Safe Motherhood

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I love how you said Empty Graves would probably be pretty niche, and now it's the most popular of your fics on ao3 by hits and kudos. (This is not meant to be passive aggressive. I really love it.)

I significantly underestimated the appeal of making Martha Kent a backwoods bitch with a shotgun

“This is looking into labor and delivery. Resources are always in short supply. Yesterday, there was no IV tubing. Today, there was no soap (anywhere in the hospital). Women bring their own sheet to put under them for delivery. I brought a bunch of new wash cloths with me and give one to each woman laboring. After she uses it in labor, it may be recycled as a diaper for her newborn. Nothing goes to waste.” –recent MFH volunteer midwife

“When we hear the statistic that 800 mothers die each day while bringing life into the world, we must remember that it is mostly rural, poor women who are dying…. And we need to ask ourselves, are the lives of these women worth saving? Midwives For Haiti has answered with a resounding "Yes.”“  

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