poems for the signs

The fire and blood of a dragon runs through your veins,
and it takes only but a spark to light your fuse
Your soul is an inferno, that wanders through the night, 
wailing like a lonesome wolf.
You are a force to be reckoned with,
with your tempting, but destructive beauty.
You have the ability to scorch even Earth itself,
with just one single glance.
You, my dear, are built out of gold,
one of the most rarest and beautiful things to find in life.
Never lose your flame, for you will lose nothing but yourself.”

You have flowers blooming through your soul,
even in the most darkest and hidden parts of you.
You illuminate a brightness, brighter than the sun,
with your silent radiance.
People are memorized by the power behind your voice,
as the honeyed taste of spilling love falls from your lips.
You are nature itself, grounded and tough,
but pleasuring and lush, like the trees around you.
You are the healer, kissing people’s wounds,
with your undying love.
For you are hard-headed, but not hard-hearted.”

You are the unusual, the chameleon soul,
changing your colors, due to your inner indecisiveness,
that is as wide as the ocean.
Your eyes are like stained glass windows,
holding many colors that represent the wide range of emotions that you hold.
You are the soft skin your lover craves to caress,
the skin that smells of lilac and sunflowers.
Your deception is playful and freeing,
for you are a sharp-tongued lover.
Darling, you are a safe haven, a home,
and anyone who dares to entangle their soul with yours,
will be changed forever.”

You are the nurturer at heart, 
the one that keeps lovers safe in soft silks.
Your soul is bathed in moonlight,
while your tears ripple in the crystal oceans of your collar bones.
The blue-dark belongs solely to you,
and your soft hands part the dark,
letting the light shine through for everyone to be entranced by you.
With beauty as dangerous as a knife,
and love like a double-edged blade,
You are the moon, the keeper of night.”

You are the vibrant goddess of the day, 
with skin as gold as the sun, 
bringing hope to the sunrise. 
Unconditional love brews inside of your photosynthetic heart,
with the ability to keep people alive with a burning desire.
You are sharp-tongued and made of broken glass and honesty,
which is to be admired throughout your life.
There are heartbeats in your eyes that shine so brightly,
you are to be mistaken for the sun itself. 
You are so much more than all of your sins and mistakes,
and all of the tears that stain your radiant eyes,
will soon turn to gems.”

You, my love, are a flower born in the heart of a drought.
Your skin is made of lace and silk, for you are fragile thing,
to be handled with love and care. 
But deep in that pure soul of yours,
lays ardent thoughts and dangerous beauty.
The scars across your heart shall fade like a distant storm,
for you are a soul seeker, a searcher, most importantly, a human.
You are a gentle nymph, singing lovers into a trance,
for you are as lovely and ethical,
as  a faery song.”

For you are a bed of roses, 
with your crimson petal lips and china doll cheeks.
Sometimes you are as bright as the day,
Sometimes you are as dark and mysterious as the night,
you keep people on their toes, waiting for your next move.
You are beauty, in the way that humans so rarely are,
warm and starry eyed,
for you truly are the child of Venus.
You love with the strength of a storm,
but with the kindness of a child.
Darling. you are the oxygen that everyone needs.”

Silver raindrops drip from your lips like stars in the sky,
with hips like a hurricane and a soul to match. 
You are the body electric, the midnight dancer,
with passion that is to not be confused with arrogance. 
You are a supernova, the explosive rebirth,
with a smile that crafts magic.
So many layers and colors you hide, 
contained in your electric heart.
You seep poison into the veins of those who hurt your loved ones,
for your undying passion and love knows no bounds.”

You laugh and smile in sunbeams,
for you are ready to burn through the darkness of the night.
Your everlasting light is buried in the softness of love,
but the untamed dark lingers through your soul.
You, yourself, are a religion, a dreamer,
but as dark and deep as the midnight ocean.
You are so in touch with the earth all around you,
for you have stars in your eyes and moon dust in your hair.
You are a warrior, a light, a fire.”


