Actually this song too. The guitars give me eargasms.


The Making of Sadda Haq! from Rockstar

Sadda Haq - Released April 5th

Amazing how all the theaters are sold out for the past three days. Going to hopefully buy my tickets in advance and watch it this week! GO AND SUPPORT. Mostly because its a great movie (as I’ve heard), but also because its banned in India - which means it probably says the truth about 1984 June & November Genocides and on wards. 


Naina - Sadda Haq (OST)

Ah man, how did I miss this song? It’s so beautiful. The lyrics as well as the way it’s shot. Love it.

Thanks dil-apna-punjabi

Indian Corruption 101:

Voted in as Chief Minister of Punjab as an apparent “voice for the Sikhs.”

Awarded the title of “Panth Ratan - Faqr-e-Quam” (the Diamond of the Faith - Pride of the Community) by the Akal Takht, supreme seat of worldly Sikh power.

Bans a movie that speaks against the atrocities and the genocide his people faced in 1984, along with it, breaching the freedom of expression as entitled to all Indian citizens under Article 19 of the Constitution- completely ignoring all the outrage.

“Sadda Haq” movie just got banned in Punjab by the Punjab Government…


Jazzy B - Baagi (Sadda Haq Movie)

Baagi: Rebellion / Rebellious