Okay so one of my favorite people, @blutechie cosplayed Phitchit from Yuri!!! On Ice for Sacanime Winter 2017and entered the Sacanime masquerade. My friend got third place craftsmanship! And this is the second cosplay ever made by them! (THEY MADE IT ALL)

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Phitchit may not have gotten third at that Grand Prix Finale but he did at Sacanime~


Planning Your Cosplay panel, as given at SacAnime Winter 2017

Ever wanted to cosplay someone, but had no idea how to begin? Join cosplayer fabrickind to learn about how to take that first step! Topics covered will include costume choice, breaking down the parts of a costume, buying vs. making, researching materials and methods, and budgeting time and money.

This is just the bare bones of the panel, as many of the examples were elaborated on in-person, and it is just the slides, not any of my notes. It is not meant to be exhaustive or definitive, and is just meant for general advice and suggestion purposes only. If anyone has feedback they would like to give, feel free to do so. That said, I hope that people find this information useful.

Here is a link to a pdf of the presentation. You may download for personal use, but please do not alter the presentation, repost without permission, or do any sort of other unauthorized use. (If you have a question about how you can use this presentation, please send me a message with your question and we can work it out. I promise I’m not scary. ;]) Feel free to reblog this post as much as you want, though. I do these panels and post them because I want the information to be shared.

I hope someone finds this helpful! :]

Hey guys! How’s everyone this new year? :D I just got back from holiday vacation and excited to share some drone photos and videos with you all. But before I have time to edit them, Sac Anime is coming up this Friday and weekend so I’ll be busy there.

If you’re in the area, come by and hang out! Come chat and share your 2016 stories, or your 2017 aspirations :) My table is in the Artist Alley at A13. The con is held at the Sacramento Convention Center. Hope to see you there!


“Just 37 more floors to go senpai!!“ (at Sacramento Convention Center Complex)

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This will be sold as a postcard sized print at SacAnime 2017 located in Sacramento, California.

I managed to finish this before I left Japan. :3 It came out real nice and I wanted to do a small design for a simple postcard print. I was going to add some text but there was really nothing quote-able to put in here…