tl;dr- I need $260 this week, here’s some art, pay me at an hourly rate of what you can afford starting at $7.50,

Alright! For a limited time only (hopefully) I’ll be streaming all this week in the early afternoon hours. I got zero hours this week at work, so I got a lot of time on my hands. My goal is to draw up a storm to support the lack of hours I’m getting from my actual job, in order to maintain my current living expenses (I do like to eat food from time to time).

Above are several examples of what I can do, and here are some links for you to browse at your leisure.
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I’ll be starting Monday July 6th at 10AM EST, and so on and so forth every day this week. Art services will be accepting work first come first serve, I am accepting ‘time slots’ now, reserve yours today! I will ‘work’ around five hours max average, with breaks in between. You pay me by the hour of work for the price you can afford, starting at $7.50. I will be streaming at my picarto account here. Contact your commission information at my email (, payment is prepaid and art is rendered within the hours of it pay. No redo’s, no major edits post production- midsketch adjustments if you are there live is acceptible, but 100% customer satisfaction is aimed. 

If I don’t have anyone to donate for this special, I’ll be streaming regardless and catching up on my Plat/CREDD commissions for Wildstar. So come and watch hang out, chat, link me music! Every little bit helps keeps my household stable and food on the table. 


Malicineve’s wacky and murdery adventures on Dromund Kaas continue. Having disposed of Baras’ annoying servant and several dozen witnesses, she proceeds to inspect her new, swanky, apartment in the heart of the city. It’s a bit empty, and it could use some bloodstains - and furniture - but it’ll do. She makes a mental note to not summarily execute the real estate agent that found it for her.

If only the Twi’lek were as useful…

Her first meeting with Baras is a disappointment - he’s hung up on the whole ‘slaughtering of servants’ thing, which is a waste of time. Why talk when you can kill?

Le sigh.

Out-and-about scribble: Des demonstrating a gyaku (“reverse” hand position) waki-no-kamae.

Reversed hands is something that you almost never see in the sword art I study- you’re depending on the explosive power from unwinding your arms and torso to cut things- but I’m finding from searching for refs that it’s pretty common in modern sport kendo. The latter is probably a lot closer to how lightsabers function.

Tol doesn’t waste time yes my lord I agree Theron Shan’s not bad to look at

Since Tol is bi and there’s no option for SGR (Cytharat doesn’t count, because Tol didn’t like him) I decided to do the romance again with Theron instead of Lana. It will be interesting to do it as an Imperial character this time

Tol’s supposed to be in a relationship with Ashara, but the companions don’t care so I don’t either