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What do you think about ninjas - especially ninjas who surf? Do you think that they are (or can be) a force for good in modern society? There are clear and contemporary examples of ninjas resolving violent conflicts. For example, Johnny, Adam, and Iggy (the Surf Ninjas) overthrew Colonel Chi, and restored peace to Patusan in 93.

Good question. This is kind of self-explanatory, but I think ninjas who surf act as a powerful illustration of existential estrangement and the difficulties with coming to terms with finitude. But are they a force for good in modern society? That all depends on what normative model you ascribe to. Surf ninjas are obviously good from a deontological perspective, as they are duty-bound and committed to the cowabunga imperative. However, are they cultivating virtue or maximizing utility? NO. They are too busy making choka carves on gnarly pipelines, dude. Obviously, what this calls for is a complete subversion of our culture’s traditional understanding of the phenomenological and ethical terrain of surf ninjas. 

Thanks for your question, I hope this proved useful.

Anyway i literally still cant believe there so few fucking movies that are directly about my racial demographic and looks like the environment i grew up in, and one of them is goddamn Surf Ninjas, and none of them are ever talked about. Like why the hell am i sitting here in a world that only gave me Better Luck Tomorrow and people who have never seen it?? But of course breakfast club and ferris bueller and sixteen fucking candles are considered classic american filmmaking and ubiquitous viewing for teens nationwide

Could you imagine if there was like. Only one (1) latin-american coming of age film with actual latin-american kids. Only one???? Just the one, and it’s been snubbed to hell and back by hollywood, and it’s still a boy’s club, and it’s fifteen years old. Imagine if you were growing up as a young black american and the only three movies that had any resemblance at all to your immediate surroundings were Boyz n the Hood, School Daze and Dope. And Malcolm Adekanbi was played by some whitey in makeup.

Just close your eyes and pretend there’s only one movie about teenage white kids.

Yeah i mean what a utopian vision… except we have to open our eyes and continue living in a world where the titular 3 Ninjas are three lil white boys

How the fuck were people angry at me for trying to spread awareness about the reason for my anger at that fucking live action avatar film when i was a teenager when honestly i could count the number of films that were specifically about asian-american teenagers on one goddamn hand???? Like for all the laughs that ms swan got, there isnt even a fucking fob movie.

Like okay so last generation had Joy Luck Club and my generation had Better Luck Tomorrow and?? What about the kids now?? What opportunities havent the whites stolen???? Because Wendy fucking Wu isn’t enough to feed us all forever.

Like wow i didn’t know i could get even sicker of being lumped in with aliens and characters of fictional species in hollywood diversity categories along with my fellow suffering south asians and brown friends but like wow wow wow it still hurts everyday :) bless this country and how they arent accepting our thousands of elite children in colleges cuz too many lees and changs and kims makes them look bad

So our kids are alienated from mass american culture by media and then people act shocked that we get quarter life crisises at like age nineteen

Like fuck off

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We all have those random memories from childhood -- what do you think the boys' first memories were that they can remember?

What a wonderful ask! Thank you @laced-up-and-honour-bound

Leo’s first memory is hearing his father’s voice. I have a headcanon that Splinter was constantly speaking to his sons while they were infants, even singing to them. Reciting old folktales, reading snippets from newspaper scraps, telling stories of Japan, half humming/half singing whatever he could remember of catchy pop songs he had heard from car radios as they passed…Leo can faintly recall some of these moments from his childhood, and it always brings a smile to his face. 

One memory that stands out the most to Mikey is the first time Donatello managed to get a VCR player to work. Splinter had brought it in from one of his trips to the surface to look for food and supplies, and Donnie spent ages fixing it up. It was his first major project. Mikey clearly recalls the day Don came running to him, tripping over his over-sized clothing saying “Mike, you’re gonna love this!” And indeed he did. It was the birth of his obsession with pop culture and the surface world. He and his brothers kept a copy of “Surf Ninjas” until the tape was completely degraded. 

Raphs oldest and fondest memory is when his father came to him with a pad of paper and a pencil he had found near a storm drain. Raph has just had one of his angry outbursts and instead of scolding him, Splinter explained to him that art was a way of expressing his anger in a less explosive way. He still remembers how proud his dad was when he gave him that first drawing. Though his preferred artistic medium has changed over the years (pencil to carving to graffiti to knitting…), he still looks back on that moment with happiness. 

What comes to mind for Donnie’s earliest memory is the time he found a watch in the sewer. Having very little experience with any technology at this time in his life, the small gadget was incredibly exciting to him. Like most tinkerers and engineers, he was fascinated by the individual components and spent many nights under what little light filtered in from the streets above taking the watch apart and putting it back together. This obsession grew and spread to other gadgets and machines. Though it will never tell time again, he still has the watch as a lucky token. 


Guys you have to see Surf Ninjas. Check out this incredible trailer from when it came out.



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I've actually seen Surf Ninjas twice; seeing that post jogged my memory. It is delightfully bad.

It is a beautiful testament to the 90s and action movies directed at children aka good dumb fun. It also stars a mostly non-white cast with the exceptions being Rob Schneider and Leslie Nielson and the actor who plays the boys adopted father. It’s also one of those few cases where Asian-American actors/martial artists starred in a Hollywood martial arts film which is almost impossible to come by.