Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi

Luke Skywalker has returned to his home planet of Tatooine in an attempt to rescue his friend Han Solo from the clutches of the vile gangster Jabba the Hutt. Little does Luke know that the GALACTIC EMPIRE has begun construction on a new armored space station even more powerful than the first dreaded Death Star. When completed, this ultimate weapon will spell certain doom for the small band of rebels struggling to restore freedom to the galaxy…

Imagine Hux steals your first kiss

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This imagine is for my friend @knights-of-rae , you mentioned a while ago something with Hux and your first kiss or something (omg I don’t remember what it was exactly sorry) and I thought you deserve some Hux x Reader action !! ♥

Today was a good day for you. To be more exact , this was the best day since General Hux gave you the promotion to his personal assistant. No one came up to your workstation to annoy you , Commander Ren wasn‘t even on Starkiller so you had a break from writing reports of his destruction and the best thing was that General Hux invited you to a cup of tea after your work shift in his personal quarters ! You had a crush on the General since a very long time now so your heart jumped higher when he asked you to drink some tea with him. He claimed that he wants to talk to you about some important upcoming First Order events but you hoped that he‘ll talk with you about something more personal.

You finished your work earlier today so you won‘t be too late to meet the General. You made your way to his quarters while all kinds of thoughts crossed you mind when you ran into Hux.
„Oh , General ! I‘m so sorry , I was lost in my thoughts and didn‘t pay enough attention to-“
„No Lieutenant Y/L/N , it‘s fine , no need to apologize. I guess you were on your way to my quarters ?“
He hold a small wooden box in his hands which attracted your attention.
„Yes General , I wanted to be on time.“
„Punctuality is a good thing , I admire this trait. If you don‘t mind , let‘s go to my quarters together.“
Hux went ahead and you followed him. Your heart beat faster and you could feel how red your face was. You never visited Huxs personal quarters before , only his officer so you were excited and curious how the man of your dreams lived.
He handed you the small wood box when you reached his quarters so he could enter the code for the door better.
„Please hold this , Y/N. This is … meant for you anyway.“
Your heart stood still for a moment. He never addressed you with your forename before and the way he pronounced it sounded so cute. Also you didn‘t expect that he‘d make you a gift.
„I hope you like cats , Lieutenant , because my roommate is one , her name is Millicent.“
You both entered his quarters and Millicent ran over to you. She was a slightly chubby red tabby with a pretty black collar and she seemed to like you because she purred at you and cuddled with your leg.
„I love cats , I had one myself when I was younger. It‘s nice to meet you , Millicent !“
Hux smiled at you , this wasn‘t the reaction he expected and he was really happy that you got along with each other.
„I‘ll bring us tea and some biscuits but I need to ask you to open the box I gave you , before I‘m able to do that.“
You looked confused at him but you did what he requested. You opened the box to see that i contained a bunch of tea bags.
„This is really exclusive tea from Jakku. As you may know , the planet is a … without being rude , a dump but the people there know how to make good tea. Anyway , I‘ll take care of everything , please take a seat on the couch and make yourself comfortable.“
You nodded at him and took place on his couch. Millicent followed you and sat next to you while she rubbed her head against your arm.
Hux came back with a small platter which he placed on the table in front of the couch.
”The tea needs to brew a bit before we’re able to drink it.”
He took one of the biscuits and sat down next to you.
„General , you said you want to talk with me about some upcoming events ?“
„That‘s right. The First Order will invite their allies to a gala and I‘m the host.“
„So you want me to help you to plan everything ?“
Hux glanced at you.
„That‘s… not exactly my intention , no. I don‘t want you to help me.“
„Oh. Okay but what do you want from me then ?“
Huxs face flushed red and you could see how much he struggled to find the right words.
„I … I‘d like you to join me on the gala. Like , as a date. But only if your boyfriend has nothing against it.“
Your face flushed red as well.
„Oh , I‘d love to ! And don‘t worry General , I don‘t have a boyfriend , I never had..“
Hux was both , happy and surprised about your answer.
„You‘re serious ? But you‘re so pretty and smart ?“
Huxs compliments really touched you and you covered your face with your hand in embarrassment.
„Ah , thank you ! That‘s way too nice of you to say.“
Hux came a bit closer and took your hands in his to remove them from your face . then he slowly rubbed his thumbs over yours.
„So if you never have had a boyfriend … does this mean you‘re unkissed ?“
Your heart stopped for a second. You hesitated a moment but then you nodded to answer his question.
„That‘s really cute , you‘re still so pure Y/N. So… as you might know now , I like you really much. You got that promotion to my assistant because you‘re the only person who was worth it but also because I wanted to see you more often.
I hope you won‘t mind if I take what I longed for since I‘ve met you.“
Hux let go of you hands to to take your face in his hands. Your heart started to beat faster when you felt his lips on yours. The kiss was long , tender and sweeter than you ever imagined it to be.