You, my love, are the definition of inner strength. 
Beyond the hunger of your golden dreams,
a softness remains.
Your soul is a work of art, so bold and unique,
everyone wants a part of you.
tease, touch and dark,
love is something special, and you treat it like gold.
There are sparkles in your doe eyes,
and your touch entrances people,
with the undying mystery and ferocity in every stroke of your love.”

You are made of nocturnal oracles and burning stars,
the brightest stars from all the heavens.
Your brilliant mind is as wide and colorful as the aurora borealis,
and oh, what I’d do to get lost in it for eternity.
Your heart bleeds in water colors, 
for you are the ocean itself,
keeper of the lively tides.
The bruises that paint across you skin are like galaxies,
for you are fully made of star dust.”

You are the galaxy in the skin of a human, the owner of the sky.
Your bruised mouth speaks an intoxicating type of love,
for you are a sweetheart, a seductress.
Your starving soul is desperate to wrap around another,
for you find beauty in the broken. 
Your mystical and rose colored aurora draws admirers in,
for you, yourself are the unknown.
Darling, you leave a trail of stars wherever you go,
for you a wanderess of the night.” 

The 9th House and Role Models

The 9th house can indicate what type of people we look up to.  Take a look at your chart to figure out what sign is in your 9th house.

Aries in the 9th house: Might look up to daring, ambitious, dominant, and physically strong role models.

Taurus in the 9th house: Role models tend to be people who can show their success in physical ways, through wealth, possessions, praise.

Gemini in the 9th house:  Looks up to those who are intellectual, independent, those who speak up, people who relate to them with words.

Cancer in the 9th house: Role models are usually family members, a teacher, or mentor. A person who invests time and energy into them.

Leo in the 9th house: Role models are usually leaders, famous artist, people in the spotlight. Looks to those who inspire.

Virgo in the 9th house: Role models tend to be hardworking, possibly stern, get things done, is strong, serves others and is admired for it.

Libra in the 9th house: Role models are usually people who are highly praised for a talent, looks, or status.

Scorpio in the 9th house: Role models are people in power, sexually confident, are emotionally strong, externally tough, daring.

Sagittarius in the 9th house: Looks up to those who are independent, wild, freedom loving, explorers, the exotic, people of other cultures. Can look up to spiritual leaders, philosophers, and people who make a stand for their beliefs.

Capricorn in the 9th house: Role models are likely authority figures, looks up to the hardworking, pragmatic, mentally and physically strong.

Aquarius in the 9th house: Looks up to visionaries, rebels, leaders in ideas, activists, people with an eccentric personality.

Pisces in the 9th house: Associated with fictional role models, looks up to those who they can see themselves in or want to be.

The signs as Barney Stinson gifs


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How to love each sign

How to love a(n)…

Aries: let them do whatever crazy stuff they want, and when you can, join them. Tell them exactly how you feel about them, let them be free and never control them.

Taurus: be there for them no matter what. Never go missing. Don’t try to change them because they’re too stubborn to listen. Don’t hold a grudge and don’t leave when they get strong-willed and lash out.

Gemini: do something new and exciting every day. Never be boring. Let them pick the date activity, and don’t get worried or upset when they do fun things without you.

Cancer: talk to them as often as possible, and let them vent to you. Cuddle them when they want to be cuddled but give them space when they ask for it. Never be upset with them for being honest with you.

Leo: give them all the attention they deserve. Remind them that you’re the only one that they want, and remind them why they should be with you. Tell them they look good. Take them out in public with you. Go for long drives with them

Virgo: let them win the argument, even if it’s just a joke. Keep things simple and straightforward because they don’t like games or bullshit. Never make them feel bad for being who they are, and let them be moody when they have to be.

Libra: cuddle them all the time. Tell them how beautiful they are and be a positive influence on their motivation. Pick them up when they’re feeling down and go out of your way to make them feel better. Never lash out at them because they do not accept misplaced anger.

Scorpio: make them feel like they’re in charge, even if they aren’t. Let them pay for stuff and show you off if they want to, and when they don’t, make sure you do it for them. Always keep things positive and remind them you care about them. Don’t push them when they retreat into their Scorpio cave, and don’t desert them when they sting you with their Scorpio tail.

