I intended to have a post together for Veterans Day. I wanted to do a full range report on my “new” Saginaw M1 Carbine and my “tanker” Winchester Garand. Unfortunately, I put a large gash in my hand over the weekend and couldn’t go out shooting. 

Anyway, here is a small teaser of what will be in my next post.

Also, today and everyday please remember the sacrifices that all veterans have endured. 

Simplicity of a City

Man, my top is off to you, Saginaw.

For any people the read this, that are or aren’t from Saginaw, MI, know that this city isn’t exactly desired.

The crime rate is one of the worst crime rates in The United States. I’ve lost two people in the last three months due to being shot.

However, today I got a whole new feeling I’ve never experienced from this damned place. I went to Down Town Saginaw, which sometimes is perceived as not safe and ghetto.

No, it’s beautiful. Don’t let a couple of irresponsible people ruin a place so wonderful. Don’t let them, ever. Because home is supposedly where the heart is, and my heart is wherever I feel genuine happiness. Today, I got to feel that happiness.

I got to go to the record store, where the man sold me a mint condition Elvis Presley vinyl for only 4 bucks. Two Bob Dylan guys for 11. How great.

As I continued home, to the more country part of this town, I saw kids playing outside. What a thought. Just when I thought kids only sat inside all day and watched TV/ played video games/ went on the interenet… no. Hope is restored!

With my ear-to-ear smile, I pulled into the driveway. I saw the most beautiful yellow bird, and being a Bright Eyes fan, I instantly raised my joy from 99% to 100%.

The sun is out, the weather is gorgeous, and I am beyond blessed in this day.