Coming soon: SXSW VR Line Simulator – It’s like you’re really standing in line for an event you’ll never see!

features include:

  • awkward small talk about “what you do”
  • false hope as you approach the door only to discover you’re the first person not making it in
  • anger and jealousy as other users’ avatars cut ahead of you
  • the knowledge you could’ve just stayed home and searched twitter for links to the presentation decks

Want to lead the next generation? Stop by our booth on the JW Marriott Floor at the #SXSWi job market! We’ll be here today and tomorrow from 10am-6pm.

Social Imprints is a company that employees at-risk adults. 95% of their workforce is made up of ex-offenders, recovering addicts, people with less thana high school education, and returning veterans.

They are a full service printing company that prints t-shirts, hats, mugs, etc.

Based in San Francisco, a lot of Social Imprints’s clients are in tech which is why Daniel Phifer, a salesman for Social Printing, says they continue to come to SXSW.

In a trade show filled with marketing tactics related to donating money in exchange for a tweet, Social Imprints stands out as making doing good as an essential part of their business model.


Watch our conversation with Oscar-winner Jared Leto at last year’s SXSWi conference in Austin.

Present Shock: When Everything Happens Now

- The Internet took capitalism an turbocharged it
- The dot com crashed because we stopped leaning into the millennium and speculatin and started looking at what things were worth now
- Technology gives more choice
- The five syndromes of present shock
- One, narrative collapse, can’t tell stories without time
- Linear time is replaced by gaming, real time rewards
- Two, digiphrenia, unmanageable multiple instances of self
- Three, overwinding, compress huge timespans into one little moment
- Black Friday
-Industrial age money is money with time in it
- Trying to find more time in our stock market we invented algorithms
- Four, fractalnoia, can’t make sense of things so we draw arbitrary lines between things
- The real skill to have in the digital age is pattern recognition
- We can no longer parse cause and effect
- Five, appocalypto, fear of the immediate future

SXSW on Tumblr: The Tumblr Community’s Own Recs  

As SXSW 2014 officially kicks off today with SXSWi and Film (Music comes a little later), we thought we’d see what Tumblr had to say about it. Here’s the take from Tumblr users on what you should do and see while in ATX: 

And you might keep an eye out for Maddie while you’re in town, too.