i’m lovin that juice

my friend Amy messaged me a photo of a product label

just a dumb photo shared with a couple friends, sure.

in retrospect these look mean but you’ve got to trust me here, we’re just three dummies fascinated with a hotmail email address printed on a label.

so I figure I’ll write this company a silly email real quick, asking them a very dumb but easy question. I’m not trying to be mean here. (I try to be kind whenever possible.)

here’s the email:

Amy and Andrew are not happy with me

and honestly i don’t understand why they’re mad at me.

but somehow it hadn’t clicked yet

I should mention, despite all the talk about syrup and pancakes, I sincerely thought I’d just emailed an apple juice company. despite the words “syrup” and “pancakes” getting thrown around, I guess I saw that yellow label and that sugar content and thought, “yep, definitely apple juice” and then wrote an email to a small maple syrup company to tell them “i’m lovin that juice” and “what type of apples are in the juice” like a proper idiot

In my attempt to be silly, I ended up being kind of mean, so i sent a followup email to hopefully make up for the first email:

i am stupid. and i hope i didn’t annoy the apple juice company maple syrup company too much