Lucifer morningstar x Reader (prompt 31)

Prompt: 31- I will ripp out your left lung and shove it in your ass if you won’t shut up.

You were exited when the lead detective of NYPD said he’s transferring you to LAPD. 

You never really fit in the NYPD because of your past of always being around drug dealers and gang bosses . And when you decided to leave it all behind you became a detective and you were proud of what you were now . But your coworkers never liked you,  seeing you as a newbie, or just plain out not trusting because of your past . But now it was all over .

You were informed you will work alongside Chloe Decker and have talked to her on the phone a few times and you must admit she was a nice person , offering you to stay at her place till you found a home and picking you up from the airport , overall becoming friends with her quickly.

When you finally arrived at LA airport and walked with the crowd to the exit and getting your bags you saw her near the exit . You smiled at her as she slightly waving her hand . You didn’t expect to see she had company in a form of a tall male , who , you assumed,  was Lucifer Morningstar,  her partner,  who also shot you a devilish smirk as his dark eyes travelled all over your body .

You frowned at him . You knew that stair and you knew he will do anything to get in to your pants . As you got closer to Chloe you smiled at her , she did the same . “Nice to meet you Detective  (L/n)” she said shaking your hand “The feeling is mutual Detective Decker ” you smiled but your smile faded as Chloe’s “friend” spoke up .

“Why , hello there love ” he smirked again “Lucifer Morningstar at your service”. You scoffed at him “Nice to meet you but I will pass on the service part ” you said with a cold tone , you heard Chloe slightly giggled at his hurt expression. 

After that he will not leave you alone . Coming to Chloe’s place when you lived with her and as soon as you moved out he found your adress too . He always called you at night or early in the morning asking you to come to his club or asking you to dinner.  You turned him down all the time , each remark you made was colder than the other , witch made Chloe always laugh .

But today was just too much .

First of all he called you almost at the same time your alarm clock went off , asking if you wanted to get coffee and him giving you a ride to the police department.  With a cold “no.” you hung up on him . Later at the police department he was sitting at your desk in your office,  waiting for you.  You coldly said “Get. The.  Fuck. Out.” almost ready to shoot him. 

Later that day you went to a crime ceans of the new case Chloe texted you about.  And of course Lucifer asked for a ride which you allowed this one time . And all the way he was flirting with you . At this point you just wanted to stab him in the face .

Now it was late at night and you were still at the police department with Chloe,  discussion the case when Lucifer was sitting in a chair,  his feet on a table.

“You know love , you look absolutely beautiful in thoes black shorts and your leather jacket but you know , you would look much better here” he said patting his lap with a perverted smirk on his face .

That’s when you lost it .

Before Chloe can say anything to him or him add in any other remarks you balled your hand in a tight fist and nailed him right in the nose , braking it and making him fall off the chair with a loud thud . Chloe burst out laughing and before he can get up you got closer to him . Seeing him holding a hand to his face , blood seeping through his fingers , made you oh so slightly smirk .

Before he can say anything you said “ I will ripp out your left lung and shove it in your ass if you won’t shut up.” You eyes were full of anger and he saw that , so in response for the first time , he said nothing and just noded his head fearing any more of your wrath . Ta this you sweetly smiled at him and saying good night to Chloe,  you left .

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Peppermint Bark: Welcome to La Primavera Café ! I um.. Hope you’ll enjoy your stay with us ! Feel free to ask us anything ! 

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5 reasons I left Consumer Internet for B2B SAAS

You hear it a lot from investors “I only invest in B2B or SAAS”. It was really frustrating when I was building Lucky Ant. Consumer internet is so much cooler. You get to tell your friends about what you’re building and they get all excited and then you get all excited. And yet, here I am 2 years later leaving the consumer internet space for B2B. Here are some reasons why:

5. B2C is sexy and that’s not always a good thing

The consumer internet market is very crowded and when something good starts happening, it gets even more crowded very fast. Everyone and their mother has an idea for the next great app that’s going to “change the way people [blank]”. We tend to think in terms of our wants and needs, so it’s natural that more people are thinking of how to solve consumer problems than business ones. The result is often a mob mentality. Look at the Groupon clones for example. At one point there were thousands of group buying sites. This makes it harder to differentiate yourself and opens you up to way more competition.

4. Less players means more opportunities

Since B2B is less sexy, it also means there are less people solving problems, and yet I would argue there are more problems to be solved. When we were drawing up ideas for Startup #3 with Vincent, we came across way more “unsolved opportunities” in the B2B market. The fact that Dowza does not exist yet really speaks to that, and it’s why the most common reaction I get is “wait, no one’s done that yet?”

3. Lottery Tickets are not for me

Expanding on the crowdedness (is that a word?) of the B2C space, oftentimes, since there are so many players and you need so many customers to be profitable, there are only one or two big winners in any given market. Kickstarter & IndieGogo in Crowdfunding, Groupon & LivingSocial in Group Buying, Facebook & Twitter in Social Networking. This doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of other players doing great things, but these guys without a doubt own their markets. Getting that big though requires a lot of work, but also a lot of luck, and as a result there are plenty of strong companies that didn’t do so well despite very similar business models. Hipstamatic comes to mind. 

2. Being Closer to Customers

What I didn’t like about working in the consumer space was that in order for our numbers to make sense they needed to be big. In order for them to be big, we couldn’t afford to really spend time with our customers. When we started growing Lucky Ant we quickly went from hour long phone calls to 10min max, to no phone calls, to almost no emails. It was by necessity and most definitely by design, but it was frustrating. Having 50million customers is not the same as having 1million and yet some great B2B businesses operate on smaller numbers than that. This (I hope) will allow me to be closer to my customers and better strengthen our product through their feedback loop. 

1. Recurring Revenue

Without a doubt the number one reason I prefer SAAS is because of recurring revenue. A professor at Penn once told me that if I could find recurring revenue, I’d be happier. I didn’t get it at the time, but after having lived through $150,000 revenue swings month to month in Lucky Ant, I get it. I really really get it. Recurring revenue brings stability which in turn fosters a better work environment and allows you to take more risks and to grow faster. 

special bonus reason: Building a B2B product requires more rigor. Business clients are more demanding (rightfully so) and so from a conception side we cannot leave anything to “good enough” on Dowza. This is exciting for us because it means we can really get our hands dirty and build something we’re proud of. 

Shopping & A Surprise || Harry + Andie

Harry texted Andie back letting her know he was leaving now before getting dressed in skinny jeans and a flannel. He finished off with his signature brown boots and a beanie before grabbing his phone, wallet and keys and heading to his car. He was excited to spend a day shopping with his sister since he had been out of town lately and he hadn’t gotten to see her in a while. His nephew was set to be born any day now so Harry was excited to sort everything out for him before he gets here. Harry began to drive to his mum’s house, singing along to Christmas music really loud that was playing on the radio. Before he knew it, he was pulling into the driveway. He decided to text her that he was outside since he knew his mum wasn’t home so there was no need to go inside.