Sagittarius: keep in touch as often as possible. Lay around with them on lazy days. Make them coffee and pancakes and don’t expect a thank you (although you’ll definitely get one). Play with their hair and look into their eyes when you talk to them.

Capricorn: tell them how smart and hardworking they are. Remind them that they don’t have to be perfect, and help them relax when you can. Support their endeavors no matter how draining they may be on them. Encourage them always to achieve their dreams and don’t stand in their way, even by accident.

Aquarius: smile all the time. Tell them they’re cute. Hug them and remind them how much you care for them. Make them food when they’re being moody and don’t make fun of their emotions. Never make them feel bad for seeming ‘lazy’, because they do most their work when no one is watching.

Pisces: show them affection in public but don’t be gross about it, pay attention to them even when there’s a lot of people around. Support their (many) emotions and never invalidate them, even when they’re irrational, and don’t put any more pressure on them than they’ve already put on themselves. tell them you love them, but make sure your actions convey the message louder than your words do. Don’t get distracted or a Pisces will take it personally and assume you’re losing interest

The Signs As Feelings:
  • Aries:the first jump into the pool
  • Taurus:not waiting for the cookies to cool before eating them
  • Gemini:making someone laugh so hard they snort
  • Cancer:saying goodbye one last time
  • Leo:brushing someone's hair and watching them react to every tug
  • Virgo:feeing sore after a great workout
  • Libra:receiving a compliment from a stranger
  • Scorpio:waiting by the door for someone you love
  • Sagittarius:telling a secret
  • Capricorn:staying awake to see the sunrise
  • Aquarius:the feeling on your skin when the windows are down
  • Pisces:waking up from a nightmare and sneaking into your parents room

Aries: i’d kill someone for you hoe


Gemini: our ship name is “plox” cause he’s a box and i’m a plank (her bf’s a gemini)


Leo: *sees that i wrote shit that my ego made me do* oH MY GOD STOP YOU WANNABE LEO


Libra: yeah my bOyFRIENd is great yknow

Scorpio: *her sign* dAYAMMMMM *looks at a hot teacher*

Sagittarius: HECK


Aquarius: you’re my favourite Aquarius ❤️ (ily too mandy)


The signs as memes

Aries: Bad luck brian

Taurus: dat boi

Gemini: Ted Cruz is the zodiac killer

Cancer: Arthurs clenched fist

Leo: SpongeGar

Virgo: Exploding kid

Libra: Damn Daniel

Scorpio: Crying Jordan

Sagittarius: Spicy boys

Capricorn: Don’t talk to me or my son ever again

Aquarius: Harambe

Pisces: Wrong answer Steve Harvey

The Signs After A Breakup:
  • Aries:"I deserve better" but feeling like they lost a piece of themselves
  • Taurus:"I'm not okay" and staying home for days and being inactive on social media
  • Gemini:"I don't need you" talks trash and cries alone
  • Cancer:"I loved you" I trusted you
  • Leo:"Screw you" goes out every-night and feels alone
  • Virgo:"I'm better without you" changes routine and gets rid of anything sentimental
  • Libra:"I never liked you anyway" goes out on dates and ignores ex
  • Scorpio:"You're not even cute" goes shopping and hides how hurt they are so that no one actually sees how damaged they are inside
  • Sagittarius:"Thanks for the memories" watches a couple films and moves on and sets new goals-spends time with friends
  • Capricorn:"I hate you" gets revenge and will literally kill you
  • Aquarius:"If that's what you want" they don't show their emotions until they're alone and then they fall apart
  • Pisces:"You don't love me?" Literally dies inside and seeks consolation


If you were following me quite a while back, you would know that on the 31st of December, 2015, I created a post about what MBTI types would be fitting for the signs. The thing is, I had very little knowledge on the whole Myers-Briggs theory, as I had only ‘discovered’ it about two months prior to that. 

Now that I know a lot more, I am able to write more of an accurate, in-depth post (but bear in mind, though, that the two things are considered to have little to no correlation. But I like to think that they do, anyway!)

REMEMBER: This may not be your actual MBTI type. This is just what I think the signs would be based off of what they are typically described as.


