today at 5:30 am, i woke up to these notifications. i have never felt so much happiness at once, i felt ten pounds lighter, like i could do anything. thank you taylor, for making april 27 the best day of my life so far, thank you for helping me to hang on to my hopes and dreams for as long as i can. i was almost late for school today because i kept having to redo my makeup, because my hands kept shaking and i ended up getting mascara and eyeliner EVERYWHERE. just a few hours before you followed me, aflightrisks and nicedressredlips kept telling me that you would follow me soon, and honestly, i’m not quite sure i believed them. but i was told to check tumblr multiple times, so i did. and suddenly everything was okay, i was okay. i am going to be okay. thank you for being one of the most important things in my life, i love you more than you could imagine.
- michaela

You know how taylorswift‘s liked my post stating she may in fact be Phoebe Buffay… Well… I may have gotten a little carried away… I give you, Phoebe BuTAY.