Sage Paul

The dominant society really feels, like, “It’s just beautiful, you know? I think you’re overly sensitive about us using this thing. We want to celebrate beautiful Indigenous women.” Well actually, Indigenous women are the lowest class of people in this country right now and to use them as an object just keeps us as this objectified, exotic, fantasy image as opposed to beautiful, strong women who are doing work and have a voice, words, and ideas to share. Now, I want to talk about the people who are actually that culture, rather than people who are stealing. So: talk about Indigenous artists, and celebrate and support Indigenous-made work.
—  Sage Paul, in an interview with Anupa Mistry (June 8, 2016) 

Source: House & Garden

Happy Happy Saturday! How lovely and fresh is this little composition? I mean I love my dark walls and Ohhh will they feature in my house, but then I see this and think what if? I’ve always loved that very pale sagey green and the way the gold & coral pink sits in it just makes me want to redesign Everything! Dammit.

authentic appropriations: street style 
(sage paul/dene/toronto)

Super Anime Fun Ladybug Business School Girl

Eagle Necklace: Kvell (gift)
Grey Blazer: H&M ($35)
Navy Sweater: H&M ($20)
Band Tee: Wild Beasts, Mod Club, Fall 2010 ($20)
Black Mini Skirt: H&M ($5)
Almost Famous Glasses: Urban Outfitters ($20) 
Knee High Socks: Toronto store… (I’d pay $15) 
Sneaker Platforms: Scotland Discount Store ($30)  

(realizing i wear a lot of H&M… it’s cheap and easy to layer)

authentic appropriations: street style 
(sage paul/dene/toronto)

Pattern & Purpose

V-Neck Owl Tee (Where The Wild Things Are): Urban Outfitters ($35)
Black Cargo-ish Shorts: Friend (hand-me down)
Skinny White Belt: Timmins Value Village ($1)
Lacey Tights: maybe 4 years ago… (I’d pay $15-$20)
Knee-highs: H&M ($8)
Sneaker Platforms: Scotland Discount Store ($30) 

Photography: Michael Ruszczycki