Sabine Moritz - The Red Skirt (Der Rote Rock) [2015] by Gandalf
Via Flickr:
Sabine Moritz is an artist living and working in Cologne, Germany. She was born in 1969 in Quedlinburg within the Soviet-controlled German Democratic Republic (GDR). In 1973, following the laboratory accident of her father, she, her older twin brothers and her mother moved to Lobeda, a suburb of Jena (GDR). The Neulobeda district, where the family lived, was built over a period of twenty years beginning in 1966. This densely populated area, characterised by high-rise concrete buildings and modernist urban planning, was to have a profound effect on the young Moritz, which would later manifest itself in her work. In 1981, the Moritz family moved again to the nearby city of Jena, where they stayed until gaining permission to emigrate to West Germany in 1985. 


 [Pilar Corrias Gallery, London - Oil on canvas, 150 × 150 cm]