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A leap of leopards @londolozi! The Vortex!
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This is Douglas, a happy hippo cared for by Steve and Anna Tolan in their wildlife rehabilitation center. Douglas loves to give kisses to those willing and he is good friends with a ferocious crocodile that lives in the same lagoon as he.

…super sloppy sleepy scratch study seshin’ while bouncing around the cramped caltrain to & from campus recently - semester is wrapping up & i’m gonna be mad busy for the foreseeable future… :P

Ta-Da! ✨✨ My colorful lion is the next finished painting for my “Surreal Safari” series! 🌈🦁 His name is “Dandy Lion” what do you think? 😄 He’s so fluffy I can’t even 😆 I really love how this little guy seems to strike a chord with people and reminds them of something nostalgic!💖 It’s very exciting as an artist to know that your work connects with a variety of people like that  ❤🖌 My motivation was to make something fun and colorful and happy, so it’s heartwarming knowing that makes you lovelies feel that way too! 😊💕 I’ll be debuting the series all together next month at #SDCC at my booth #4723 and I can’t wait! 😁The rest need some more work, so I’m off to make him more buddies! 😉🖌 Big hugs! 💞Have a great afternoon lovlies! 😙