Aries are bold, daring and energetic. They rarely fear trial and risk and never shy away from the spotlight, which makes them very similar to the ESTP or ESFP personality.


Taureans often crave stability and structure, like an earth sign would. Practical, stubborn, reliable and patient, a Taurus would most likely be any of the Guardians, or SJ (sensing-judging) types. This includes ESTJ, ESFJ, ISTJ and ISFJ. 


Air signs – especially Geminis – love to communicate. They always love a good debate, and possess a lively, fun and somewhat restless energy. This may not always be the case, but your ENxP friend is probably a Gemini. 


Cancers are nurturing, generous and sensitive. However, they can also be extremely creative with a rather spontaneous streak, if they are able to be brought out of their crab shells, which can be quite difficult. With that being said, a Cancer is most likely to be an introverted feeler, which includes ISFJ, ISFP, INFJ or INFP. 


Leos are confident people with excellent leadership kills, who somehow always end up right in the spotlight. They are exuberant, loyal and have a rather ‘royal’ air. Extremely caring, a Leo would go out of their way to make sure that you are feeling happy. Leos are fun and energetic, however, they can be egoistic, impatient and arrogant. They are likely to be an ESFP, ESFJ, ENFJ or an ENTJ.


Virgos are introverted, observant and helpful.They are also extremely hardworking and reliable, and are often intelligent. A Virgo is most likely to be an INTJ, ISTJ or ISFJ,


Libras tend to be kind and gentle, with a love for beauty, peace and harmony. They may also be people-pleasers, but have a charismatic and inspiring streak, nonetheless. The most fitting MBTI types for Libra would be ENFJ, INFJ or INFP.


Scorpios are mysterious, intense and fierce (whether they make an effort to hide it or not.) Those born under Scorpio are driven, loyal and extremely passionate when something comes to spark their interest. Being a water sign, a Scorpio also tends to be very emotional and deep, however, have the ability to hide it very well. They are likely to be an ISFP, ISTP or an INFP.


Optimistic, lively and energetic, the curious mind of a Sagittarius is almost impossible to miss. Those who are born under Sagittarius are also very philosophical, seeking meaning in all that they do – and of course, fun! Sagittarius is very similar to the ENFP, ESTP or ESFP personality. 


Capricorns are serious, driven and ambitious. They are also very responsible, intelligent and bear a sharp mind, so it wouldn’t be surprising if a Capricorn is an ESTJ, ISTJ or an INTJ.


Aquarians are very curious, honest and imaginative. However, they have the tendency to be detached, inefficient and unemotional. Despite that, though, those born under Aquarius are friendly, unconventional and most unpredictable. Fitting MBTI types for Aquarius include ENFP, ENTP, INFP or INTP.


Pisces are compassionate, caring and generous. They most likely have some form of artistic talent, and are extremely faithful to the people and things that they love. They are also dreamy, wise and intuitive people, which would make either INFP or INFJ the most appropriate types for them. 

The opposite signs as historical couples

Aries x Libra: Bonnie and Clyde

Taurus x Scorpio: Tristan and Isolde

Gemini x Sagittarius: Paris and Helen

Capricorn x Cancer: Romeo and Juliet

Leo x Aquarius: Cleopatra and Mark Anthony

Pisces x Virgo: Orpheus and Eurydice

Dark Mars: show me your houses
  • <p><b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>1st:</b> Engages in various self-destructive behaviours, can often offend just by existing, can come off too strong or agressive<p/><b>2nd:</b> Very selfish when it comes to possessions, troubles with sharing, gives things then asks for it back<p/><b>3rd:</b> Always being told to "hush", gives high praise to the wrong people, turns friendly debates into full blown arguments<p/><b>4th:</b> Agressive towards people closest to them, has a habit of destroying safe environments for themselves and unknowingly seeking discomfort, wishes their pain on others<p/><b>5th:</b> Shocks people with their writing and art, roasts other people's interests, points out insecurities<p/><b>6th:</b> Monitors the habits and motivation of others, takes the role of the preacher, may get told to take their own advice<p/><b>7th:</b> Sabotages close relationships, finds their passions backfiring and takes it out on others, relationships must be on their terms only<p/><b>8th:</b> Gets lost in blind hatred, doesn't know when to stop an argument, scares themselves<p/><b>9th:</b> Agression shows when they're getting ready to go out, completely one track minded, selfish with desires<p/><b>10th:</b> Doesn't care whose image they ruin as long as they come out on top, can get fired because of explosive rage at being told what to do, can embark on various get rich quick schemes that never go to plan<p/><b>11th:</b> Sabotages friendships, has a hero complex, thinks their problems are worse than everyone else's, driven but messy<p/><b>12th:</b> Underlying angry vibe, can engage in self-destructive behaviours for years without realizing it, push good people away<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>

