I’m really happy because I’ve been opening up a lot more to folks in my classes, like I ACTUALLY HAVE IN-CLASS SCHOOL BUDDIES NOW AAAAHHH and I’m really happy because all the folks I’ve been talking to who are in my projected major are super cool. For awhile, i was really burned out about having to do STEM, but I’m actually really happy! 

Like aside from doing art, i think i ether want to spend the rest of my life doing nuclear physics (Imagine squeaks running a nuclear power plant…OR SQUEAKS WITH LAUNCH CODES ((even though the scientists would never have the codes but shhh))) or studying the way crazy early universe. 

like my GOALS OF ALL GOALS for the next few years is 1) Degree in Physics 2) Double degree in math too maybe??? 3) please for the love of god get a comic done 4) internship or job in the field!! 


Nature of Mind - Alex Grey                                                                               1996, seven oil paintings on wood with sculpted gold leaf frame, 78 x 68 in.

“One morning, a series of seven visions flashed into my mind. As soon as I drew one image, another replaced it until I had drawn a complex seven-stage journey of a wanderer discovering the spiritual path, having an introduction to his own true nature, embodying that truth, and reentering society.

I spent the next year painting each scene and sculpted an unusual frame to hold the paintings. As I was working on the painting, a poem related to each panel came through me. The finished altarpiece, Nature of Mind, is my homage to the artists and wisdom masters of Tibet. The Tibetan Buddhist teachings known as Dzogchen were the inspiration for these visions.

In Dzogchen texts various symbols distinguish between the conceptual dualistic “mind” and the self-liberated, non dual “nature of mind”. The thoughts of the dualistic judging mind are symbolized as clouds that arise and dissolve in the open vastness of the skylike nature of mind. The mirror is also a potent tool for illustrating this distinction. The mirror reflects all things, beautiful or horrible, and the dualistic mind gets caught up in the reflections, judging what it likes and dislikes, becoming emotionally charged about relatively inconsequential matters. The Dzogchen teachings advise us not to identify with the passing reflections but to recognize that our true nature of mind is the mirror’s infinite capacity for reflection.”



The Sacred Art of the Ori by Laolu

“The Sacred Art of the Ori is a Spiritually Intimate Experience. It’s Cathartic for both me and my Muse. We Connect Our Minds, Bodies, and Souls on Higher Level. I paint their Spirit and Soul from that Connection. It Breathes Life into Us Both. ” — Laolu

My Art is called, Afromysterics, a term I coined in 2007, which means, the mystery of the African thought pattern. All of my work is heavily influenced by my Yoruba heritage and often related to the environment I find myself in. As a Pioneer and Leader in the Afrofuturism movement I consider it my duty to keep creating and to continue to push boundaries.

I am a passionate activist and you will notice how most of my works have social justice ideologies woven throughout.  Also, you will notice feminism, women and children are often present and common themes in my work, this is because of my work as Human Rights Lawyer in Nigeria I was impacted by the strength girls and women have shown me. #Love it!