Sage Paul

authentic appropriations: street style 
(sage paul/dene/toronto)

Super Anime Fun Ladybug Business School Girl

Eagle Necklace: Kvell (gift)
Grey Blazer: H&M ($35)
Navy Sweater: H&M ($20)
Band Tee: Wild Beasts, Mod Club, Fall 2010 ($20)
Black Mini Skirt: H&M ($5)
Almost Famous Glasses: Urban Outfitters ($20) 
Knee High Socks: Toronto store… (I’d pay $15) 
Sneaker Platforms: Scotland Discount Store ($30)  

(realizing i wear a lot of H&M… it’s cheap and easy to layer)

authentic appropriations: street style 
(sage paul/dene/toronto)

Pattern & Purpose

V-Neck Owl Tee (Where The Wild Things Are): Urban Outfitters ($35)
Black Cargo-ish Shorts: Friend (hand-me down)
Skinny White Belt: Timmins Value Village ($1)
Lacey Tights: maybe 4 years ago… (I’d pay $15-$20)
Knee-highs: H&M ($8)
Sneaker Platforms: Scotland Discount Store ($30) 

Photography: Michael Ruszczycki


Garden Warriors session 1 spent four weeks at the Dream of Wild Health farm in Hugo, Minn. about 25 miles outside of the Twin Cities. The Garden Warriors learned a great deal about Native American culture, language, songs, traditions, prayer, ceremony, agriculture, cooking and they learned about harvesting, preparing food, nutrition, and getting produce ready for a farmer’s market. In these photos you see our indigenous Chokecherries, homemade hibiscus tea, Garden Warriors youth harvesting sage, chamomile, planting squash, working in the tobacco garden, building bird feeders, and more. We’re extremely proud of all they came to learn and do in their four weeks with us!

Haiku Scout Newsletter #10 is Out

Haiku Scout Newsletter #10 is Out

Featuring 17 great haiku and senryu from the following poets: beth Cheryl J. Cease Sabine van Deudekom hilltop haiku Todd Treloar-Rhodes Marianne Paul Dave Kathleen G. Everett Matthew Paul JonQuil sage stone Joseph Aversano Shrikaanth K. Murthy maria Mike Rehling Michael O’Brien Megan Shea Not a subscriber? Maybe you should be!

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