Lord Daavris Na, the original pen and copic version on the left and the digitally colourised one on the right.

He’s a Sith Alchemist. Quiet and gentle. Also the father of Kanchaa. He has some cybernetics disguised as jewellery and a voice synthesiser.


I wanted to test this color palette meme, so I asked some of my tumblr friends to send me one of their SWTOR OCs and which palette they would like me to use. I have to say this was a reaaaally fun experiment, even when some of the palettes were quite tricky. XP

The characters I used are Charlee, Domi, Shavi, Shawris and Stiv.

→ “Any relation to Satele Shan?”

Cover art belongs to roguescarlett/sirenofvathraki and is used with permission.

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you can’t take me - BRYAN ADAMS // sweet dreams - EURYTHMICS (hardstyle remix) // and we run - WITHIN TEMPTATION ft. XZIBIT // no church in the wild - KANYE WEST & JAY-Z ft. FRANK OCEAN // broken crown - MUMFORD & SONS // hurricane - THIRTY SECONDS TO MARS // i don’t care - APOCALYPTICA ft ADAM GONTIER // down - JASON WALKER // little lion man - MUMFORD & SONS // carry on wayward son - KANSAS


Jedi Master Allissya Lauren enjoying a special moment with Lieutenant Felix Iresso.  Their first kiss actually occurred on Belsavis in this story, but from the moment they met, Lissa found herself tempted for the first time ever.  The lieutenant also found himself distracted on the job, a first for the stoic soldier, and had to keep reminding himself that she was a Jedi and off limits……until the usually shy Lissa took the plunge and admitted she didn’t have to be.   

Lissa just landed on Rishi to continue her adventures and I will finally be able to read some of those JC SOR stories without being spoiled.  Not to mention that Kitar has been dying to talk to me about JC Rishi ever since we took Jax and Ka’van there. Getting Lissa through Act 3 inspired a couple stories that I’m working on at the moment, one of which I’m hoping to have post ready tomorrow.