Places in Norse Myth- [2//?] Fensalir

Fensalir is the hall of the goddess Frigg, chief among the Ásynjur. The name means “fen halls” or “swamp halls” in Old Norse. Fensalir is attested in the Poetic Edda, in Völuspá (quoted above) and the Prose Edda, in Gylfaginning, wherein Snorri describes the hall as “splendid.” Whether this was a true facet of Fensalir or whether Snorri knew nothing other than the name and needed an empty embellishment, we cannot know. Several 19th century scholars believe Fensalir’s etymology denotes not a swampy area but rather a wet, sea-side atmosphere, making Frigg a water goddess. Some others believe that Frigg and Sága are the same goddess, and their names and the names of their halls are simply interchangeable forms, for use of alliteration in lines of Eddic poetry.

there is a red and angry world…red things happen there. the world eats your wife…eats your friends…eats all the things…that make you human…and you become a monster. and the world…just keeps on eating. i couldn’t take that…being eaten…i couldn’t take the red world. so i walked out…and i left my body behind…and i’m somewhere else now.
somewhere quiet…somewhere green and timeless.

–from saga of the swamp thing #23