Oct. 18, 1935: Racing skippers in the waters off the Isle of Wight, the Yankee versus the Britannia, which carried on board King George V. “Britannia did well all day, beating the American yacht Yankee, with which she kept constant company, over most of the course, although the King’s yacht returned after being becalmed off Lymington,” The Times reported on a race that August. The Britannia was scuttled the next year, following the death of the king, whose dying wish was that the yacht be “buried at sea.” Photo: The New York Times

The Lamb Married A Ribbon Maker

Upon it she laid delicate confident hands.
Caressing adornings of the vessel
only after its affrieghtment, marveling
at the intricacy of its construction,
taken in by some magical force.
The futtocks and crutch she found to be
intact despite its running aground by
La Captain del Sur.
Its knees were strong and supportive.
The companionway was orderly if not clean.
As for its feelings, well, my drunken docker,
with each passing of her cared for hands
its became less walty and its fairlead
found favor with the four zephyrs.
It fell to no lower point than to wish
to sail again in pride and glory.
In short, my windlass, a pressure thumped
against the sternpost, the rigging,
and the dodger. All inspection ready.
She raised her burgee and
told her mate to stand at the ready
to read the bill of lading.
Item one: a hope chest
with inlaid lavender stones,
historic paintings, and
carafs of wine and brandy
not amber but simply, beautifully brown.

~ Medicine Mask Poet


“Stay together sailing into the night
For you, who made the deep darkness in all the sea
Turn pink
again and again and again
I won’t falter even when life passes us by
I won’t stop like the radiant girl that summer
I won’t change like the unchanging wish every summer
Promise me”

SNSD through the eras in sailing  ♡
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