Zen is weak by design

Hear me out. I’m sure most people have noticed, but, here’s some thoughts I need to put down before I go crazy. Take away his in game shields, and Zenyatta is the weakest hero with a whole 50 health. The next squishiest hero who can’t depend on abilities is Baby Dva in that moment of panic when you lost your meka in the middle of a team fight.

I mean, you can just look at Zens back and see that there is so little plating, so little armor, that you could just breathe on him and he might fall over. But is this just not how omnics are made? Well…

No. Omnics are not just made that way. (I’m sorry the second is so dark) The first could arguably be a newer model, but then you have Mondatta who, just by looking at his back, you can tell he has more armor, more plating. But the biggest thing is the wire.

I never really noticed the wires on other skins, but the Outlaws skin makes it really stand out more (I think there’s another that does this, but I have either Outlaws or Cultist equipped) The wire goes directly into his head through his back and just kinda…. Hangs there.

You can see Mondatta has those same wires too, but again, his back is not exposed like Zens is. His back is protected. Which begs the question, do those wires recharge or are they connected to his hard drive? Does having it out like that make him more vulnerable?

What I think is that Zen is definitely not in optimal shape. I think it could just be a part of his beat up design, showing years of wear and tear from the traveling he does. Or, you could take it much deeper and say that it is the literally metaphorical heart he carries on his sleeve. Zenyatta puts himself out there to make connections with people to help better the relationship between human and omnic. And since I adore symbolism, I think this is the better option.

Zen is weak physically, maybe he wasn’t built well to begin with, but he has a strong will, a strong soul, and bright spirit.