aries: one | two | three | four
taurus: one | two | three | four
gemini: one | two | three | four
cancer: one | two | three | four
leo: one | two | three | four
virgo: one | two | three | four
libra: one | two | three | four
scorpio: one | two | three | four
sagittarius: one | two | three | four
capricorn: one | two | three | four
aquarius: one | two | three | four
 pisces: one | two | three | four


A society where everyone is their own little hero. A society without corruption. Somewhere free of pessimism and selfishness. A society where people love each other, including themselves. A place where they get to express their creativity and passion. A society that is just and exciting.

A society where they feel comfortable. Where nothing and nobody threatens what they had worked so hard for. A society where everyone feels welcome and can let their hair down for a while. A place without starving nations and disappointments. Somewhere where they don’t need to work so much to have it all figured out. A society that can show them what they’re packing, instead of what they’re lacking.

A society where everything is beautiful and stands out. A society free of social pressures, where everyone can just let go of their worries and have a good laugh. A place that they will never get tired of, somewhere that everyone can enjoy and have the opportunity to change their niche if they like. Somewhere where education is available to everyone, where nerdy jokes and quirky style is a norm.

A safe society. A society with great morals and emotional intelligence. A kind society. A society where everyone feels related or can rate to one another. Somewhere where they don’t have to feel anxious or insecure, perhaps somewhere where they can walk to a street full of people and not feel alone. A society thay can show them it is okay to feel, that everyone feels just as much as they do.

A society where people aren’t so serious, where people can take the stick out of their ass once in a while. A society that allows for expansion and new adventurers- a place where everyone is just happy with who they are. A society which can show them that they are loved and needed.

A cultured society. A place where people have good manners and harbour love in their hearts, instead of envy and hatred. A society that cares about its environment; where the government cares for its people, a society without illnesses. Somewhere where their harsh criticism towards themselves and others can be put at rest. A society which shows them that it appreciates their efforts.

A beautiful society. A society free of the warped. A place where envy and inadequacy has no value. A place where they can apply their wit and the desire to make things better. Somewhere where true love exists for everyone; a society that allows them to believe.

A fair society. Somewhere where people don’t have to lie or pretend. A society where people are loving and love with the depths of their hearts. An accepting and compassionate society. Somewhere where they can act like children and not be walked all over, just admired for their courage to be intense and complex as they are. A place where they feel like they can give their all, and be given 100% in return.

A society free of judgement. A place where they can feel that their hearts belong to the world and that is okay to not belong anywhere in particular.A positively competitive and encouraging society. Where everyone perform at the best level possible for them. A place free of cruelty and routine. Somewhere where they can feel like the boss that they are, and be recognized for their great leadership.

A sober society. A society free of nonsense and drama. A dedicated society where uselessness is not a thing. Somewhere where their hard work can pay offand they can kick their feet up and take a breath of satisfaction for once. A society that values loyalty and passion for success.

♒AQUARIUS: An odd society. A place where social moulds are broken and everyone is able to be as unique as they like. Somewhere where there is an absense of possesiveness and unruly emotions. A caring society. A society in which they can feel like they are advancing and are actually changing the world.

A loving society. A society where innocence remains whole in everyone’s hearts, unbroken by the harsh realities of the world. A place where everyone is connected to each other on a cosmic level. A sociey in which vibes hold more value than materialistic assets. Somewhere where everyone is prospering spiritually, where everyone is happy and free.