Alpha! The monsters who want to destroy the internet have escaped! Recruit a team of felines with cattitude!

GO GO Meower Rangers! Nya~Nya~ Nya ~ Nya!

GO GO Meower Rangers! Nya ~ Nya ~ Nya ~ Nya!

GO GO Meower Rangers! You Cheezbruger Hazin’ Meower Rangeeeers!~

Streaky and Dex-Starr finally have some competition!

Mighty Morphin Power Ranger by Joe Quinones

Okay, aside from Alien vs Predator and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles– Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers was also a thing I used to be a fan of. I followed the series until there was a cast change which introduced Adam Park, Rocky DeSantos and Aisha Campbell.

But for me… Mighty Morphin was the best with the original cast. And it seems as if BOOM! Studios has rebooted the Mighty Morphin series in an up to date continuity! Maybe it’s something I should look into sometime…


Power Rangers - Teaser Trailer // a film by Lionsgate (2016)

I love power rangers! You love power rangers! Everyone love power rangers! yay!

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