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I have a theory as to why Sock wears a skirt.
Sock has a middle name Maxwell that comes from the Scottish steam that was called "Maccus Wael", and as we all remember, Scottish people wear kilts. So, I guess Sock just feels kinship with his distant relatives and shows it by wearing a skirt, but he doesn't really care if it's a plaid kilt or a plain skirt with jeans underneath. No one gets it and he either has to explain it to everyone or ignore endless questions. Did I get to the truth?

Oh, huh!  I wasn’t aware that Maxwell was derived from Scottish “Maccus Wael” but that makes sense.  You know what’s kinda funny is that early on, I envisioned Sock’s skirt being a plaid purple, but mostly just because I like plaid.  Additionally kinda funny, I visited Scottland when I was maybe 13 or so, and went to a kilt shop (I really wanted one), and we asked a lot of questions about all the patterns, because we didn’t realize going in that every tartan pattern corresponds to a specific family/clan.  Anyway just for the hell of it, I googled it, and the Maxwell clan’s tartan is this:

Here’s a little more info on it

So that’s kind of a neat idea, because you could actually trace it back to something if you wanted to!  (Even if Sock doesn’t necessarily know anything about his heritage).  

I also admittedly didn’t think about the name Maxwell being a part of his heritage, but it’s definitely a cool idea!  And as for answering questions about his skirt… I was kind of planning on it just never coming up.  Like no one in the W2H universe questions it or seems confused by it at all, they’ve got other things to worry about.  Haha.  If only it were like that IRL, right?

Anyway, cool theory!  I dig it.  

I was in Sephora the other day and a woman was there with her young son. When I say young, I mean probably 5 years old. She was looking at the makeup so he was running around looking at it too. He wasn’t being obnoxious or anything though, just excited. So he runs past me and I hear his mom go “No! Hey! Don’t put that on!” I turn around and see that he has one of the tester lipsticks in his hand. She snatches it away and says “You can’t wear lipstick. First of all, you’re a BOY. Boys DON’T wear lipstick.” and then she went on about how she told him not to touch anything.

It broke my heart honestly.
I understand not wanting your little one to mess of the testers but really? “You’re a boy so you can’t wear lipstick.” I mean, come on. You took him to a makeup store and he tried to put on some lipstick so I’m guessing he gets the interest from YOU.

On the flip side, when I worked in childcare, I knew a little girl whos little brother looked up to her so much that he liked to dress like her. The dad didn’t even bat an eye when his son and daughter both came in wearing skirts. I also knew many rather “punk rock” kind of families who would paint their sons nails all kinds of colors for no other reason than the children requested it.


I don’t actually know what I am doing, I’m still trying to figure this drawing thing out for myself, I’m a complete beginner, so please forgive any mistakes!

Also I have no explanation as to why he has no clothes on or why he looks so grim… I imagine he’s been training and someone told him bad news about Luffy or so…

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