Last week I set up a small crystal grid on my beautiful Nyxturna altar tile to bring in some much needed protection + emotional well-being + loving energy. The crystals I chose are selenite and rose quartz. 💗


My very first alter!! I’ve never made anything like this before nor have I been told how to so correct me if I’m wrong. I’m still proud of it!

Message me anything you’d like-

I’m open to everything and want to be apart of the community here. ✨

Blessed Be! )O(

Things I Think Newbie Tarot Readers Need To Know

1. You can store your decks in whatever way you choose. There’s no real right or wrong way, aside from tossing them in the trash. 

2. You don’t NEED a “sacred space” to read. You can read hanging upside down on the monkey bars if you’re up for a challenge.

3. You don’t need to be a witch to read tarot. I say again, YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE A WITCH TO READ TAROT.

4. Tarot cards hold as much power as you let them. Some view them as sacred items, others view them as just a fun card game. No one else can tell you how to view them, that’s just a personal thing.

5. There is no real *set* way to read. The majority of the reading is intuition-based, so trust your gut.

6. You don’t need thousands of decks. (Though, I mean, you may want them.) The amount of decks you have/don’t have doesn’t measure your abilities.

7. Don’t get put off by people who think your reading was irrelevant in their life. Sometimes, readings take time to actually manifest. You’re doing great. Don’t let this deter you.

8. The amount of times you cleanse your deck is ENTIRELY up to you. Some people do it after every reading. Some people do it..well, maybe never. The choice is yours.

9. There is no right or wrong way to shuffle your cards. At. All.

10. Sometimes reading for yourself can be hard. It’s okay to have someone else read for you. Seriously.

11. Don’t be intimidated if you’ve just started. We’ve all started from day one. 

12. You may run into some elitists, and while you shouldn’t punch them in the face, you should make sure what they say doesn’t make you uncomfortable in how you do things. This is all YOU, not THEM. 

Feel free to add on to this if y’all have a little something to put. 

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Witch Tip #18

Altars don’t have to be super fancy. Sometimes, all it takes to create a sacred space is a bowl full of seashells or a candle. You could even place a small statue or stone that you like in a safe space. An altar is anywhere you are, any sacred space that you have deemed sacred and have made a conscious effort to do so.