Blue Exorcist (青の祓魔師)

This Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Saga poster, with Ryuuji Suguro, Yukio and Rin Okumura, was initially featured as Animedia’s February back cover, but made a second appearance as a poster in March’s Animedia Magazine (Amazon US | eBay). Illustrated by key animator Haruko Iizuka (飯塚晴子).

George Harrison’s letter to a fan called Jennie Rose (1964):

❝I went to the piano. Letters were always on the piano, which was only ever played by my grandmother. There was this white envelope. Unfamiliar writing. Postmarked York. I turned it over and there was an hotel address printed on the back. Hotel notepaper. From York. And I suddenly got this feeling. It swept over me. And my throat constricted. And my heart was pounding. I was shaking. I still hadn’t opened the envelope. Then I did open the envelope. Very carefully. Inside was one sheet of white notepaper. Was it what I thought? A letter – from George Harrison – in my hand. I opened the letter and it was from George. And it was in my hand. And this is what the letter said:

“Dear Jennie,

Thank you for writing and for all the nice things you said about the Beatles, especially about me. I hope we get to play near enough for you to come and see us one day, until then just keep playing the records.

If you really want to marry me then send a photograph, as I can’t very well say ‘Yes’ without even seeing you can I? I will see what can be arranged but I think you had better ask your parents first.

Love from


X X X” (three kisses)

Well, can you imagine – can you imagine how I felt, at that age, receiving a letter from the person I thought was possible, just possibly the most important person in the whole history of the world? He had written a letter to me. With his own hand. His own pen. I read it, and I read it and I read it. And I cried and I held it to me. My Mum was delighted. I couldn’t wait to tell my friends but none of us had telephones. Even my pop music-hating Dad was enthusiastic, realising it was quite a momentous occasion. I like to believe he told his friends at work the next day, and said it in a proud kind of way.

(…) I will never forget what it was like being in love with the Beatles in those lovely, happy, hopeful times when all my life stretched ahead of me and every dream waited to come true, and my youth would last 'for eva and eva’ when everything was Fab.

(Source: “A letter from George Harrison”, My Story section, Saga Magazine.)

Ella Rigby ☮

Alice on the phone with Jasper in 1962.

This obviously is not an urgent phone call, but it got me thinking about all the times Alice calls the others to warn of one thing or another– they must have had way more accidents and near-misses back before cell phones, not only regarding someone “slipping”, but things as simple as the weather changing unexpectedly or running into a classmate from twenty years ago. Forget “the younger we start, the longer we can stay” because I don’t see how they ever managed to stay anywhere longer than three or four years even with Alice’s warnings– it’s not like she sees everything and even if she did she wouldn’t always be able to get through in time. All the “kids” may as well have started at 17 or 18 and made their lives a lot easier.

Excel Saga (エクセル・サーガ) poster illustrated for Megami Magazine Vol. 08 nearly 14 years ago by the anime character designer Satoshi Ishino (石野聡), who also happens to be the character designer for the more recent Captain Earth (キャプテン・アース).

In the winter of 1954, Carlisle took Esme to Paris. They visited all the touristy spots, of course, but he especially wanted to show her the places he saw when he was a lonely, young vampire.

I cannot account for how she looks in this picture except to say that he told her to strike a pose, and that the next one on the roll of film (and his favorite) is of her laughing, her hand over her mouth and her eyes sparkling up at him.

The day I met Nao, we talked on the phone that night for 6 hours about anything and everything. The thought of, ‘Oh, I’d like to play in a band just one more time’ came up, and we made the decision to play together. ….I knew Nao’s face from seeing him in magazines, so actually I was really surprised when he said he wanted to play in a band with me. Nao personally is very sweet and a bit of a mystery, I’ve never met anyone else like him before or since. I felt he really had something about him, I really wanted to perform with him! I definitely feel that if I hadn’t met Nao at that time, I wouldn’t be who I am now.
—  Saga, on meeting Nao, Cure magazine vol.32, July 2005.