This is the last album in my group of newer albums to review. Now we’ll have a look at the band XA-VAT’s first album “Tsuya°C”! This album is the newest effort of Malice Mizer guitarist Kozi. 

Unlike my last review of Mana’s newest album. This one will be completely positive. Kozi was always my favorite member of Malice Mizer, besides Gackt. So I don’t know if this is just bias, or if im more in tune to what hes doing. This album is so refreshing it’s ridiculous! The sound of the album is VERY much a mixture of 80’s rock, with Electropop. All of the guitar work is great, all the synthesizer work is great, and I really like the vocals. This is an album you can really dance to. Almost every song on this album is catchy. This band obviously has Kozi on lead guitar, but since their pretty new Ill list the names of everyone else too. On vocals we have Shuji Ishii, Takao Koma on drums, and Sadie Pink Galaxy on rhythm guitar.

My favorite songs on this album were definitely “Zeriotica”, and “Numans-Roxette”. They both have such wonderful energy!

I’m without a single doubt interested in what this band has to put forth. I can’t wait for their next releases, and seeing what they come up with. If you want something nostalgically 80’s, and at the same time modern. Then look no further! I give it my seal of approval, and I demand you give this album a listen! Its another album that is just so catchy! A wonderful album if you want something to dance to.

xa-vat was fantastic

no new songs

shuuji is blonde and shook his booty a lot it was great

kozi’s hair was crazier than shuuji’s

sadie’s look was the craziest

i guess i’ll tag this even tho it’s not much of a live report

ok here we go i’ll add more now that i’m sitting down (i’m going to sit through a set or two because i’m recovering from norovirus).

they played a lot of my jams including zerotica and vat dance. i guess 30 min set but it was great.

shuuji climbed off the stage and often disappeared from my sight gdi shuuji.

they ended with video gaytion if i recall (that is what it’s called right???) and played a backtrack while all three sang.

sadie had a red outfit on and then like mesh over his face and colourful makeup. kozi had really high black and red hair and some visor. incidentally i was on kozi’s side so i was surrounded by kozi fans. shuuji had black shorts with black leggings and a gaudy silver top on (it was actually a turtleneck)

but yeah no new songs as i expected but it was great and so so fun and energetic and i forgot that my stomach hurt for a little bit :’)


XA-VAT - VAT-DANCE (via harukapapa)