me earlier today about whether I thought that Mamoru was in love with her because of who she is, or because of their destiny.

I absolutely, whole-heartedly, believe that Mamoru does truly love Usagi. I’ve talked about this a little bit before, and I know I’ve definitely talked about how I feel Usagi loves Mamoru for who he is and not because of their destiny, so I definitely feel it’s the same way for this. I don’t think he’s there out of obligation at all.

- despite their bickering in the first season, Mamoru very clearly warms up to Usagi quite fast, coming to enjoy their encounters, and even starts to give Usagi very serious advice. Even though it may be in the guise of teasing, he definitely shows that he cares for her. 

- This happens again at the beginning of R, when his memory has been lost. The episode where they take care of a baby together is the perfect example of this. Even though at first he brushes her off saying that he can take care of the baby himself, he really enjoys her presence. When she storms off because An had showed up, he is very upset to see that she has been hurt by this, even saying things like “she just came here on her own”- things that a person would say to someone they liked and didn’t want to get the wrong idea about other girls around them. 

- I don’t think he’s looking for the Serenity in her. I mean, it’s really hard to say what Serenity was really like, we actually don’t know much about her… but in any case, there are many examples of Mamoru accepting Usagi’s many faults- getting low grades, eating lots, being clumsy, you name it. In episode 93, Usagi worries that she’s not graceful, smart, or Princess-like enough for Mamoru. And you know what? He’s happiest when she’s just being herself. He’s proud of her for who she is

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QwQ small ramble about cheesy romantic things in the tags

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