How to have a Strong Old FIT Body like Roshi, Silver Fang, Netero

New Video for those who happen to give a F*ck So we all age its a natural part of life to grow old and die and a lot of people associate getting older with getting weaker. But is that always the case? Could you have a Strong old Body like 

Master Roshi, Netero, and Silver Fang or is it all fictitious. 

Well today we talk about what it takes to maintain a healthy strong bod in old age so our twilight years can be even better!


Three times in Arrow Episode 5x22 Oliver thought Felicity was in danger/taken...

First time

Oops! But happy Felicity is safe.

Second time

Almost had a heart attack but she is alive, safe and really really adorable.

 Third time and his worst fear came true.