A friend once asked me “Why didn’t Adam have all his makeup from the ball when he turned back into the prince?”

She accented it with the fact that the musicians still had their makeup on when they transformed back, too.  Which in hindsight was a very good point–everyone else was still dressed up for the ball when they turned back, and I have thought hard about my answer to the question…though it may be very long.  This is the short answer: They all had their shining moments.  Allow me to explain.


  • It was my post on the B-roll that helped me.  I remember in that post that I said I couldn’t recognize Dan Stevens because of all the makeup he was wearing.  They made the prince completely unrecognizable to the audience.  His face was hidden behind a mask of cruel beauty and disdain.  I’m pretty sure that if I hadn’t seen the B-roll beforehand, I wouldn’t have recognized him when I went to see the movie for the first time.  And there were instances, when the Beast and Belle were talking, that I saw the shadow of Dan’s face on the Beast’s.  But it was when the Beast turned into the Prince, that moment when he turned around and faced Belle (his expression, oh my gosh…)  That was the moment when we, the audience, really saw him for the first time, the moment when we saw the man that had been hiding, whether it was beneath fur or a wig and some makeup.  He wasn’t that person anymore, he was new, reborn, free.  We saw his skin, his hair, his eyes that stood on their own, needing no kind of enhancement to look beautiful.  This was his shining moment.  If he had that makeup on when he transformed back, it would 1) ruin the scene and 2) hint that there might still be some cruelty hiding within him.  But Belle has torn that part away from him and destroyed it.

Garderobe and Cadenza

  • Their shining moment was the prologue.  No need to go through the movie and try to find that one; it’s far too obvious.  They’re performers, and this is a ball.  One sings, one plays, the spotlight is on them and they are amazing.  I’m pretty sure that they’re wearing makeup because the prince said this was to be something of a masquerade ball (it would look a little strange if he was the only one in makeup, right?  There had to be some sort of theme; it’s a party).  Nevertheless, that was how we saw them, in the lights, with the awesome outfits and the awesome talents.  So they kept their makeup in the transformation because that was how we remembered them. To us, that’s who they are.

The Staff

  • Because I’m doing a run-down on everyone in the prologue it’s only fair to include these guys.  I remember saying in an ask that aside from the prince, Garderobe and Cadenza are the only main characters whose faces are shown to the audience in the prologue.  I think that the screenwriters wrote it that way because they were saving the reveals for the end scene when they all become human again.  That way we’d see Lumiere, Plumette, Cogsworth, Chapeau, Chip, and Mrs. Potts in a very happy, natural light instead of the somewhat dim light cast over the prologue scene.  They were the optimists, the ones that made this story fun from start to finish, so they should be portrayed as such.  Which meant holding off on their face reveals until the best possible moment.  In that way, Lumiere and Plumette’s kiss is so much more genuine and Mrs. Potts and Chip seem like the perfect mother-son duo, because there’s so much joy in the air.  The transformation scene was their shining moment, and boy, did they shine.

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Man I think you gotta chill a bit with the aquamarine. We dont even KNOW if the crew is using the native american culture as a base. They could just have took inspiration of one or various definitions. Or maybe they don't care. You gotta stop crying because your aquamarine isnt the chosen one, jeez

the fact you take me seriously deeply saddens me I am so sorry for the time you wasted typing this out and clicking that anonymous button

Je voulais poster les paroles de “Regarde”, chanson de Barbara sur l'élection de Mitterrand :

Et l'homme,
Une rose à la main,
Etoile à son destin,
Continue son chemin.

Il est devenu des milliers
Qui marchent, émerveillés
Dans la lumière éclatée.

On a envie de se parler,
De s'aimer, de se toucher
Et de tout recommencer.
Au ciel de notre histoire,
Une rose, à nos mémoires,
Dessine le mot espoir

Mais comme Le Pen a récupéré la rose pour son mouvement, j'ai peur que des FN viennent et pensent que c'est pour eux.

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So i know austism $peaks uses the puzzle piece and blue for autism awareness month, does autism acceptance month have a symbol? I know about wearing red and gold (I've been wearing them all month) but have an actual symbol would be nice

There is not a symbol that has been adopted by the autistic community, however, many autistic people use the neurodiversity symbol which is a rainbow infinity symbol like the one in our profile pic and header. 


Gay person: my pillow is gay cuz it’s pink
Someone: agree with OP except the pillow is clearly pan
Someone: ^^^^ (and also ace)
Someone: why can’t the pillow be straight lol lots of straight pillows wear pink and are made fun of, we need to stop generalising
Someone: not everyone likes pillows lol I will kill your entire family
Someone: OP is clearly referring to the “pillow” as a modern item used for comfort and pressure relief, however if we take the historical symbolism of pillows into account we can clearly draw a contrast between the blurred lines of sexuality and how it applies to
Someone: op is an aphobe
Someone: his smell is still on my pillow…
Someone: I don’t give a shit if your pillow is pink or orange or blue I’ll support the living fuklck out of it!
Someone: I hate pillows

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Why did you choose the Locket for your Tom?

((You know how there’s that old like that the ‘wand chooses the wizard’? Well, I sort of feel like the ‘Locket chose the rper’. XD Not to be too cheesy about it. I actually started off my rping with every intention of playing the ‘Diary’ version of Tom, but then I met @tommarvoloriddle-thediary and her version of Diary!Tom was so adorable, I had to let her do it. I…kinda fell into obsessing over the Locket after that. It’s an extremely interesting object, and how it invades the mind just fascinates me. 

I feel like the symbolism of having the Locket in contact constantly with your skin, up against your heart is a symbol of a parasitic relationship, an unhealthy romantic bond. The Locket isolates you, shows you everything about you that is inept, foolish and worthy of shame. It makes you think that you are alone and unworthy of love. In doing so, it draws you back into it’s clutches, as though it is the only thing which can bring you comfort in your sorry state. It is, essentially, an unhealthy romance. You don’t realize exactly how far you’ve fallen until you have no more energy to fight off your own depression and self-loathing.

I could go on about this forever. Please, someone stop me. LMAO))

i bet the vallaslin symbols of the evanuris were everywhere in the empire. like any property that belonged to one god, their symbol was on their banners and flags, in their house, on their crown, on their frickin… embroidered pillows and towels

  • Phichit, on the phone with Yuuri: so how does it feel being married to a literal sex symbol
  • Yuuri: *glances over to Victor*
  • Victor: *tries to drink gatorade while laying on the couch*
  • Victor: *accidentally waterboards himself with gatorade, coughs for like 5 seconds before trying it again*
  • Yuuri: its okay i guess