SXSW Style Essentials for Guys and Girls

Trekking to Austin, TX for South by Southwest soon? Before you jet towards the festival, make sure you’ve got these SXSW style essentials packed in your bag! With the city’s notoriously quick changing weather, you have to both dress to impress and dress for the elements. So cool kids of SXSW, whether you’re primarily there for Film, Music, or Interactive sessions, bring these essential fashion items with you to the festivities!

Indispensable Eyewear
When the sun is at its peak and you don’t have the convenience of an indoor venue, how else are you going to avoid blindness? Sunglasses don’t just protect your eyes from intense sunlight, they add style points to your outfit too. Guys, you’ll appreciate this Ray-Ban’s folding frame; no more hanging sunglasses on your collar when not in use.

Guys: Ray-Ban Clubmaster Folding Polarized Sunglasses
Girls: Marc Jacobs Perfect Circle Sunglasses

Mod Hats
Looking for a shield to the Austin sun, or a cover when the weather gets wet? Need something to hide a messy hairdo when you don’t have time to style your hair to get to earlier events? A hat takes care of all that. 

Guys: ASOS Straw Pork Pie Hat
Girls: Eric Javits Braid Dame Hat

Stylin’ Shorts
Applause to the fashionistos and fashionistas who can wear awesome-fitting pants or flowing maxis to the festival! Inevitably though, the Austin temperature will reach highs on some days of SXSW that will just be too hot to not wear shorts. Let your legs cool down! We just love this adorable high waisted shorts from ASOS for the ladies.

Guys: Ralph Lauren Riva Corduroy Short
Girls: ASOS High Waisted Shorts with Notch Detail

Lightweight Jackets (because there are high chances of rain for the weekend)
Do yourself a favor and put a lightweight jacket inside your SXSW luggage right now. When the rain starts pouring, or when the temperature drops below 45°C, a lightweight jacket will be a treasure for you. No need to bring coats; they’ll be too warm for the trip!

Guys: Lacoste Live Camouflage Lightweight Windbreaker
Girls: The Kooples Lightweight Denim Jacket

Comfy Footwear
Be strategic when it comes to your festival footwear. Keep in mind, you’ll going from one venue to the next and will probably be standing or walking for good chunks of the days. This burgundy low-top from Vans is a great choice for guys; it’s comfier than leather shoes, and can be easily dressed up or down. Ladies, feel free to don shoes without heels, no judgement here. If you have to wear something dressy, be nice to your feet; go for chic sandals and other low-heel alternatives.  

Guys: Vans Low-top
Girls: Givenchy Flat Toe Strap Sandal

Hope this SXSW style guide helps you out for the next week! Need ideas on what to wear to different events? Want to get your hands on the upcoming season’s trendiest items? Get your shopable fashion inspiration on Wantering.