Bill: Who would sacrifice everything they’ve worked for just for their dumb sibling?

Oh well let’s see….

Dipper sacrificed his perfect day with Wendy so Mabel could have Waddles

He also sacrificed his height to finally let Mabel win at something 

He also sacrificed his lifeguard job so Mabel could help Mermando

He also sacrificed his apprenticeship with Ford so he could stay with Mabel and make her happy 

And Mabel sacrificed the key to the new room she wanted to Dipper to make him happy

And she sacrificed her play to save Dipper from you

She also sacrificed her time from seeing the new Duck-tective episode to save Dipper

And Stan sacrificed his time to come visit Ford in his cabin

And he sacrificed all of his time to save Ford from the portal 

And also sacrificed his time to see the new Duck-tective episode to save Ford

And he sacrificed his memory to save Ford 

And Ford was willing to sacrifice his mind for Stan 

And sacrificed his work and time to help Stan recover

And sacrificed his time in Gravity Falls to go on the boat trip with Stan

To put it simply, the Pines would, Bill. The Pines would. :) 

Since the AP calc test is tomorrow my teacher decided that today would just be a day of review, which he introduced by saying, “do you guys know what I’m going to have you do today?”, and 4 different kids in the class(including me) all said something about sacrifices at the exact same time.
I muttered, “i dunno, a couple of sacrifices?” cause I always say snarky stuff
The kid behind me said, “get some sacrificial lambs to give to the gods of calculus”
Someone in the back said something like, “sacrifice James!” way too enthusiastically
And a girl on the front row who’s normally sweet and preppy said, “kill everyone who’s not taking the test and give their bodies to Satan as an offering in return for his help on the test”
If that doesn’t say that something’s messed up with high schools, I don’t know what does

Do you know
how many
restless nights
i’ve spent thinking about
my flaws
you’re online
but not talking to me?

Do you know
how many
i’ve spent being in a bad mood
didn’t reply me the night before?

Do you know
how many
i’ve wasted crying over you
you got another girl around?

Do you know
how many
i’ve wasted plotting on how to make
i thought you were the one?

Do you know
how many
i’ve turned down
i took
as the best above all?

Do you know
how many
i’ve annoyed
all that comes out of my mouth is
your name?

Do you know
how many
i’ve made
because to me,
was the best thing ever?

Do you know
how many
stupid mistakes
i’ve commited
i was so caught up in

—  i was never like this.

Criticizing other people’s offerings


The point of an offering to the Gods is to share with them what you have, and give what you value (specifically in Hellenism but I’d assume in most religions)

That means not everyone’s offerings are going to look the same. Especially with the personal experiences and relationships we build with the Gods. You may value homemade honey cakes or goat milk, but someone else may value white bread or their favorite soda; (or non food items) and as long as you’re giving them something from the heart, something that means something, then I see no problem with that.

Give what you have. You don’t have to have some elaborate, sacrificing a whole bull and burning specific pieces kind of offering.

I try to give the Gods a portion of my meals eveyday, and Hestia the first and last bite of my meals, and that means the Gods get what I’m eating which isn’t always some super healthy elaborate feast. Sometimes that means they get spaghetti O’s.

I literally just gave Hestia the first bite of my cup ramen noodles, because that’s what I have.

Sometimes I can get them really nice offerings, but I don’t always have the money to go all out and I have to give what Ive got at home. So did the Greeks, they gave what they had.

And so far the Gods haven’t condemned me for giving them some mcnuggets.

So can we all just stop shaming each other for giving the Gods what we perceive to be “inadequate” offerings, we don’t know what people are going through, we don’t know what experiences they’ve had with the Gods or what those people value - because I value toaster strudels, they’re one of my favorite breakfast foods, and I share them with the Gods when I have the money to buy them, so far we’ve had no problem with that offering.

We have no room to judge how others sacrifice. I mean, it’s literally one or two of the Delphic Maxims not to judge. (#25 “Find fault in no one”, #56 “Down look no one”)

And it’s #45 that says “Give what you have” and #85 “Use what you have” (whether giving to the Gods or to fellow humans/as offerings or other).

Like seriously, you’re gonna sit there and defy Apollo? Mock the offerings that are accepted by his own words, through his Oracle? You must have some large balls.

Even if you don’t follow the Maxims, it’s just rude to judge people and what they have to offer the Gods.

So can we all agree to stop looking down on offerings we don’t think are enough? No one’s offerings look the same, and I’m pretty sure most of us don’t have the money to give elaborate offerings constantly. Give what you have, worship the Gods, and be good to each other.