Do you like the morbid? Well, among Estonia’s haunted legends, there goes the legend in Kuressaare Castle there was a knight immured in the cellar in the walls. Immurement is burying someone alive not so they die of lack of air, but building them a small room so they have no choice but to die of starvation and dehydration. It’s said a bishop ordered the knight to be immured during the 16th century, and is actually a Spanish Catholic knight who local Estonians tried to tempt with a blonde maiden. Since knights were celibate, when he ‘took the bait’ he was soon after ordered to death.


Kristian von Wovern’s video of a deer running through the water.

Filmed in Anseküla, Saaremaa, Estonia whilst flying a powered paraglider.

Magnificent, don’t you agree? :)