Oats Studios - Volume 1 - Rakka

(with Sigourney Weaver)

To Be Continued
Set Your Goals
To Be Continued

Let’s take this outside 
So I can make another scene. 
I’ll burn it on you, burn every bit of energy. 
Dare to resist it. Dare to be irresistible. 
I’d like to keep you right here always and forever. 
If we can keep on the communication 
We’ll determine our fate and our whole situation. 
This song will end but it can start again, and so can we. 
Erase vertigo. Don’t be so careful.

I am gonna go for a run across countries I have begged to drive up. 
If it wasn’t obvious enough, you are invited to come.

This time, we’ve got a first class motive. 
We should start. 
I wrote it long ago and never wrote it off. 
Try and we might, don’t and, we will never know.

Take a risk, come take it on me, believe I’m a sure thing. 
All or nothing now and I would not trade you for anything!

(Just get me) back to where I can watch you sleep and then, 
(Where I can) feel comfortable in my own skin. 
(Heaven knows) no one else can do that for me.